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  1. Connor Pugs says:

    Honestly so crazy it has been 2 years, what a spectacular project that was…

  2. veh_mix says:

    I find the experience of both Mark’s and Ethan’s videos playing at the same time is the most creative thing ever.

  3. Mia Khalifa says:

    I love how, separately, these videos feel empty and uncomfortable, like you’re missing something, because you are. But together, it clicks with a whole different vibe

  4. Margo Hood says:

    Mark and Ethan wearing matching jackets warms my heart so much. I loved Unus Annus so much. May its memory live on forever.

  5. Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    I love how in Mark’s half, I didn’t even know there was anyone else recording for a long time. Here, you can’t help but hear Mark’s laughter. It just brings a fond nostalgia for some reason.

  6. Phwavy says:

    watching both Mark and Ethan’s videos side by side is actually so crazy. These two never fail to amaze me with how creative they can really be. I cant believe its already been 2 years…. what have i been doing this whole time…?

  7. Mia Khalifa says:

    I love how he can never disappoint us with his content 🌸

  8. Acunami says:

    Ethan’s face and his eyes as he said “yeah, I’ll see you next year..” as his voice gave out🥺 you can tell how much emotion there was behind that💜 It almost made me tear up. I love how these videos are filmed, it’s such a unique perspective. I hope we do still talk about Unus Anus in 20 years

  9. Jezreel Sanchez says:

    Not a coincidence that I came across Ethan’s video first. Thank you for that time Ethan. It really does feel like grieving for a friend cause I’m starting to forget how it felt to watch those videos just like I’ve slowly forgotten the voices of loved ones. But I’m so grateful for the time I got to watch this. Even only being there the second half of it, it was truly and honor to be apart of this. Memento mori

  10. Tyun's pectoralis major says:

    Amy’s “DONT THROW THE SCISSORS” just gave me such intense nostalgia :/ sometimes I forget that she really was the backbone of the channel (and also the person who probably prevented them from d-wording in incredibly stupid ways). also i didn’t expect seeing them eat otter pops at the end would h u r t me like this.

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