Melting Every Lipstick From The Drugstore Together

Melting Every Lipstick From The Drugstore Together

So we melted one of every lipstick from CVS together. Once again, a big thank you to Honey! Get Honey for FREE and start saving money today ▸ My subscribers have saved an average of $57.32 on stores like Amazon, Target & Sephora!

The frankenlipstick giveaway entry form is here!

So as you all know, I have done many frankenmakeup experiments over the past couple of years – and about a year ago, I made a mega-franken-lipstick by melting every lipstick from Sephora together – to see, roughly, what the “average” lipstick from Sephora would look like. And I’ve always wondered if that “average” would vary from store to store – so I ransacked CVS and bought one of every lipstick they sell there to make into a mega-franken-CVS lipstick. And then we melted down those 500 lipsticks, and made 400 to send to you all!

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Assistant Editors: Emily Linden & Claire Wiley

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52 Responses

  1. Safiya Nygaard says:

    HELLO FRIENDS!! yes, i have returned with a video that randomly took us a very long time to make!! this is the last video we have from before we took our asia trip so up next… japan content!! woohoo 🙂 also, here is the link to the frankenlipstick giveaway entry form! – xoxo, saf

  2. Lydia Northey says:

    the two franken lipsticks are like the meme of the spider men pointing at each other ??

  3. Ryder Christie says:

    29:58 I mean if you mix together fda approved stuff then it can’t go not fda approved


  4. Laire Macato says:

    Saf: Combining everything from something
    Saf’s bank account: Ah shit, here we go again

  5. Evelise Pereira says:

    Nude: Send Nudes
    Red: Mudblood
    Pink: Barbie
    Orange: Fanta
    Misch: Safiya
    Purple: Berry with Me

  6. trbobitch06 says:

    “I made them on my stove”

    That’s ok, so did Jaclyn Hill apparently.

  7. gabby lea says:

    “aGUsTuS gLoOp”
    -safiya nygaard June 19,2019

    True words of a genius

  8. carlee elizabeth says:

    i love that you made lipsticks from each color group this time! i wouldn’t have thought of that but it’s a really cool idea.

  9. Alexa F. says:

    Jaclyn Hill is shaking, Safiya making her lipsticks at home looks more hygenic than hers made in a professional lab.

    • Evelyn T says:

      It seems like everyone is talking about Jaclyn hill and Safiya….but I don’t understand what y’all guys are talking……Can someone tell me what the video title is.? Thank you!

    • ei says:

      Evelyn T Jaclyn Hill basically came out with a makeup brand called ‘Jaclyn Cosmetics’ and people have been complaining that her lipsticks had some black holes, wool and hair in them. These allegations were true because they were proved by some other makeup artists and even some scientists that her brand is a sham and did even proceed to have fur in them. The reason why Safiya is mentioned is because people now realise that Safiya’s bad makeup science is BETTER produced and hygienic than Jaclyn’s brand, as it is more cared for in her own home rather than in Jaclyn’s labs. Ultimately, people are praising Safiya’s lipsticks for having better quality than Jaclyn’s furry lipsticks that were supposed to be throughly planned and perfected before they were brought out to sale. Lol, hope that helped and the title of Jaclyn’s video is “My Lipsticks”.

    • Medicine and Mascara says:

      Alexa F. Lmao so true

    • Evelyn T says:

      @ei oh OK thank you so much for your time ?

    • park says:


  10. Why is Peter Pan always flying? Cuz he NEVERLANDS! says:

    I’ve just realised that Saf has singlehandedly produced less contaminated lipsticks than Jacklyn did with an entire lab and team. LMFAO

  11. Fabiola Reveron says:

    Safiya: destroys lipstick…

    Also Safiya: creates new lipstick.

  12. Cecilie in the US says:

    Even she knows to use latex gloves instead of white fuzzy ones
    It’d probably be safer to use these lipsticks then Jaclyn Cosmetics

  13. Alexandria Stalter says:

    Someone tell me how Safiya’s kitchen lipsticks are more sanitary than Jaclyn Hills

  14. Tiffany says:

    When Safs Frankenlippies are better quality than Jaclyn Cosmetics, lol.

  15. Shaina's Playlist says:

    Nude: Mrs. Darcy
    Pink: Milliscents
    Purple: Ursula
    Misc: Lady D. Vader
    Orange: Tangled
    Brown: Potterhead
    Red: Bloodbath and Beyond

  16. Matilde Masini says:

    The Seven Deadly Lipsticks
    Pink: Envy
    Purple: Pride
    Orange: Greed
    Misc: Wrath
    Nude: Sloth
    Red: Lust
    Brown: Gluttony

  17. Annika Nelson says:

    Nude: In the Buff
    Pink: La Vie en Rose
    Red: Melania’s Christmas Trees
    Purple: Tyler’s Choice
    Brown: Kevin’s Chili
    Misc.: Starlight

  18. Kelsie Groseclose says:

    Pink: Hubba Bubba
    Orange: Duck Lips
    Red: Scarlett
    Nude: Hide Me
    Purple: Sassafras
    Brown: World of Pure Imagination
    Misc: Mystery Incorporated

  19. Dinosaurus says:

    Me: **listening to the rules of the giveaway**
    Me: Alright, I might actually be able to do this!
    Me: **hears instagram**
    Me: and I oop-

  20. Philippe Parle Peu says:

    I was having a pretty terrible week and this video really cheered me up. Thanks, Saf! ?

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