Members of the Coronavirus Task Force Hold a Press Briefing | TIME

Members of the Coronavirus Task Force Hold a Press Briefing | TIME

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Members of the Coronavirus Task Force Hold a Press Briefing

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53 Responses

  1. Pinkie Love says:

    starts at 1:12:35

  2. Ad Ch says:

    6:40 lol

  3. C says:

    it only takes 1 hour to start

  4. Ahmed S Alharbi says:

    2:21:40 “lets give it a shot”😂😂😂😂 Its like hes saying his thoughts out loud

  5. omgbygollywow says:

    1:34:20 – 1:35:43 Andrew Cuomo touting the Federal response! Wow!

    • Denver says:

      … because Governor Cuomo is an all around fantastic leader. No maniacle “LIBERATE MICHIGAN,….LIBERATE VIRGINIA”…. No “YOU OUGHT TO BE THANKING ME FOR THE WONDERFUL JOB I’VE DONE”…. No, you’ll never hear those insane lines from Cuomo, or most other actual leaders in the United States.

    • BerBer Knows says:

      The reason he couldn’t show full interview is that speech is in conjunction with Cuomo pushing back on Trump’s accusations that Cuomo is lazy and needs to take action. Cuomo and Newsome are the Presidents we need right now. Not this trash-ass liar.

    • JL Peng says:

      now it is deleted. edited to 1:29:38 length

    • Your Silly says:

      @Denver Cuomo is actually a bad governor. He didnt do shit for New York until Trump told the Public that New York is in a really bad shape.

    • derek mcguire says:

      @Your Silly Bollox

  6. k C says:

    “It was hard to get it Aroused, it is hard to get it Aroused, but we got it Aroused”

    • k vooo says:

      Stupid shit comments in your dreams

    • Hey There says:

      Hard facts 😁

    • pigs18 says:

      @Jared Kovacs I’m not sure there is another way to counter Trump. Arguing his statements gives credence to merits that simply don’t exist. Taking his favorite talking point for example that he wanted to close travel from China and arguing whether it’s the right call ignores that it had less to do with concerns of the virus (which can be proven that he didn’t recognize as a threat) and was instead another way to punish the Chinese government.

    • Darrell Knox says:

      Sounds like politicians fresh out of pedo material.

    • Darrell Knox says:

      @Denver yeah, you get some relative that gets close to a “star” it kinda changes some ppl and they start getting all Hollywood like . “We almost got invited to a party!” lol

  7. Denver says:

    1:19:11 Wow

  8. panda says:

    where is dr. F

  9. Darrell Knox says:

    May the task Force be with us.

  10. Serendipity says:


  11. HaiMot Cun says:

    Where is mr Fauci ???

  12. Patchuchan says:

    Great job yah that’s a laugh every time I think this administration could screw things up any worse they go and prove me wrong.

  13. LucianCorrvinous Son of Hekaté says:

    Wait, he said the deans were out there? And now it’s they’re in thief way? And swabs are useless, it’s the testing, that you have defunded, that’s important…

  14. LucianCorrvinous Son of Hekaté says:

    Oh good he’s going to trot out statistics to show how everybody else is doing a worse job…

  15. Oviler Smith says:



    Ho Trump,Stop playing the blame game.

  16. Jose Delgado-Joarode says:

    He doesn’t like mosquitos 56:24

  17. Joe V says:

    to the guy in the ‘ jaw’ ad : yes, you look better, madam

  18. Alex says:

    In the (near) future historians will have a field day trying to explain how it was possible this man could get away with this behavior ……

  19. paolo922 says:


  20. Cayden Warrilow says:

    He needs to get a new make up artist 😀

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