Megyn Kelly Escalates Feud With Jane Fonda | The View

Megyn Kelly Escalates Feud With Jane Fonda | The View

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70 Responses

  1. Arsenal Gooner says:

    There she goes again, “my father this, my father that”. I’ve had enough of her already!

    • Lacey Rachal says:

      Y’all, Meghan is just trying to relate to the conversations and to the point that is being made through her life experiences. There is no need to call her annoying. Yes, her Dad was a POW and is a Senator. Yes she is a conservative. Yes, sometimes she actually makes valid points and contribute to the conversation. Y’all cut her some slack.

    • Arsenal Gooner says:

      Lacey Rachal You have a totally valid point. We all get that. Only thing is, you can actually get your point across without coming off as condescending, which is what she does very often. She just acts like a spoiled child sometimes and she has a lot of growing up to do. You have to admit, she’s very unlikable. Jedidiah was conservative but did not roll her eyes at guests, etc.

      Hey Meghan, quick advice: you don’t have to act defensive every time an issue comes up just because you’re a conservative. Chill girl.

    • bubu joo Estes says:

      Arsenal Gooner She cannot function without her father to fall back to.

    • Trisha Jones says:

      Lacey Rachal I try to but I don’t need to hear about her being a CONSERVATIVE every single day. And no disrespect to Senator John McCain at this point, I would much rather have him on here everyday. 👌

    • MyName Jeff says:

      Would still smash

  2. A Cole World says:

    If I wanted to, I could write a book about Megatron because every time she opens up her mouth, she states something about her life.

  3. Clint Mack says:

    Ann Curry is a real journalist, so rare on television these days.

  4. Jl Nickert says:

    Ann Curry where have you been?? LOL So glad you are BACK!!

  5. Reformed And Always Reforming says:

    Megan McCain always the victim. #smh

  6. Riverphoenixisinheav says:

    I don’t understand why Megyn Kelly went after Jane Fonda again.

    • Gary Gibson says:

      Cheryl Smith, did you miss the whole bit about being mean??

    • D Parks says:

      Because it was a weird way to open up the interview when Jane was there with Robert Redford to discuss her new film. Kelly was handling the interview like she was on FOX. Kelly is not the best interviewer. NBC paid a lot for an unproven morning talk show talent. I am not sure why NBC (Andy Lack) thought she was going to be a light and breezy mid-morning talent. Maybe he was hoping to capture the over 65 Fox audience?

    • Samuel Luria says:

      It’s called stirring up controversy for ratings. Please say you get it.

    • Samuel Luria says:

      Gary Gibson – Did you miss the whole thing about how being gay is nothing to do be proud of?

    • Li Ong says:

      Because she is salty.

  7. Marcella Muhammad says:

    Megyn Kelly did this for ratings but the network can’t justify the amount of money that they’re spending on her because her ratings are so low

  8. Anthony Charles says:

    Megan Kelly is a Fox News person

  9. Claire Knight says:

    NBC fires Ann Curry, someone who actually reported live from war zones, but hires an ex anchor from Fox News and pays her the most out of any of the journalists that have been there for years?!

  10. Crystal Pauley says:

    Jeez Louise. I am not joking, Megan literally makes everything about herself. Any topic, she brings it back to her. We know you worked at Fox News. We know who your dad is. We know you’re a republican. The world does not revolve around you!

  11. Ola Talks says:

    ..Megan again with her Militairy family bs, NOBODY CARES!

  12. TheoKabala89 says:

    Why don’t you just tattoo my father on your forehead(?!) 😒

  13. BB says:

    Meghan, your father was a POW!? Girl, I never realised, as you never mention it.

  14. Kitty Jauregui-Hansen says:

    ”who’s a journalist?” OOP !! okay Joy 😂

    • Kaminoan Midgaurdian says:

      I wanna hang out with her, she’s a fucking riot

    • Kitty Jauregui-Hansen says:

      she’s my favourite

    • Adam chewy says:

      Kitty Jauregui-Hansen Can’t stand that liberal, unintelligent brainless woman who knows nothing about Political Issues (but loves to act like she does) reads off of cards, and the only one at that table to read from a teleprompter. If I saw her at the airport, I’d miss my flight bc I’d be following her everywhere haggling & insulting her until my voice gave out. I have never disliked a public figure more than her. I’m sorry, but that’s just the way it is.

  15. Kirstin Rogers says:

    How does Meghan make every topic about herself?

  16. Julie says:

    I can’t take Megyn Kelly seriously (same goes for the other Megan). She let Trump talk so much mess about her and acted all buddy buddy with him after the misogynistic remarks he made during the election, yet she’s upset at Jane to this degree…. Yeah okay. And to top it off, her argument towards Jane isn’t even related to the topic at hand. What does Jane’s actions, whether you agree or disagree with them, during the Vietnam war have anything to do with a plastic surgery question? Megyn is tanking her career slowly on her own and will never be respected at NBC the way Honda and Savannah are. She needs to watch out before they beg Ann Curry to come back and give her the money they’re overpaying to Megyn.

  17. heidi couture says:

    Ann Curry has such restraint and so much class, a true Journalist.

  18. M. Hill says:

    I stopped listening when Meghan went on the “this is all about ME and MY family and ME” tangent

  19. Elvin Recio says:

    Megan i am tired of you mentioning your family. It is annoying beyond belief.

  20. Jemil Garcia says:

    “Journalists are not supposed to be the story… We’re supposed to be humble.”
    Well said Ann👏

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