Meghan Trainor – Dear Future Husband

Meghan Trainor – Dear Future Husband

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19 Responses

  1. rhaysa zarbato de souza says:


  2. Marca07 SIVE says:

    Excelente canción ya la había escuchado antes.. para el que la entienda
    porque es una forma sarcástica de entender como nos sentimos las mujeres en
    esos momentos 🙂 

  3. Jasmine Valdes says:

    She looked better thick.

  4. Woozworld TV says:

    Don’t you think she should bring out a slow song as a single? Like if you

  5. Puffle Star MSP says:

    yay! the video’s finally out!

  6. Anna Murray says:

    Is it just me or do you think her songs sound similar 

  7. Kuba NiePodam says:


  8. ItzOllieex says:


  9. Deddy Dee says:

    People will find anything to whine like assholes about. There’s no sexism
    or anything from that matter in the song or the video. It’s pure fun and

    If you think this song is serious, do you ACTUALLY think Meghan wants
    people to pick their husbands based on the score they get from the game, or
    visiting one family more than the other, or sleeping on the left side of
    the bed, etc?

    People truly have no functioning brains anymore. You go Meghan Trainor.
    Your songs are catchy, fun and positive, all while respecting the society’s
    morals and not expressing your opinions through your (lack of) clothes like
    Miley Cyrus and friends.

    Buying this song on iTunes as I type.

  10. itsadam says:

    Olly Murs much

  11. Chopperfreak69 says:

    Stupid liberals and feminists complaining about the song when they are
    missing its point. In the end she picks an sweet, average guy who simply
    treats her right. There is definitely nothing demeaning towards either sex
    in the video. The left will find a so called problem in everything they do
    not personally agree with. Great job by Meghan.

  12. Marina Garcia Gomez says:

    I love meghan but her videos are getting the same. The original song had no
    rap part at 2:30 something, but now it does. Its getting a little annoying
    how in this one and all about that base the guys are toys, literall toys.

  13. Teo Tserke says:

    It’s funny :d

  14. jasonhorton says:

    Why are we worried about this when #Kony2012 ?

  15. Dina Kidane says:

    I feel like I’m the only one who thinks that Dance with me tonight by Olly
    Murs and Dear Future Husband sounds so similar. Is it just me or…?

  16. Minxeh Griffiths says:

    This sounds a lot to me like Olly Murs’s song “Dance with me tonight”…

  17. Khuriyah Zarin says:

    Oh dear… What has the world become…?

  18. huy đặng says:

    Oh well in the end, food still the best thing to reach every heart :))))

  19. Ala Sz says:

    Sounds like “Dance With Me Tonight” by Olly Murs