Men Feel Breast Implants For The First Time

Men Feel Breast Implants For The First Time

“It’s like a little fish tank!”

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Retro Shake
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Dr. Andrew Cohen
Shelley Hirschman


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19 Responses

  1. Santisaurio Espinal says:

    What’s the name of all of them?

  2. Daniela Herrera says:

    green haired dude looks like Josh dun

  3. Edwin Ornelas says:

    why men ? the half of em are gay af

  4. Veronica Della Pace says:


  5. Sophia Elise Arguson says:

    i need more shane whittaker in my life ugh

  6. Jin Pak says:

    oh god I wanna touch it

  7. Summer Sunshine says:

    the guy who said the thing about the dishwasher is cuuuutteeee

  8. barats hughes says:

    It passed the nestle test LOL

  9. Aranelka says:

    that ginger guy looks like Rob Czar from ThreadBanger xD

  10. Faranak Aghajanzadeh says:

    “you can’t sound like a dishwasher when you’re having sex” LOL

  11. meg allin says:

    Why men?

  12. yixing park says:

    and here i am wanting a smaller boobs

  13. king blvd says:

    will the implants now sell for less because come on they are used now?

  14. Robert Gibbs (Robstafarian17) says:

    So it’s 2016 now and you guys really used a 2014 statistic?

  15. Andres Ortiz says:

    Lets all have a giant breast balloon fight

  16. Lengendary E says:

    love breast no matter what size i dont think women should get breast
    inplants nothing like big naturals

  17. Cutie Kittens says:

    i never felt breast implants and im a female ;-;

  18. Dcoolest says:

    Everyone can appreciate a good pair of boobs.

  19. Jodi Martinez says: