Melissa Rivers with Hoda Kotb on remembering Joan Rivers (Full Event)

Melissa Rivers with Hoda Kotb on remembering Joan Rivers (Full Event)

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Joan and Melissa Rivers had one of the most celebrated mother-daughter relationships of all time.

An Ivy League graduate, single mother of a teenage son, author, television producer and philanthropist, what was it really like to grow up with comedy legend Joan Rivers as your mother? If you think Joan said some outrageous things to her audiences as a comedian, you won’t believe what she said and did in private. Her love for her daughter knew no bounds—or boundaries. Melissa Rivers joins us to discuss her mother and her new book, The Book of Joan: Tales of Mirth, Mischief, and Manipulation. She shares funny, and poignant observations and stories about the blonde force of nature who raised her and who she called Mom.

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14 Responses

  1. Zulkarnain Sadali says:

    thank you so much for this. i think Joan Rangers everywhere are at peace
    with Melissa doing rather well. We’re always here for you.

  2. Sarah G says:

    Awesome interview.

  3. Nick Oxborrow says:

    Agree, I love Melissa and she rocks! I’m also so happy to hear what she
    said about Fashion Police. Kelly and Kathy both used the excuse that the
    humor wasn’t in their taste yet we all knew it was Joan’s so how come they
    couldn’t take the heat? I think they definitely acted for themselves and
    thus didn’t act in good faith to Joans’s legacy. It just shows that Joan
    was a true star…and a trailblazer! Joan Rangers forever!

  4. Ian Fanafi says:

    Marvelous, honest and open interview.
    Love Melissa like her legendarily unique mother, Joan!

  5. Miriam Manning says:

    Very Funny Very Sweet

  6. southsidesman says:

    Never really heard her speak before, she seems a very decent lady. I wish
    her and her family well in life.

  7. Emily Torrington says:

    Melissa is attractive, balanced, smart, funny, and filthy rich 🙂 Deserves
    every penny, earned it by actually working and being there for her mom.
    With all the money she could just sit back and relax, but what a waste of
    intelligence. I think Melissa will be doing wonderful things in

    Her mom would be so proud of how Melissa handled it all while she was alive
    and now after she died. Cooper if you ever read this,you’ve got a great
    mom,unpretentious, real, concerned about what’s right, great heart, be
    good to her.

  8. Marc Nello says:

    20:54 The Kathy Griffin part.

  9. xadam2dudex says:

    this is really rich… Melissa has been riding on her mother’s coat tails
    for her entire life… even this promotion for her book is nothing but her
    capitalizing on her mother…she was made executive producer of Fashion
    Police by Joan no doubt…Joan being the only reason the show was a hit
    with some people….if she didn’t think Kathy was a fit for the show why
    did she hire Kathy ? doesn’t make sense….I don’t recall Kathy trashing
    the show…I’ve never had any respect for Melissa.. Joan did everything to
    support her..a classic example of a spoiled rich kid

    • lava tube says:


      COMPLETELY agree with you on that! Joan was no saint either and let’s face
      it, the show was nothing more than ridiculing fancy dressed celebrities,
      period. Joan said some really nasty stuff during her run on that show, far
      worse than anything Kathy ever said, so for Mellissa to act so ‘superior’
      and say that kathy sh*t all over her mom’s legacy is hypocritical at best.
      She really does come off as a spoiled rich kid, especially her tone of
      voice and the way she talks. Snarky, spoiled and self righteous.

    • Trent Spainhour says:

      +xadam2dudex so why did you watch it?

    • Trent Spainhour says:

      +lava tube so why did you watch it?

  10. Urban Livin says:

    Looking Like Her Mama 🙂 Miss Joan So Much!!!

  11. James Gray says:

    Melissa is one of the biggest no-talents there is. Her mother gave her any
    “fame” that she has.