Memphis police chief addresses Young Dolph shooting

Memphis police chief addresses Young Dolph shooting

Memphis police chief addresses Young Dolph shooting

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46 Responses

  1. K G says:

    Can’t imagine the pain his wife has having to tell their kids…….

    • Ray Gomez says:

      @Gunthere manee😓😭😭😭💯

    • Osso Duro says:

      @Tay hubbard Why do ALL of you have to lie? You know damn well if he had met your mother that he would’ve put a bit of kibble in one bowl, and filled the other up with toilet water before kicked at her and said, “now go on”. O’Tay?

    • K G says:

      @Gottago Getit I don’t have kids babe, but thanks for the suggestion.

    • MARVO WILLIAMS says:

      @rubin mushagalusa he knew better to be out here in Memphis movin like he was movin! Folks dnt give a fukc dwn here, u could be the fukcin “President of Memphis” nd folks will gun yo asz dwn in the M-Town mane! I cnt believe Dolph was out on airways nd fukcin ketchum by himself!!!! Not even 1 patna in the car, a car or 2 to follow!

    • Raymond Veasey says:

      @Mikey from what I know he only beefed if it was started. I could be wrong tho

  2. WestPhillyKam says:

    The police chief wants “everyone to stay in the house, if you don’t have to be out.” Means that it’s definitely gonna be a lot of retaliation.

  3. Mike Thompson says:

    This is incredibly heartbreaking. I can’t accept someone murdering such a smart and caring individual over something I am sure was petty🇺🇸☝

  4. Tommy Shelby says:

    2 of the best that did everything for their communities. Nipsey and dolph. God damn man. So many bitter jealous people hating on people’s rise #RIPDOLPH

  5. Ohio Asap says:

    Damn this shit crazy. Tomorrow isn’t promised for no one. Rip young Dolph

    • Joel Johnson says:

      Why no one talkin abt black on black crime like they did with racism in 2020

    • Secret Labyrinth says:

      @Joel Johnson Because they don’t actually care about black people. We shouldn’t expect anyone especially white people to care about the issues within our community.

    • Marten Krueger says:

      @Secret Labyrinth No do not care! Not anymore. When we are constantly being called racists…and any attempt to help is always questioned!

    • Secret Labyrinth says:

      @Marten Krueger No one asked you to care. Also what help are you even talking about? We still don’t have our reparations after 400 damn years.

    • Secret Labyrinth says:

      @Marten Krueger No one called you a racist either. you’re the one who assumed the title of a racist. My first comment didn’t even have the word “racist” in it.

  6. 📻DJ DRESKI📻 says:

    We all agree tonight,all of the speakers have agreed that America has a very serious problem.
    Not only does America have a very serious problem but our people have a very serious problem……SELF DESTRUCTION ✌✌✌ STOP THE VIOLENCE ✌✌👍

    • CeeBarrio1 says:

      @let’s go Brandon 6 million ✋

    • let's go Brandon says:

      @JAPANESE JENN He wasn’t killed by a white cop so his life doesn’t matter to black lives matter smfh but we all know black lives matter was a Democrats political tool come now ever since Joe Biden aka Jim Joe Crow got in office we haven’t heard nothing from them even CNN and MSNBC stop talking about black lives matter

    • Balloon Poop says:

      No other genre of music has this problem. It’s inexcusable. It’s immature and it’s not an external problem. The people a part of this community need to look inwards.

    • Fat Head says:

      Hollywood and ganster rap need to stop glorifying the violence for starters.

    • Sir Brucie says:

      @CeeBarrio1 “Normies” still think trump and biden are “enemies”. You missed the point entirely. Regardless of what you think the fact remains as it is.
      Funny how that other roach came to bite a piece of poop it saw on the floor but ran when Ole Bruce pulled out the bug spray. As these roaches always do.

  7. Jaytee Johnson says:

    “They don’t want you to live. They don’t want you to ball. Them pu$$y smile in your face, then they pray for you to fall.” -Young Dolph R.I.P

  8. Ruthkie Morris says:

    This hurt so bad my heart is broken in a million pieces damn damn damn… why.. Rip my favorite rapper Young Dolph 😭😭😭💔💔💔#LongLiveDolph #ForeverInOurHeart

  9. Craig moye says:

    Praying for that young man’s wife and kids and family

  10. RealRoadRunner says:

    This brings truth to “Deeper than Rap”. The ceos are deep in the streets and so are all of their artists. It was already beef and it’s only going to get worse. I’m from Florida, but I get the feeling the holidays won’t be so happy in the M this year 🤦🏽‍♂️. Sh!+ crazy, RIP to Dolph

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