Men Transform Into Disney Princesses

Men Transform Into Disney Princesses

Because why can’t princesses have hairy chests?

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Legends and heroes
Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.
Spring Break
Freedom of the city
Battle for the skies
Those gypsy girls
Licensed via Audio Network

SFX provided by Audioblocks. 

Footage provided by VideoBlocks

Made by BFMP
Kandee Johnson

Jordan Sannicks

Ryan Librada

Brendan Lamb

James Preston


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20 Responses

  1. Krystelle May says:

    The eyebrows are horrible

  2. Alex Hernandezalex says:

    Okay, but like, Jasmine was beat house down boots.

  3. Monae Jones says:

    Princess jasmine was the best and Tiana a close second . They should have
    made Eugene in Mulan

  4. Neko Sierra says:

    Brendan! why did they make you shave your beard!. it was so sexy T^T

  5. ImNotSavannah says:


  6. Lebontempviendra says:

    Buzzfeed men are not men

  7. MikeyMacky says:

    omg black face! the CEO of YouTube should step down! I learned this at u of
    missouri-cry baby campus

  8. Thatdutchgirl Rianne says:

    Brendan and james are freaking hot :O

  9. Dana Satter says:

    I love her but thats not how you cover brows

  10. Jenury Charles says:

    The makeup artist is kandeejohnson rite??? Why she draw bad eyebrow -_____-

  11. Kwesi Boateng says:

    Wow Ned did not mention his wife

  12. Pearl Heslop says:

    Jasmine looked the best think

  13. Ana Erza says:

    I think I might be in love with Brendan! Wow his whole appearance left me
    speechless hahah

  14. Skyler Graham says:

    Ned was the best, let’s just be honest jere

  15. Nanaxo says:

    I don’t like that woman. Don’t like the way she does the make up. But
    jasmine was pretty

  16. Nicola Locke says:

    Oh I love Ned

  17. CrazyCat says:

    The last dude looks identical.

  18. sakuraga yuki says:

    jasmine was the best one !

  19. Mocca says:

    That eyebrow game is weak, except for the second guy- i mean princess*.

  20. Abir tamim says:

    Ned looked like professor snape somehow ???and his laugh reminded me of
    Howard Stern’s ?