Meghan McCain Joins ‘The View’ As Co-Host | The View

Meghan McCain Joins ‘The View’ As Co-Host | The View

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20 Responses

  1. Justmyopinion says:

    Meghan has a very negative, dour energy. Makes me uncomfortable to watch her. At least Jed could laugh.Wrong for the show.

  2. Shona Harris says:

    Meghan you have to get along with Joy. Rofl. I love her dad though. John McCain much healing godspeed.

  3. Steeven Hyde says:

    Another co host we know is not going to last. . .

  4. Ratula Morie says:

    Also, Whoopi is the First Lady of The View? Joy’s the only original on the show.

  5. BK Forte says:

    Unhh….she did joy wrong! First episode. That not gone make things easy for you a bit meg. And of all the conservative hosts, u shout out Hasselbeck??? Not Nicolle or Jed??? And u call whoop the first lady and she don’t even want to be there. And imma give you a chance, but stop with the John McCain name dropping. I don’t want to hear about McCain everyday.

  6. Davor Gazic says:

    She is NOT a fit. So boring and annoying to listen to!

  7. Norma Jean Baker says:

    Excuse me, BARBARA WALTERS was the first lady of “the view”, not Whoopi.

  8. Hadley Pleasanton says:

    Have a seat, fatty, and put up your hooves. 🐷

  9. Greta Bell says:

    I understand her pain but did she really attempt to say Idk how AMERICANS deal with cancer? As if it’s only the Americans that suffer from cancer

  10. Robert Pratt says:

    Good luck girl you have stepped into a great lioness den lol !

  11. Kimmy says:

    It’s just like a republican to talk about an issue once it effects their lives: cancer. Wake up Blondie! 1/3 people will get cancer! Sorry it happened to your father, but the bigger picture is his Healthcare which is covered by the government bc he is a senator. Yes, free healthcare! Now let’s think about the MILLIONS of people who don’t have the luxury of Healthcare like your father does. How about you cry for those people? How about you talk about those people who need help paying their medical bills?

  12. Robert Leland says:

    Sorry but I’m not a fan of these corrupt politicians that keep inject their children into the media.

  13. Stevie V says:

    Aww the new car smell. But who’s going to fart first and ruin the ride?? Stay tuned!!

  14. Amber Rudolph says:

    Welp she’s not gonna last. I’ll take Jed back

  15. Amy says:

    Why did she have to mention Elisabeth 🀒

  16. wigsnatcher430 says:

    Are we just ignoring that Whoopi farted and excused herself at 1:10 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  17. stanleycoleman says:

    The dynamic feels awkward now, maybe because it’s only the first day. But i definitely prefer Jed so far.

  18. Meh M says:

    I love and miss Jed! Im upset they let her go or “she left” or whatever the circumstance was.

  19. tisdaec2 says:

    Jedidiah was so good on this show. I don’t know what to think yet about this lady. Please don’t shake things up again everyone is so good especially Joy. Don’t go back to the days when Sherrie was there omg those were horrible years for the view

  20. Leaves Ongrass says:

    How can you have Talk without hearing both sides? Keepin’ it real. Welcome!

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