Melanie Martinez – K-12 (Teaser 2)

Melanie Martinez – K-12 (Teaser 2)

K-12 (Teaser 2)

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62 Responses

  1. Lil Nuggets says:

    God I think everyone missed Melanie’s voice {:)

  2. Stephany Marques says:

    Aí meu coração senhor, vou morrer aqui, aí papai.

  3. music muffin says:

    Me: Poor Girl.. What could be-
    Girl: *falls*
    Me, Cry Baby, and Other Girl: Ohhhhhh

  4. noob Sofia says:

    How much doll aesthetic do you want in this video?


  5. Alex Mendoza says:

    How much men’s do you want in your video!

    Melanie: No

  6. luana kelly says:

    Eu vou morrer já não aguento mais esperar ?? Melanie te amo ????

  7. Paty Maionese says:

    Melanie: a

  8. Salma Mohamed says:

    I really wanna hug her ??
    ???(う*^_^*)う ???

  9. Haley Diaz says:

    I thought crybaby was dark…but this is on a whole different level

  10. Senhorita Park Cloe says:

    Meu Deus…constrangedor….sei como é passar por isso! Já derramarei na frente da escola inteira. DE CALÇA BRANCA!

  11. PandaPlayz :P says:

    Billie: I’m the creepiest
    Melanie: Have you ever painted white roses with the blood from people’s heads?

  12. Park_ Jimbles says:

    The second I heard “Stomach pain” I knew what was up

  13. iHazSiSi {SL} says:

    Everyone’s just chillin, while I’m over here like

  14. weeb productions says:

    Melanie Martinez and Billie eilish would be good friends bc Melanie Martinez is cute creepy and Billie I’d just creepy….

  15. Camila De Hoyos says:

    No one:
    Not a single soul:
    Absolutely no one:
    Melanie: *oOoOhHh*
    Me: awww

  16. Angela Fajardo says:

    Amo a Mel?Quem é do Brasil curte??

  17. Ransu says:

    Billie: I make creepy music
    Melanie: Hold my sippy cup

  18. Angel Garza says:

    Girl: *has blood on her dress*
    Girl 2 and Melanie: nd i oop- ?

  19. Elincia Montoya says:

    producers: how many relatable things do you want in this video?
    melanie: *yes*

  20. Mel's Side says:


    Not a single soul:

    Melanie: I want a the teaser to BE ABOUT PERIODS ??

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