Megyn Kelly Canceled?

Megyn Kelly Canceled?

According to reports, Megyn Kelly is out at NBC after her “blackface” comments earlier this week.

Then, Wayne Brady is joining “The Bold and the Beautiful” after his daughter got a guest-starring role on the show.

Plus, Normani Korday says she doesn’t want to be called the next Beyoncé and RHONY stars Ramona and Dorinda got into a fight at a fancy NYC gala.

And, TV chef Pat Neely has moved on from his ex-wife, Gina. Find out Wendy’s take in Hot Topics.
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106 Responses

  1. Clau says:

    Megyn Kelly was never a thing to begin with.

  2. The New Mr. Pink says:

    If you see this comment you better know you’re absolutely amazing and you better know how gorgeous and sexy you really are 😍😍😘😏

  3. Biggie Talls says:

    1:42 – Megan Kelly Canceled?! ☺️
    4:32 – Soap Opera Shocker!
    9:29 – Normani Claps Back!
    13:05 – Ramona VS Dorinda
    17:26 – Pat Neely Moves On!
    22:02 – Mean Bride!

    #HowYallDoin 🧐☕️

  4. InviteTheLight Readings says:

    Megyn Kelly’s ratings were apparently suffering for several months even before her comments in questions. NBC was losing money and had lost millions on their investment in her.

  5. Qupid Queendom says:

    Jamaicans are never this early. Wah gwan Wendy 👐?

  6. Byron Padilla says:

    How dare Megan make more than Hoda? Time to be off the air for good!

  7. Jacob Bailey says:

    Someone’s race or culture is never a costume.

    • MyTime Baby says:

      +Awakening His Walking Dead Isaiah 60:1 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • MyTime Baby says:

      +Awakening His Walking Dead Isaiah 60:1 I thank God I was born a BLACK female…. always hated never duplicated

    • MyTime Baby says:

      +Rebecca A … just curious , you do know one is real and the other is not…. btw I’ve always told my children there is no Santa and the history behind it.

    • MyTime Baby says:

      +Rebecca A… what’s a respectful way to be mocked????

    • Carmen Hanrahan says:

      +Rahel Tesfaye Haloween is a pagan tradition, although some of the practices in Catholicism stem from paganisim such as annual feasts, Haloween is not celebrated as a Godly annual event. Actually I grew up in Ireland in a catholic home and Halloween was banned in my house, I was brought up to belive its a satanic holiday. Im now born again Christian and when i see threads like this it makes me sad because the media has perpetuated a race war and now I see a divide wich is the very opposite of the message of our loving saviour Jesus Christ.Jesus said “love one another”.The devil works hard but Christian love will always prevail. We need to unlearn what weve been taught in the world and go back to our innocent childlike minds. Remember when kids played cowboys and indians and that wasn’t culture appropriation? Praying that Jesus blesses you with a cleanse of your hearts. God is so good, Amen.

  8. Christina Thomas says:

    NBC knew what they were getting with Megyn K. She had poor ratings. She was as cold as ice (imo). They are using this as a way to get rid of her.

    • JBird Carter says:

      100% agree!

    • F MoMo says:

      EXACTLY! That’s what I said. I tried to watch n it was sooooo boring like Boston Market…no flavor. Bye Felicia!

    • Char Mac says:

      Christina Thomas…The African Americans, clearly, you don’t know the FULL and CORRECT history of “Black Face!” So, before you further embarass yourselves and continue to give White people and any others, the green light and permission to excuse, minimize and deny their racial mockery and degrading caricature of Black persons, educate yourselves first! It’s significance is unforgiving! It’s (Black face) used to mock the appearance of Black persons, by instilling fear, inability, by a less than desirable apppearance. People love using the approval of lesser or non educated POC to justify their racial intolerance insensitivity and disregard for racial equality. White people and those who ride and cape even harder for them, would also be extremely upset if someone where to rock a Weinstein, Cosby, Sandusky, costume; etc!

    • Mrs Rklll says:

      She not that bad

    • Dr Dermix Girl says:

      I agree.

  9. Clorox Bleach says:

    BEEN done with Megyn Kelly ever since her comments on black Santa

    • Levante Hardy says:

      This was so overblown. santa is white because white people created santa. if you black people want a black santa create your own damn santa and if you want a black superman create your own damn superman and stop trying to take white peoples inventions and make it yours. Wendy and all those black bitches sitting their with blond weaves and bleached skin but has a problem with Megyn’s comment. fucking hypocrites!

    • BrianaLoveW says:

      Jesus was actually japanese aNd santa isnt real

    • TorBangz Smi says:

      +idolfun14 asians are just as racist than the whites…yall worst!

    • Ian Moline says:

      Oh shut up Clorox Bleach, you’ve contributed to skin bleaching for blacks trying to be white for some time now. You have no say in this.

