Mel Brooks Misses Being Able to Call Gene Wilder

Mel Brooks Misses Being Able to Call Gene Wilder

Mel Brooks chats with Jimmy about working with his good friend Gene Wilder over the years, including the origin of Young Frankenstein.

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Mel Brooks Misses Being Able to Call Gene Wilder

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20 Responses

  1. Bobby Roach says:

    90 years old and still full of life! What an inspiration.

  2. Tay McKenzie says:

    R.I.P Willy Wonka. Is it just me or can you hear Mel Brooks breathing quite
    heavily? Hope he’s ok :(

  3. batfly says:

    Jimmy Fallon seems fake.

  4. Darth Mall says:

    Nervous tick! Peter Sellers shoutout from Dr. Strangelove

  5. Joshua McCoskrie says:

    laugh harder Fallon. work for that shit crakka.

  6. tkmaz says:

    I LOOOOVE when he brings on the greats. You CANNOT censor Mel Brooks!!

  7. beatlecost says:

    2:52 When a 90 year-old comic is edgier than you

  8. Jen Downey says:

    Mel Brooks and his late wife Anne Bancroft were such an inspiring couple. I
    hope in my life to have one moment of love like they shared. Just
    re-watched the whole 8 seasons of Curb your Enthusiasm, season 4 remains
    one of my fav – mainly due to the Mel, the finale of that season was epic
    with Anne + Him.

  9. evie bklyn says:

    I love all of Mel Broooks’ work! R.I.P Gene Wilder!

  10. dtox12 says:

    No clue who this guy is, clearly knows comedy though

  11. juanandlife says:

    He’s 90?!?!?!?! HOLY FUCK. GOALS

  12. Joe Lackey says:

    Not too many people can pull of a Hitler impersonation.

  13. Gɧσųl Qųεεŋ says:

    Mr. Brooks need to do another parody film, be it his last or not. Really
    miss those from him.

  14. Cameron Winfree says:

    It’s so cringy to watch this because of Jimmy Fallon, he is a horrible

  15. jmleaisureable says:

    classic. ALL THE GREAT ONES ARE LEAVING US. It’s a shame that most people
    don’t even know what I mean!!!!

  16. hypershadix1 says:

    I honestly didn’t know that Mr. Brooks was still alive, keep on kicking
    good sir

  17. Raphael Pistor says:

    Still time for space balls 2…. anyone?

  18. Joe H says:

    that was really sad to see the pain in mels eyes…

  19. Lockhart Howard says:

    Its hard watching someone struggle to fill there own lungs like this

  20. Stefan F. says:

    thanks Mel.