Melania Trump Gives Her Own State Of The Union

Melania Trump Gives Her Own State Of The Union

First Lady Melania Trump (Laura Benanti) responds to rumors regarding marital tension and theories about her State of the Union outfit.

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76 Responses

  1. Blue Skies says:

    I’ve heard that Shi Ha Tsu is a very relaxing treatment.

  2. xBITCHESxHATExMEx says:

    “You knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in!”

    I’m sure Melania gets it now…

  3. superpal43 says:

    I NEED more bits with Laura Benanti playing Melanie!

  4. CorporealAegis says:

    Laura Benanti is hilarious.

  5. Qeisama says:

    “She Hates you” is a good pun! ?

    And Laura as Melania is always hilarious to watch lol

  6. Brian O'Neill says:

    She is so brilliant ! 🙂 One of the great impressions of all time

  7. piplupcola says:

    Bless this woman

  8. Dinali Fernando says:

    More Laura please. I love how she cracks Stephen up every time ?

  9. PN Houle says:

    Melania was hopping mad when she learned about the Stormy affair. She told Donald that from now on she is going to pee in a separate bed.

  10. yashiWinchester says:

    She is awesome and hilarious. Making Stephen break character and laugh is not an ordinary ordeal. That was amazing especially in the end with #metoo #timesup and the pink hat.

    • Arie Hill says:

      yashiWinchester i was going to ask what the pink hat was in reference to but if I’m not mistaken it was due to all the marching women celebra- er, excuse me, protesting wearing pink caps?

    • DJ OakeyDoakey says:

      I think it’s pussy riot in Russia reference. Maybe wrong.

    • 1SaG says:

      In fairness: She nearly broke character herself. Although I can’t say I blame her. It takes a real pro to hold it together at all in a skit like this.
      And yes: Her impression of MT is incredible – I always look forward to her appearances on the show.

    • Howtard says:

      I seem to remember it was a protest awareness thing during his election run, volunteers who weren’t necessarily able to march themselves were making “pussy hats” for people to wear during marches.. That’s how I recall things anyway.

  11. Mahmoud El Arch says:

    Shihatesu !!!!

  12. Jimmy Gillard says:

    Love Laura doing Melania. Hilarious and hot!

  13. Mark Blair says:

    After having Donald Trump huffing and puffing on top of her, the delightful Ms Stormy Daniels deserves her $130,000.

    • Torn Tokoroa says:

      Cole Blackman watch Jimmy Kimmel’s interview with her. Its entertaining

    • Tamara Silver says:

      Mark Blair ????????

    • Dave Roberts says:

      By 2020 you sir will see the error of your ways and how right the left was, Trump has no use for you, or anybody who works for a living, he has no use for the judiciary, the law, or democracy either. He will have to usurp democracy to get elected in 2020. Don’t say you were not warned.

    • Joe Shopper says:

      Does it count as sex if he didn’t touch the sides? I mean look at his hands…

    • Kevin Lopez says:

      Chris Calabrese
      They no longer monogram prisoner numbers on their clothing. The only reminder is made in China on the collar.

  14. ja weh says:

    how she doesn’t break character once through all of this is beyond me.

  15. Jeremy Toh says:

    Best First Lady Impersonation! ?

  16. Jerricola says:

    These always remind me of Saturday Night Live sketches.

    • Executive Decision says:

      Laura as Melania looks a lot like Kristin Wiig — another talented former SNL cast member to turn up on “The Last Man on Earth” this season. ( Tina hasn’t done that show yet. )

    • Rico Valdes says:

      Jesus!!! Laura Benanti is sooo damn sexy and beautiful. Real Melania wishes she was this pretty.

    • Executive Decision says:

      In my opinion Melania is sexy, and that if it wasn’t for all his money she wouldn’t have wasted time on Donald.   Being that she’s in her late 40s, sure she had some plastic surgery done on her face but it was the best because they can afford that.

    • SamuelRiv says:

      Shawn Ullerup — though Fey took a couple weeks to grow into Palin, whereas Benati nailed Trump on the first try (and according to her interview only studied the impression on the train ride hours before her performance — then again she was already a veteran character actress whereas Fey at the time was primarily a writer over a sketch comic… so I guess that’s not a fair comparison.)

  17. Tino J says:

    melania dressing like hillary for the rest of her marriage would be the greatest passive agressive move in history.

  18. Tzisorey Tigerwuf says:

    You shouldn’t make fun of Melania. Hasn’t the woman suffered enough? I mean… she’s _married_ to the man!!!

    • Stephanie Cassiopeia says:

      TBH I pity Melania, too, but I wouldn’t consider this a mean-spirited portrayal. Laura as Melania is consistently quite clever, dealing with ridiculous shit and trying (and, understandably, usually failing) to cope with a shitty situation that is mostly not her fault. Sure, these skits are mocking and feature Melania, but the person being mocked isn’t Melania, it’s Donald.

    • Micael Lopes says:

      Tzisorey Tigerwuf ?

    • Tammy Burton says:

      Heheheh.  Which is another reason why she keeps cheeseburger by the bed.  Ha!

    • troll fuck da left says:

      Tzisorey Tigerwuf could be worse could be from a shitwhole like Africa

    • Bannor Haruchai says:

      She’s not just married to the man, she’s married to the mob, the Russian mob

  19. iwanPlays says:

    I think this was her best performance yet

  20. okrajoe says:

    Spanky Banjos!

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