Melanie Martinez – Nurse’s Office (Snippet)

Melanie Martinez – Nurse’s Office (Snippet)

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“Don’t cut me, punch me, just let me go into the nurses office where I float away, I’m pale as the loose leaf paper they grow from hollowing out all my lungs in the snow. Yeah, I’m coughing”

Artwork: @pastelae ✨??

The eerily enchanting musical film, written and directed by Melanie Martinez, will be screened in select cinemas worldwide on September 5th, plus premieres in Los Angeles on September 3rd and New York City on September 5th.

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63 Responses

  1. Cherry the crybaby :3 says:

    *orange juice left the chat*

    Jk i love this snippet it’s my favorite one?

  2. Akiyoジャパン - says:

    billie: im the creepy queen
    melanie: HoLd mY bOdY pArTs

    • Clare Segrue says:

      @Arvee Music they arent dissimilar, i understand how it can get annoying but the first time i heard billie i thought i was living under a rock and melanie released new music. i mean, you said it yourself, they both go for the creepy aesthetic and have very similar vocals imo. again, not trying make anybody unhappy, just saying that i can see why people make jokes even if they are over told

    • la 18 says:

      Akiyoジャパン – I don’t see Melanie winning awards so who’s the actual queen plus Billie is 17 lol

    • Reg 1718 says:

      @la 18 I don’t think we should compare. If you think Billie is better, okay, but I don’t think we should compare. They are both different people with different styles of music. Both of them are queens

    • ra lili avad xo ar xar says:

      Akiyoジャパン – agree with you

    • Woof Woof says:


  3. Jack Parks says:

    Next Snippet : Strawberry Shortcake ??
    Last : Orange Juice✨?

  4. Zechariahs Montgomery says:

    Anyone else just love the animations of the nurse in this? Also how beautifully creepy she looks?? A masterpiece?

  5. Niki Fudała says:

    She needs to post another snippet of strawberry shortcake next cuz i want everyone to get mad XD

    • levi cured my depression . says:

      Low key I’m triggered by strawberry shortcake. Because when I was in elementary school I was sexually harassed every week.

    • sovereign amamoy says:

      @SSSniper Wolf why are you so loud and so wrong and you don’t even have an original name

    • Aliejha Cullick says:


    • Tears says:

      I think there is going to be another snippet of strawberry shortcake because she used it for advertisement not a literal snippet or ASSIGNMENT. Lmao

      *Rest In Peace to those people waiting for orange juice*

    • and i oop says:

      @SSSniper Wolf ooof sis awkwarddddd i would advice you to keep up on shit like this before talking trash to her . sis skskskskskskskskskksksksksk x.

  6. XxMysticalShadowxX says:


    Are we gonna be called Students instead of Crybabies from now on?

  7. MISS BANGTAN says:


  8. alok bajpai says:

    Waiting for someone to combine the two snippets before I go mad.

  9. trashgirl 80 says:

    Duuuude my sister is taking me to her concert in ohio and i cant wait

  10. dogfancraft 9087 says:

    Just strawberry shortcake and orange juice I so ready

    PS that was the broken Melanie from show and tell snippet

  11. Its _Galaxy27 says:

    why was I thinking about this song in class lol ?

  12. ᴄᴏᴛᴛᴏɴᴄᴀɴᴅʏʜᴇᴀʀᴛ says:

    ?Don’t cut me
    Punch me
    Just let me go
    Into the, nurse’s office where
    I float away,
    I’m pale as the loose leaf paper
    They grow from hollowing out all my lungs in the snow
    Yeah, I’m coughing?

  13. S Y D N E Y says:

    I freaking KNEW it would be Nurse’s Office and not Orange Juice

  14. beans cheese says:

    Bro I can’t be the only one who just understood that Melanie is the doll

  15. Waki Shaki says:

    I’m gonna be sent to the nurse’s office if Melanie doesn’t release a new snippet

  16. Nicole B. says:

    crybaby: *eyeballs sitting 5 inches away from her head*

    nurse: “….let’s fix that with a controlled shock.”

  17. Simography says:

    Why do all of the nurses in this universe have red hair. First its crybaby now its this

  18. Sparkling Gacha says:

    Does this remind anyone else of Melanie’s Toxic cover when she went on the voice? Just me? ;-;

  19. Gerard Way Is Daddy says:

    I already know I’m gonna have this song on repeat 24/7

  20. cry baby says:

    Can we get some love for the artist, @pastelae? Nobody ever mentions her.

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