Meghan Trainor – Made You Look (Official Music Video)

Meghan Trainor – Made You Look (Official Music Video)

Meghan Trainor – Made You Look (Official Music Video)

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21 Responses

  1. Duceet says:

    Orgullosos de ser fan de Meghan desde tiempo, VAMOS A CONVERTIR ESTA CANCIÓN UN HIT

  2. Johan MedinaX says:

    i love how this is her signature sound honestly it’s a nostalgic vibe with a very present sound

  3. Ismaeel Ali says:

    I’m happy that she’s getting some recognition again, truly deserves it as she gave us a hit after a hit and deserves success again

  4. Leh Sanuty says:

    My QUEEN ! 🇧🇷 👑

  5. Mosaic Art w/ Michael Monreaux says:

    I love her twist on current sound mixed with that signature 50s style. She does it so well. Her music always makes me feel like I’m having a movie moment in real life. Always a feel good vibe!

    • 22 (taylor's version) says:

      Exactly, check her new album it just dropped and is full of vintage and old-fashioned songs from this style. Stream and buy it she deserves so much success

  6. Shay Alexandra says:

    I love this! The music style, the wardrobe, the dancers and actors. Omg. Daryl and Chris killed it! ❤️❤️❤️

    • 22 (taylor's version) says:

      @ExceptionSounds This is literally going viral. People love this. She has released music in tons of genres. But this album is called ‘Takin It Back’. So it is bringing back those vibes of ‘Title’. If u don’t like it, just wait til her next project which will be a reinvention again

    • ExceptionSounds says:

      Meghan. You are meant to show versatility as an artist. People are tired of the ‘All About Them Burgers’ fat girl sound. This will flop. Boring 😴 🍔

  7. Val Coelho says:

    Me lembrou os primeiros singles, ficou um som muito tranquilo e bom de ouvir!

  8. Francisco Razao says:

    Eu amei essa músicas, a melodia e tudooooo

  9. Jolien DeGroote says:

    The only bad thing about this, is that it is not longer… I LOVE THIS

  10. Jahkeem Dudley-Rowe says:

    This song is such a BOP! It feels so refreshing hearing Meghan literally #TakinItBack to her signature sound! Been a fan since day one and it like just yesterday when I first checked her out during the Title era! I really hope this song and album will give Meghan the shine she so rightfully deserves again. Her last album Treat Myself was so different from everything she’s done before and the general public slept on her, which sucks, but hopefully with this album now that Twitter and TikTok is blowing up the tracks she’s put out so far, it’ll give Meghan more recognition and appreciation and prove to everyone that she’s more than just “All About That Bass” Show her some love and stream #TakinItBack now y’all!

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