Melania Trump’s RNC RICKROLL

Melania Trump’s RNC RICKROLL

Melania Trump pulled off a rickroll heard round the world at the 2016 RNC!

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20 Responses

  1. Maso5 says:

    The Trump campaign got trolled hard by whoever wrote that speech.
    Plagiarism AND a rickroll. $100 says that there are a few other hidden gems
    in that speech which have yet to surface.

  2. syngon smythe says:

    Trump: a whiney little bitch
    Trump’s wife: dumb bitch
    Conclusion: they deserve each other!

  3. jersey Mcgee says:


  4. Davis Wayne says:


  5. Janie Lee says:

    I just cannot see a woman who has posed nude as the First Lady of the
    United States. I think her pictures will be passed around for all to see. I
    am sure she is a nice woman and a good mother to her son, but if her speech
    is any indication of what’s to come from her, she cannot think for herself.
    Melania should have written her own speech, using her own thoughts and
    feelings and just had someone tweak it for her. It is obvious First Lady
    Michelle Obama wrote her speech or worked closely with the writer because
    the speech contains her thoughts and refers to herself and her husband.
    Melania’s job has been to stand around and look pretty. She has has to step
    it up and start thinking.

  6. John Connor says:

    Hahah, the best campaign ever.
    Trump 2016!

  7. MrTpeppers says:


  8. RobertsDigital says:

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha this music again

  9. RoboticNacho Cactus says:

    This. This is… I don’t even know. But I’m giving it a like anyway

  10. Mr Pie says:

    Ahhh, now thats some fresh crispy memes.

  11. TheShockmaster says:

    This video is the crowning achievement of humanity.

  12. Michael Phivecs says:

    perv alert.

  13. Sionn5 says:

    Trump is in the news again…without any advertising costs..for
    free…. and what do Americans get to see… leftists crying like its the
    end of the world while happily ignoring that the FBI said Hillary lied her
    ass off and got the special 1% Goldman Sachs immunity when anyone else
    would of been prosecuted. At least the voting public is waking up finally
    to the left’s crocodile tears.

  14. Meticulous Trances says:

    I don’t know why people are making fun of the PolitiKardashians…

  15. Mark Wilson says:

    She just Rick rolled the entire RNC…

  16. Dylan Rice says:

    “Ask not what Donald Trump can do for you, buy what you can do for Donald
    Melania Trump

  17. Rick Richards says:

    All First Lady speeches resonate the same universal concepts.

    Get over it.

  18. numerocro says:

    Thx America for brainless republicans XD

  19. Daggers008 says:

    when your wife is the same age as your daughter

  20. Hemligt Sallahi says:

    rip america, we will remember you as the shit country you were.. /Greetings
    from St. Petersburg