Members Of The Coronavirus Task Force Hold A Press Briefing | TIME

Members Of The Coronavirus Task Force Hold A Press Briefing | TIME

The White House projected there could be 100,000 to 240,000 deaths in the U.S. from the coronavirus pandemic even if current social distancing guidelines are maintained.

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Members of the Coronavirus Task Force Hold a Press Briefing

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62 Responses

  1. Eto Hige Gamer Culture says:

    I hope gas prices stay down. skip to 26:00 mins for the talking btw

    • Mike Dean says:

      Ugh thanks

    • James Rice says:

      I just mute the talking heads and read the comments.

    • Andre says:

      You hope gas prices stay low? Such a short sighted point of view. Low gas prices are a reflection of our economy taking a hit. I’d much rather be paying more on fuel.

    • MrJaas69 says:

      @Andre right? like you can go anywhere now , anyway….. people should be at home … not driving around.

    • undeadpresident says:

      US oil industry is toast, they need double the price to profit. This means that war is even more likely since two of the highest priority countries for the USA to start a war with were already Venezuela and Iran. And even more likely to make a war occur is the huge numbers of unemployed people and economy already running on necessities-only mode….I’ll be very surprised if one doesn’t happen within a year.

  2. Jarae King says:

    I need a drink!!….🙄

  3. new name says:

    Big pharma next SIIIEEEEk

  4. Michael Liles says:

    How did the war on drugs workout the first time? I can’t help but see this is some way to find a “victory for the country” now that he knows corona virus isn’t it. Shouldn’t we dedicate those resources to hospitals, testing sites, local governments. Get our own homeless of the street and feed our hungry?

  5. কাল্পনিক জীবন says:

    They are not maintain 3 feet distance

  6. PhirenFayt says:

    No masks, None of them ar the requisite distance apart. hell some are shoulder to shoulder. PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH GOVERNMENT. Wanna vouch for that social distancing crap then do it.

    • Maxwell Hessling says:

      PhirenFayt in fairytale land that’s great. But that stage wouldn’t fit all the people. And would look ridiculous

    • Bear Claw' says:

      ⚡ They’ve all had the Antidote “. . ⚡

    • Fenixrazer35 says:

      You’re an idiot. Social distancing doesn’t work. Not even necessary. Go cry to your therapist about how much you hate our awesome president. You’re proof Trump Derangement Syndrome is real!

    • clash of arenas says:

      His cabnit is tested regularly and dont have the virus or they wouldn’t be there use ur nogin

    • clash of arenas says:

      @Duane Willis mask are usualy used on sick people to stop them from spreading it not the other way around exept n95 masks

  7. ღrussɪaღ says:

    I keep praying and praying and praying for America. From Russia

  8. Munich FX says:

    I’m gonna make some predictions before watching:
    1- We are doing a wonderful job 2- Better than anyone else in the world 3- No one had ever seen such a great job 4- Everyone is saying it.

    • Wizard Wiz says:

      PaperPlanesParadise that’s what every center of power was saying for months. Check the WHO. World health Organization

    • lyllas says:

      Same days same lies. This is ridiculous.

    • Austin Davis says:

      @PaperPlanesParadise You gotta realize, a lot of what he says is designated to the common people, incredibly stupid and easily spooked. You cant go around saying ITS SERIOUS ITS COMING ITS INVISIBLE!!!! You simply cant do that, even if there is a real crises. Panic is the worst of most crisis.

    • clash of arenas says:

      @PaperPlanesParadise he also despite being ridiculed by the left enactid strict travel bans very early on and also was blamed for said virus and when he said that him being at fault for the virus a hoax media changed his words to virus is a hoax itself theres so much missinfo out there and its sad

    • J C says:

      @Tony Nameless At least they use numbers, Trump uses a paper and a sharpie, LOL WHAT A JOKE.

  9. Scoobie Doo says:

    The cartels are the same as Iraq insurgency. You get one theres twenty fighting to take his spot. good luck wit that

  10. David C says:

    Here we go again!!! Starts at minute 29:04 😎😎

  11. Jessie Joy says:

    Wait why are we talking about cartels and narcotics at this conference? Did something happen?

  12. Soft Breezy Day says:

    Distraction, distraction, distraction…..
    There is definitely something going on….but it’s not whatever they’re saying.
    What a crock of bs.

    • Guided Meditation says:

      The biggest scam is how the Dems fear an easy quick cure for the Coronavirus. Why would they fear an existing readily available drug that could save the day? Because they don’t want anything to save the day. They are already laying plans for GET TRUMP 4.0 hearings.

    • Bear Claw' says:

      You can FooL 🐴some of the People some of the Time but you Can’t FooL all of the People all of the Time “. . ☠🌏☠

    • clash of arenas says:

      @No one special i hope this was a joke

    • Stephenie Franks says:

      there is somebresearch showing that liberals are more vulnerable to coronavirus

    • Kentucky Hiker says:

      speak for yourself. i don’t anyone here distracted.

  13. Go Blues says:


  14. Edgy Ideological Descriptor says:

    Poser. How about doing some work for a change?

  15. Keni Etienne says:

    The hospitals aren’t full. I’m gonna become an expat after this

  16. Keni Etienne says:

    The politicians never do social distancing. I guess they’ve always been in bed with each other

  17. yours truly says:

    John Roberts you’re representing the brave ones keep it up dont ever forget that

  18. Yumcha Brea- says:

    And they want all of us to stand six feet apart from each other! Take a look at these clowns! If this was real. They would be under a rock somewhere!

  19. eltoro_ intuitive says:

    Best circus show ever im glad to be living this era

  20. Jack Jay says:

    He’s reading what they told him to say.

    He has no idea what’s going on. I bet he’s not on some of these meeting they are having

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