Memphis BBQ Ribs Taste Test

Memphis BBQ Ribs Taste Test

It’s time to get saucy and find the best BBQ ribs Memphis has to offer!  GMM #1425

We’re still finding sauces and spices in our nooks and crannies and we are not complaining one bit. Thanks to Charlie Vergos Rendezvous, Central BBQ –, and Leonard’s Pit Barbecue – for making this our reality!

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50 Responses

  1. Moxie Beast ASMR says:

    Wishing I could have ribs for breakfast. 😭😭😭

  2. EddyBinxEB says:

    “You usually start dry and then get wet”

    -Rhett 2018

  3. Beast Mode says:

    Man i have never tried ribs, and i want it so bad

  4. Andrej Nikolov says:

    Y’all should eat a carolina reaper while taking an ice bath!

  5. Zack Sherman says:

    If you haven’t at least thrown in five bucks to St. Jude’s you should. Look at it as you just aren’t going to buy a coffee for a couple of days. I actually quit smoking cigarettes by donating my daily pack of smokes money to my nephew’s little league team so they could afford good snacks. Personally I think that it shouldn’t be up to citizens to find charity in their heart. The government should buy less bombs and military hardware and help our most vulnerable citizens.

    • The BatMeth says:

      ​+Graysob So now people are gonna start judging other people by their usernames? But yh St Jude is a great organisation and other nations that dedicate themselves to help their own citizens are far better off than the US, e.g Norway, Sweden and Pre-Brexit UK.

    • name's Zeus says:


    • Grant Stone says:

      Graysob – clearly you didn’t actually read what Demigod Lolicon said. They never said anything about being too good to donate to charity. All they said is that the public should be donating instead of the government running the charities like the OP suggested. Who wants the government to take more control over the people? THAT is the only weird thing here dumbass.

    • Demigod Lolicon says:

      +Graysob Now if you want to talk about things on topic then sure. I’ll clarify for you. I don’t have a problem with donations but I do have concerns that people just give money away just because of peer pressure, no research, and blindly except opinions. It’s no good to just donate to places without researching it first even if it’s just $5. I could say that St Jude is the best and that they never waste a penny but that would be a lie. I have no idea and so all I can do is advise against blindly giving resources.

      Next, is the government spending. Yes, a lot of the money goes to the military and a lot I’m sure is wasted. However, it’s not void of contributions to charity via tax deductions and alike.

      I would think that this stance on the two subjects would be sufficient and reasonable given that it’s all basic logic. Don’t blindly feed an entity without checking it out. Don’t ignore the good deeds done by the government within the limited parameters we the people give it.

    • Graysob says:

      +Demigod Lolicon Would you like to tell the class why you enjoy sexualizing little 12 year old girls?

  6. Jessica Ross says:

    All that was missing here was Guy Fieri and we would be in flavor town.
    Honestly, great to see the guys out and obviously enjoying themselves eatting ribs.

  7. Rumble Shakes says:

    7:21 Best part. Link talks about doing something stupid, Rhett ignores him, Link continues to quietly talk slowly turning into a senior citizen saying “pants” like an old southerner.

  8. Jessica Ross says:

    The work these guys and their crew do for for St Judes make me proud to associate myself with this mythical community!

  9. Jochem Loeve says:

    ‘I had a napkin… I moved the napkin… and I wiped my pants. :/’

  10. PLAYWERK says:

    What a awesome format!!! Totally works for me… and now I’m hungry as F for ribs! 🙌🏻☺️🙌🏻
    Ps: I just recognized how good Rhett looks outside the studio.

  11. Andrew Louviere says:

    Leonard’s: Every place is gonna have a signature sauce.
    Rendezvous & Central: We don’t use any sauces, just spices.

    • saihenjin says:

      Yeah I don’t know wtf Leonards was talking about. Memphis is 100% about the dry ribs. Sauce is always available and every shop has their own, yeah, but that’s not what they’re going to be bragging about and fighting over.

    • Xiolin says:

      Every place does have a signature BBQ sauce. They may not put it on their ribs during the cooking process, but they still have some sort of sauce. Living in Memphis, and having worked in grocery, I can confirm each of these places had their own BBQ sauce on the shelf.

  12. 05jessamarie says:

    I can’t stop staring at the perfectly looped hair swirl by Rhett’s right temple

  13. KungFuMedia says:

    Anyone else notice when they said “Favorite restaurant on 3” and counted down “3,2,1”

  14. Sun Flower says:

    Wow this is my favorite episode of “Worth It” so far

  15. Nick Oyler says:

    Rhett… please tie your shoes. We dont want you to fall!

  16. RhettyforFun says:

    Central BBQ has been my choice for years! Love them! I recommend their pulled pork bbq nachos too!

  17. Zomby says:

    there should be no reason i want to eat a full slab of ribs at 7 am

    next stop should be kc bbq ribs

  18. Maegan Clark says:

    I’m constantly being blown away by what this show is capable of. You are always entertaining this was a nice break from the set. So well done everyone!!

  19. fckvwlz says:

    *Worth It left the chat*

  20. Nintendrew says:

    The videography and editing skills shown here were super impressive. The whole Mythical crew is so well-versed and talented! Would love to see more episodes “in the field” like this one.

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