Melissa Benoist Teaches Jimmy Sport Stacking

Melissa Benoist Teaches Jimmy Sport Stacking

Melissa Benoist chats about her CBS series, Supergirl, and demonstrates her cup-stacking super powers.

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Melissa Benoist Teaches Jimmy Sport Stacking

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20 Responses

  1. Stack Guy says:

    Everyone thinks she’s good and I’m just over here with a time under 6

  2. nj.joh says:


  3. RAYSERNAXO says:

    Who else think supergirl is shit

  4. Ace says:

    smart idea to wear underwear today…

  5. 297fihsy says:

    Can’t stand Supergirl but she was great in Whiplash

  6. Sameer says:

    When she said “FASTER” in a weird pornish voice my imagination started
    kicking in :#

  7. Geddo says:

    Let’s see what Anna Kendrick can do with this. Of course she probably won’t
    do as well as she’ll be flipping them around while singing.

  8. undeny says:

    A wild bra-shirt appeard!

  9. Kaiser says:

    Supergirl is on the same level as Arrow and Legend of Tomorrow and slightly
    below The Flash. I don’t get the hate it’s getting.

    Sure the forced over the top feminism was horrible at the beginning but
    they have been getting better. They improved on that. Also, shows like
    Arrow and LoT also have forced stuff. Like Olicity and Ray/Kendra. These
    shows suffer from the same mistakes. But they are still entertaining. They
    aren’t on the level of DareDevil but they are still fun to watch.

    Also, the previous Supergirl episode was the best yet. It had real
    consequences and the writing made sense. Martian Manhunter is also an epic
    character. I kinda wish Supergirl would focus more on the DEO and less on
    Catco. Cat is a fun character but use her less. Less is more. Focus more on
    the DEO. They can even put Winn in the DEO, seeing how he is the best
    hacker cliché character (Like Felicity/Cisco/Ray). Write Jimmy Olsen out,
    seeing how he’s just there to be the forced love interest (like
    Felicity/Laurel/Iris/Patty/Kendra). And focus more on Martian Hankhunter,
    Alex, the DEO.

    Same formula:
    (Super)hero with a team. Just like Team Arrow, Flash and LoT.
    Hacker character: Winn, Felicity, Cisco.
    Mentor character: Hank, Diggle, Wells, Stein.
    Villain that the hero knew beforehand: Astra/Non, Merlyn, Wells, Savage
    Forced romance characters: Jimmy/Felicity/Iris/Kendra

  10. DallasTheGreat28 says:

    Wtf is she wearing

  11. LyykeLee says:

    My jaw ACTUALLY dropped. loll

  12. Herbert says:

    That is what they teach in school now a day’s. Why? Really I want to know.

  13. nb6918 says:

    You should google image “Melissa Benoist nudes.” Some serious stuff come

  14. banksy. says:

    Damn…she fine. Too bad Supergirl won’t last more than a season or two..

  15. nb6918 says:

    Pretty slow for a super stacker.

  16. Ghoulish Grin Films says:

    A magnificent Supergirl. I grew up with the Helen Slater Supergirl, but she
    is the best. She will be hard to top.

  17. Takyon says:

    inb4 “YES OH MY GOD”

  18. TheRealTrikein says:

    Why is it it stuff like this is taught in school, but video games are
    frowned on? This is eye/hand coordination and muscle memory, which video
    games are more effective IMO. Forget cup stacking, teach SC for 5th grade

  19. perillivolcomha says:

    Slow as shit there is nothing super about that

  20. Rytis K. says:

    She is only wearing a bra.