Members Of The Coronavirus Task Force Hold A Press Briefing | TIME

Members Of The Coronavirus Task Force Hold A Press Briefing | TIME

The White House projected there could be 100,000 to 240,000 deaths in the U.S. from the coronavirus pandemic even if current social distancing guidelines are maintained.

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Members of the Coronavirus Task Force Hold a Press Briefing

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64 Responses

  1. Jaslynn Carrera says:

    I thought it was no more then 10 ppl in a room ?

    • angry says:

      Can’t be transferred from demon/liberal to human

    • Victoriaaa says:

      25 is the legal limit I believe. Last I check but they encourage less than 10. I could be wrong if it’s changed.

    • angry says:

      Doggo Willink what’s wrong with disney? Maybe you’re the psychopath for judging someone for something so tame

    • Doggo Willink says:

      How We Do Disney Yeah only sociopaths with Disney profiles are people.

    • Abena Scott says:

      — inst the king so fat Ones saying so may have nothing worthwhile to say Every one s comment welcomed Your speaking on global stage keep it in mynd🌍

  2. AR Industries says:

    Lol, did he just use a 200mm zoom lens to capture the women sitting 10 feet away. #picsniper

  3. TrinkBruder says:

    It’s gonna be big.

  4. Austin Leary says:

    Who cares about the water bottle

  5. TrinkBruder says:

    I never meditated this long my.entire life. Thank you DC

    • keis Farrow says:

      Why are you thanking them it’s their fault we are at this point. They did not take this serious. This should have already been in place. They are reacting instead of being proactive. If course got yo throw a dig out to Obama. With Obama he avoided a global pandemic. With Obama he would have taken this shit serious.

  6. pablo sandoval says:

    19:05 NSA media script.

  7. Mason Rueger says:

    Who’s water bottle is this? Not mine honey

  8. Sebastian says:

    When thay say 6-10 feet away when you are 5 ft and 11 inch 😵😵😵😵😵

  9. CDC 67 says:

    Jumped on right when someone said “later dude”. Good to know it’s taken seriously

  10. Spencer Wells says:

    Dude we’re gonna get rich bro

  11. Joe says:

    No social distancing here. They should be quarantined!

    • CJ Kirby says:

      Joe mama!

    • orange says:

      theyre all tested before entering the room

    • Abena Scott says:

      — isn’t the king so fat One who says so do they have something worthwhile to contribute or🐀

    • Gantia Gonchus says:

      They are utterly wrong here but the media is all manipulated bs anyway

      If they were to play fair, they TOO should be quarantined and do an online discussion. I am 200% sure everyone has a pc there… even of they are tested for Coronavirus and dont have it, they run the risk of catching it after they leave to go home.

      This to me is just proof the government knows wtf it’s doing and trying to control society and economics by taking advantage of their own creation

      The CIA also manipulates TV

    • Mr Green Just Tryna Get 450000 Subs says:

      Better than the dude sitting around not trying to help the country, joe mama.

  12. Crazyzabo says:

    Trust me, I work for a pathological liar and have learned a lot from him.

  13. Mini Buns says:

    Clicked on video and just woke up 2:5 hours later. Are we going to get our stimulus checks in the mail or online?

    • Lib says:

      direct deposit if you have it.

    • April Pinkard says:

      I fell asleep too.😅

    • Madam Vonkook says:

      If you filed your taxes and gave your banking info it will go into your account . You can go to SS website to put your bank information in.otherwise it could take a longtime. In the meantime you can also file for unemployment ..they have changed the qualifications so anyone can get it even independent contractors. File for everything you can and give your banking info .many people qualify for many different things but don’t wait to do it . Good Luck my friend.

  14. matt matt says:

    So far, I have never seen social distancing applied to these white house briefings.

  15. matt matt says:

    Reporter: Sir I have a question …
    Trump: wait … who you are with ?!

    Reporter: 💩

    • Mr Green Just Tryna Get 450000 Subs says:

      What does that mean man

    • kevin cronan says:

      i like and admire reporters that question authority, it reminds me of the time when colonists stood up to a tyrant king in merry olde england,, if you are a true American you know the rest of that story,,,

  16. New york Boyz says:

    We should consider doctors and nurses who works for covid patients. They are at war zone . Not simply giving pay checks. They deserve something good.

  17. Vanda Dy says:

    It seems like that enjoy standing next to each other

  18. J Jurado says:

    20:25 this is when it starts 😶😉

  19. Balmighty1981 says:

    Always lousy cameramen in court rooms sports and now here …. am I the only one who notices this bullshit ?

  20. Peter says:

    Kush speaks! Guess we needed to spread some of the “cred” around.

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