Melting Every Soap From Whole Foods Together

Melting Every Soap From Whole Foods Together

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HELLO FRIENDS!! Today I let the intrusive thoughts win and melted together every bar of soap sold at Whole Foods…yes, that’s right – not even Whole Foods is safe from some ~mad franken-science~.

So we bought 109 bars from 23 different brands – and shredded them all down to tiny little cheese shreds, and then used a “rebatching” technique to create one singular & striped franken-bar. The process was long and grueling, but it was definitely worth it in the end since our final franken-bars ended up so cute!! What do you guys think of our final product? And since we’ve tackled both Lush and Whole Foods soaps now, whose soaps do you want to see us demolish next???

Big thank you to both Katie at Royalty Soaps & Anne-Marie at Bramble Berry for their expert opinions on our franken-soap!! You can check out their channels here:
Royalty Soaps:
Bramble Berry:

And here’s the link to the video by Elly’s Everyday Soap Making that we used for our rebatching procedure!

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Executive Producers: Safiya Nygaard & Tyler Williams
Head of Production: Carey Fiock
Production Manager / Producer: Melissa Douglas
Junior Associate Producer: Ishara Mathews
Production Assistant: Aayanah McCreary
Content Promotions & Video Packaging Manager: Alaina Simmons
Short Form Producer: Myia Lambe
Short Form Editor: Hailey Cox
Editor: Andrew Lainhart
Editor: Bree von Bradsky
Editor Nez Covington
Editor: Mandy Padgett
Graphic Designer: Dayana Espinoza

0:00 Intro
3:44 Shopping Time!
6:45 Our Plan Of Attack
7:41 Let The Shredding Begin!
9:24 Black & Adjacent Soaps
10:59 Brown Soaps
12:57 Medium Beige, Off-White, & White Soaps
16:12 Red & Pink Soaps
17:38 Yellow & Orange Soaps
19:04 Green Soaps
20:23 Blue & Purple Soaps
21:56 Mixing Our Soap Shreds
25:32 Crockpotting Commences
26:50 Pouring Our Soaps
28:28 De-Molding Time!
31:27 Smell Test & Expert Opinions
33:59 Hand Washing Test & Final Thoughts
35:02 Subscriber Giveaway
35:15 Outro

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28 Responses

  1. Safiya Nygaard says:

    For 50% off with HelloFresh PLUS free shipping, use code 50SAFIYA at! i hope you guys enjoyed watching this 🧼 mad soap experiment 🧼 & don’t forget to enter the giveaway in the description for your chance to win one of these whole-franken-bars!! what did you think of the final product?? and what should we franken next?? xoxo, saf

  2. Tyler Williams says:

    Are we toenails? Or are we dancer? 🦶🏼

  3. Leah Ratto says:

    I love the Franken series because it just fulfills everyone’s childhood desires of mixing anything and everything together into a strange concoction 😂

  4. Hannah Campbell says:

    Safiya, Tyler and their crew – idk how but you’ve managed to glue both my eyes AND my geriatric cat’s eyes to my screen. Best 35 1/2 mins of our day.

  5. SarahStumbleine says:

    Safiya’s experiments really are the grown up version of making potions out of all the shampoos and conditioners in the bath

  6. Margaret Huang says:

    The Franken series is literally the best! Watching Safiya and Tyler do their thing in the kitchen and not knowing the result, trusting the process, is GREAT. Hope to see more Franken content in the future❤

  7. Amandeep Kaur says:

    Safiya’s soaping has drastically improved wow

  8. Dickney [with Plants] says:

    Safiya: rightly complains about $17 salad.
    Also Safiya: “yeah… 109 bars should do it.”

  9. Grace Giles says:

    Safiya: “you know it’s serious when I need Tyler’s nose.” Was my favorite thing😂

  10. Hannah Lewis says:

    The happiness I feel when I see a Safiya franken video is UNMATCHED

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