  10. ani_ sam_xoxo says:

    Megan probably really mad she let her racist side slip out …black face is never ok 🛑

  11. ScarlettP says:

    Megan cant keep a job to save her life

  12. Dess D says:

    Megan Kelly is a run of the mill Fox News Racist. And let’s not forget how they pushed Tamron Hall out to over pay this deep man voice racist woman. GOOD if she is out

  13. imanii moore says:

    what in the summertime is wendy wearing

  14. Pmanlicious says:

    Wendy get really prettier lately. Her glam staff need raise

  15. krisj827 says:

    Normani only said she’s not the next Beyonce. She said it out of respect. Normani is talented and I hope she has a long career. We need more black females running the game.

    • cutesy xo says:

      Let’s be clear saying that you hope you will be as big as beyonce one day is not respect. that’s basically saying “I can be beyonce”. Its delusion and it’s the opposite of being humble. She uses that talking point cause she knows pepele criticize her weak live vocals. It’s a defense mechanism where she thinks if she jus mentions her commonalities with beyonce often enough people will buy it. Manipulatin opinions of her. Meanwhile her vocal performance at that festival with khalid was disastrous and tidal was also bad, the only solid parts were the backtrack. Shes no beyonce. Shes nothing of that sort. She isnt even the great dancer some of u make her out to be. Shes stiff and slow compared to yonce. Shes a gymnast so she can do the splits. Paired wih a boring personality, no vocals and no swag in der dance moves it just isnt enough to be a superstar

    • DatGidiGirl S says:

      +cutesy xo You put so much effort in analysing your deep jealousy for Bey/Riri are Normani’s idols and she makes sure to let every know anytime she gets a chance. If I get compliments from Bey/Riri..I’ll not only say it every time I get a chance…I’ll go has far as printing my encounter with them on a sash!. Despite Normani keep saying those few minutes meeting Bey are the BEST FEW MINUTES IN HER LIFEE. That isn’t enough to make haters and jealous ones realize Mani’s respect and love for Bey. Say whatever u wish but remember WHO GOD HAS BLESSED, NO MAN CAN CURSE. Keep up with your growing hate for a humble blessed girl and watch your own goodness being delayed. Its the law of Karma. Cheers

    • Villana Hinds says:

      krisj827 NORMANI IS NOT SAD ABOUT NOT BEING THE NEXT BEYONCÉ! She’s quite right in saying she’s doesn’t want to be compared to Beyoncé. She’s not period!

    • Daniel P says:

      Im over the Normani hype.

    • DatGidiGirl S says:

      +Daniel P 1 less person is not enough to stop an army. Ariana, Camila, Selena, Cash Me Outside, etc…all got the non-stop hype to be successful. So we the real fans will do the same for Normani to be successful because she is deserving.

  16. Mel Vicci says:

    Wendy is getting younger by the day.. how is she in her 50’s??! Gorgeous!!

  17. SilverFoxUchiha says:

    Megyn Kelly didn’t learn anything from Rosanne Barr? Too bad.

    • An Lu says:

      CHELLE BELLE I agree w you, but they had that movie with Robert Downey Jr. where he is a black man? It is jus5 crazy now a days how some people can or cannot say certain things…Wendy is also very offensive at times!



    • SilverFoxUchiha says:

      CHELLE BELLE is a golliwog ok? Because racist whites abused that years before white chicks came about kmt.

    • Grant Stone says:

      What exactly was she supposed to learn from Roseanne? What Roseanne said/did wasn’t racist either.

  18. Edgar Castellon says:

    I love how Wendy talks about rich people as if she herself didn’t have a net worth of 60 million dollars. LOL!

  19. krisj827 says:

    Now Wendy, you’re making Normani’s point, you’re not Oprah, you’re Wendy Williams.

    • zakiyyah muhammad says:

      +Prosper Jr normani never said she wanted to like beyonce in the first place,i mean it’s not mani fault she have Talent and some fan’s want to compare her to beyonce

    • melissa craig says:

      She agreed with normani hence why she told that story to show where she was coming from. However she said for the girl to ignore it and just be great there are worse people to be compared to.

    • Faith Walkz says:

      Kinda,but she’s saying don’t clap back,just show them instead.

    • Demi Harden says:

      Child Gina probablyis not drinking about the X moving…Things have been over. Her children are adults & beung investgators is not needed..rhe shadddddeee is NOT

    • Josie B. says:

      Normani did not bash Beyonce…Not once.

  20. F.A. H. says:

    Shes not taking the Beyonce comparison as an insult, she just want to be seen as herslef, no foul.

    • Patricia R says:


    • Patricia Were says:

      +Patricia R She’s very respectful and unproblematic that’s why people in the industry want to work with her. You clearly don’t know what you’re talking about.

    • Nicole Victrolia says:

      Patricia R if Beyoncé has a problem with what she said she wouldn’t work with her anymore, but clearly Beyoncé is still behind Normani.

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