Megyn Kelly Calls Huckabee F***abee

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20 Responses

  1. David Makowsky says:

    Boy did Megyn Kelly really screw up this time.

  2. Amy Scanlon says:

    Grool. #MeanGirlsFansWillGetIt 😀 

  3. CountryfiedLinux says:

    That was funny! I love her show BTW but I had to laugh at this one!

  4. ghayath2011 says:

    He is a Fuckabee

  5. Hal Emmerich says:

    burn motherhucker burn

  6. Saya Angel says:

    Well at least she got this right…LMAO

  7. Phoenix Audubon says:

    I’ll give Ms. Kelly credit for maintaining professionalism after that
    slip. Still super-hilarious.

  8. YOUR BOI says:

    vagina poosy

  9. aleon1018 says:

    what the Huck ? edit and repeat at least 3 times. lol

  10. Nicholas Murray says:

    Her parents knew she would be famous for something the day they decided to
    spell it Megyn.

  11. redcorncob says:

    This strong language offends my fragile sensibilities

  12. DonJuansDaddy says:

    Fuckabee. Well they do say that love stings. 

  13. Fred says:

    Fuck her right in the pussy!

  14. Andrew JC says:

    Ho ho Megyn got her hand caught in the cookie jar there good recovery
    though she just kept on going what a F***ing pro ;)

  15. John Reese says:

    Megyn Kelly can fucka me anytime

  16. Dave Ryan says:

    There’s at least a dozen duplicates of this clip on Youtube, and yet no one
    has posted the complete interview with Mike Huckabee here. He makes a
    great point about Obamacare, comparing it to the joke about a rich guy who
    comes out with a new dog food and spends millions promoting it, and then it
    won’t sell. The guy asks his staff “I just don’t understand why it’s not
    successful! I spent a fortune promoting it!”
    One of his junior executives finally walks up to him and says “Sir, the
    dogs won’t eat it.”

    And that’s exactly the situation with Obamacare. It doesn’t matter how
    many millions are spent, the product is lousy and the public knows it!

  17. Han Fin says:

    That’s Fuckatrue, he’s the host of Fuckabee! Gotta love Fuckanews!

  18. Vlad Xavier says:

    She was probably really stressed out that day after a long time of being on
    the air. So she started to think about how great a good fuckin would be
    tonight and it accidentally slipped out on air lol

  19. Coaler73 says:

    That’s what you get for spelling your name “Megyn.”

  20. Vlad Xavier says:

    A lot of people seem to hate Kelly. I’m assuming it’s because she’s a
    successful and smart conservative woman? lol