Melania Trump Is Dreaming Of A Dark Christmas

Melania Trump Is Dreaming Of A Dark Christmas

First Lady Melania Trump (Laura Benanti) is only planning the White House’s Christmas festivities and definitely not her getaway.

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76 Responses

  1. dystopiadream says:

    Christmas in Mordor ?

  2. insomniacfolder says:

    Colbert is right, it does sound better; Trump Crest, Family Motto: Operam contentione et sonitus sui, servientes

  3. Henry Dawkins says:

    When is Trump going to trade her in for a younger model?

  4. TheArtkaw says:

    Is that the set for the new Guillermo Del Toro movie?

    • Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey says:

      I’m feeling more Nightmare Before Christmas…actually, that’s just generally how I feel, these days…

  5. Firman Ang says:

    its a cry for help #savemelania

  6. Zai Emrys says:

    *Good Lord! Your Melania impersonator is a riot.*

  7. yashiWinchester says:

    Laura benanti is a great Melania

  8. Alternative Spicer says:

    Colbert has the best Melania impersonator of all night shows.

  9. XJ G says:

    Ivana Trump IS more suitable for Trump, They look so alike!

  10. keeshenk says:

    I really like the ex of Trump, she is so natural like the Joker from Batman, just beautifull.

  11. rewer says:

    The actress play melania is good. Though i don’t know who is she.

  12. Nanna Leifa says:

    Better Melania than Melania Trump herself.

  13. teghlura says:

    Omg that clip of Melania watching the ballet dancers is too good.

  14. keriezy says:

    So much perfection in this skit.

  15. micky8701 says:

    “Staircase of Happiness.” Hahahaha.

  16. Just the Coolest Dude Yo says:

    That video of Real Melania watching the ballerinas was… bizarre. Did she come down late, and like, they already had started, so she felt embarrassed walking across the floor?

    • Samantha Kundalini says:

      I think it’s because she’s on her own, I think some others were supposed to be there like Barron & Ivanka but then they ditched her, just my theory because she looks so lonely.

  17. Shayan Givehchian says:

    Pair this Melania actor with Anthony Atamanuik and we have a golden duo

    • Laughing Man says:

      imho Alec Baldwin is the best trump impersonator

    • Beau33 says:

      Shayan Givehchian omg! Yessss, this would be a good one on SNL

    • Dave F says:

      Baldwin doesn’t even seem like he’s doing Trump some of the time. Atamanuik loses himself in the role.

    • TCt83067695 says:

      Laughing Man nope

    • Linda Valdeen says:

      We want a great America. Trump says he wants to make America great. America is our Home. We live here. Trump is trying to pull America out of hell. When the hell are you godless kooks gonna stop making America into crap?
      Why the hell can’t you full diaper sucky baby ah’s start doing something that makes our nation great, instead of always forever trying to destroy our America? Why don’t you cocaine soaked brain burnout mindless goonies just shut the f up? Don’t you want to live in a great nation? We do. Money and hate, and devouring innocence, isn’t everything in life. Life has a lot more to it than bs money.
      When will you droopy wet cookies begin to wake up to some reality?
      Is there a time frame when you soulless turds might get your heads pulled out of your butts?
      If you crazies don’t like America, then why don’t you just pack up and leave? We have had enough of your incessant senseless hate and childish whining nazism. Move to Russia, or China, or Afghanistan, or to Hell. Get lost!, Vamoose! Scram! Go Away! Git! Begone! Leave! Fly Away!
      All you are is hate and evil. See Shrinks. Get stronger pills. Jump off cliffs.
      Quit sniffing your precious butts. There’s more to life than what’s in your butts.

  18. OSanoBR says:

    0:30 This arrangement is called “It’s Christmas in the Upside Down”

  19. mcrazza says:

    Fake Melania’s approval rating is higher than real Melania.

    • Tim Soel says:

      I really don’t like Trump, but Melania is not the problem. She is not seeking much attention and doesn’t tweet late at night. The things she say are pretty senseble. I don’t understand why people are picking on her. She is a way better first lady than her husband is a president, in my opinion.

    • Tomas says:

      “She is a way better first lady than her husband is a president, in my opinion.”
      Well, it’s an exceptionally low bar though, wouldn’t you say?

    • Tim Soel says:

      Tomas, I concede that point. Still she is neutral in a sea of negativity. She is the only Trump I don’t really mind.

    • kling klong says:

      she also repeated the Obama Birther conspiracy on television. she repeated Michelles speech. she lies about her education. she obviously does not speak 5 languages. she wants to combat “online bulling”, but approves of trumps use of twitter. and she sued people. but you are right- her husband is the problem. – and she stays with him. i love Colbert- but this “poor Melania” line is making me want to puke; It makes her seem like a Disney princess, who cannot escape her dungeon master- when she obviously backs all his lies. and she makes his fans believe, he is good to woman and cares about them.

    • Marilyn Newman says:

      Don’t believe Nikola, it’s a stupid ad for a record or something.

  20. CrossfacePanda says:

    The Late Show’s Melania Trump has 500% more personality than the real Melania does.

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