Meghan Trainor Left “The Four” Set Crying After an Intense Run-In with Diddy

Meghan Trainor Left “The Four” Set Crying After an Intense Run-In with Diddy

Meghan Trainor shares details about her engagement to “the kid from Spy Kids,” drops hints about her upcoming third album and dishes on the behind-the-scenes drama on the set of her live talent competition show, The Four: Battle for Stardom.

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Meghan Trainor Left “The Four” Set Crying After an Intense Run-In with Diddy

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58 Responses

  1. Ozan uçar says:

    oh she looks very different

  2. Nadhira Poel says:

    This comment is gonna sink in the comments sea

  3. 劉芳妤 says:

    Congratulations, Meghan! Love you so much!

  4. Aria MB says:

    She looks like meryl’s streep daughter

  5. brinkxoxd says:

    poor jimmy, trying so hard not to look down

  6. phil chao says:

    tori kelly should have won the grammy over her.

  7. Tom B says:

    Guess she’s not all about that ‘bass’ anymore

  8. Cess Montefalco says:

    Wow she really lost weight! She looks pretty either way though.

  9. Akshat Khare says:

    I cant believe she gets so much hate. Like she is just a sweet little girl from Nantucket trying to make her dreams come true. She freakin wrote three albums at the age of 17 and won a Grammy before turning 23. Put some respect on her name. The hate is so undeserved.

    • Doych Lobo says:

      I’ve never seen any hate towards her? Can’t consider comment boards as serious negative criticism…

      did she really say nasty things about skinny people? And things about dude needing to be ripped?

      Just read that in these comments, but I’ve never seen anything like that?

    • Pavan A.S. says:

      Akshat Khare she makes good music but she didn’t deserve the Grammy

    • JYROMANIAC says:

      Yousef Massoud bro like we don’t even think about them being Americans because we just see English. Why tf you gotta bring race into it? You realize 80% of the people on this site is from the US right?

    • Gizelle Mangalindan says:

      Tim Dev damn overreacting much? 😂

  10. kingtoyab69 says:

    She looks good yass!

  11. Random User says:

    she has such a wonderful personality :)))))

  12. Amir Tiwari says:

    I just watched the video where he proposed her and i got to say she is crazily in love with him. She cried like a baby. It was so sweet 😂😂

  13. Aryen Targ says:

    She sounds like Ariana sometimes.

  14. Alain Bruno says:

    She is beautiful

  15. Meghan Trainor 2212 says:


  16. Meghan Trainor 2212 says:

    I love her 😍😍🔥

  17. Meghan Trainor 2212 says:

    I finally needed an interview

  18. Meghan Trainor 2212 says:

    She is so pretty❤😍🔥

    • Anne K says:

      hey💜💜 sorry for bothering but could you please check out the video on my channel and let me know what you think of it?❤ thanks😍

  19. Meghan Trainor 2212 says:

    Ella es tan linda 😍🔥❤

  20. Panagiotios says:

    Que lindaaa

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