Melissa Benoist On Why Supergirl Is A Feminist

Melissa Benoist On Why Supergirl Is A Feminist

Just because it’s Supergirl not Superwoman, doesn’t mean Melissa Benoist’s character isn’t a feminist hero.

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20 Responses

  1. pavanatanaya says:

    Good luck, young lady. Please don’t let Hollywood consume you

  2. surge kalashnik says:

    shows gonna flop

  3. Gobbie Bag says:

    The fact that people automatically hit the dislike because the word
    feminism says a lot about today’s feminist movement.

  4. Kevin says:

    supergirl has inspired me to be a feminist, starting today I’ll never hold
    a door for another female, on account of they is our equals.

  5. Doctor Of Banterology says:

    Why is this getting so much attention?

  6. The Grey Fencer says:

    why do people feel they have to be somethibg? I take issue with people
    taking an egalitarian view and calling it feminist

  7. Not Telling says:

    This show is just made so CBS can make money, it most likely won’t last
    more than one season.

  8. G Joy says:

    i’m sick & tired of hearing feminists everywhere

  9. ReviewTech NSA says:

    I was looking forward to this show, not anymore.

  10. Abdel Malek says:

    Believe me If everyone put his own picture in his youtube account we
    wouldn’t have these kind of debates .. you would just say .. emm , this guy
    has definitly no life, let’s give him some space ..hE needs to release the
    beast *-*

  11. lorndarken says:

    put on a shitty show and it gets disliked and all of a sudden idiots start
    bitching about how it has something to do with some patriarchy non sense.
    typical .

  12. jaafar kassim says:

    Hope people don’t take the role model the wrong way. by jumping out of
    roofs or trying to stop a moving car and crazy enough wear the supergirl
    suit and think your bullet proof.

  13. TheJankren says:

    Feminists are silent when the bill arrives. LOL

  14. JuanOfaKind88 says:

    Such a nice young lady, I hope her show doesn’t suck. I watched the first
    episode and its not looking to good.

  15. Tim Duncan says:

    She’s …..


  16. Tim Duncan says:

    I dont care if they put feminist in the title.

    All i care is the fact she is fucking hot.

    Thumbs up?
    No. Ok

  17. Pravin Maraj says:

    There shouldn’t be so many dislikes on this video just for mentioning
    feminism, nothing was said that I had problem with. She seems like a lovely
    girl and a good actress. But modern feminism is disliked, especially on the
    internet, not because guys are all sexist and don’t support women’s rights,
    but because the beliefs and actions of many well-known feminists in the
    mainstream have made the entire movement seem misinformed, controlling and
    highly intolerant of criticism. The current and growing distaste for
    feminism among men and women, is at the the end of the day the fault of
    feminists for allowing some of the loudest, most radical feminists to speak
    for the entire movement.

  18. Anirudh Menon says:

    I like her as an actress and she seems like a genuinely sweet person but
    Man, that pilot was one hunk of shit. Horrible writing, acting, direction,
    tone and editing. The only thing that was halfway decent was the effects.

  19. garrettthurman21 says:

    Her nudes were feminist

  20. Flash Headlines says:

    Do you think feminism has got to do here ?