Men’s Fashion 2017 – Streetwear

Men’s Fashion 2017 – Streetwear

Thanks for watching. Giving me some suggestions on how you would like these videos to go. Im up for some constructive criticism. Also dont forget to smash that THUMBS UP SAAAN!
Clown Hoodie-
Beats By :
Beats By :
Snapchat: JessePvP

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20 Responses

  1. Trent Fleece says:

    Call the channel: Jesse Wellen

  2. CaseyNeistat says:

    you shoulda bought the Gucci Vest. Donald Duck is worth that $2800, also that pokemon backpack looks good on you Jesse. also also – this video was dope you should make more like this. your production game is ACE!!! Jesse.

  3. Nic Carter says:

    He’s starting to curse more in his videos. He’s been hanging about Snoop to much.

  4. mehdigeek says:

    Gosh he’s such a rich old ass hipster.

  5. MaverickMyers Radio says:

    free beats on this channel no copyright claim or strike and please turn on post notifications,,

  6. NEPTUNE says:

    why did he change the title ??

  7. Don't look At My Profile Picture says:

    Just call it Jesse Wellens…

  8. TheWangPro says:

    You asked for some constructive criticism, so here goes:

    Jesse, you try and have been trying too hard to impress your audience with fancy things and thinking you’re trying to be creative when you were already the most original and creative prankster on YouTube. Your videos have been too over the top and it’s not original, and most importantly, not you. And I think you believe you’re some sort of “hippie” now.

    Truth is, I want the old Jesse back; the old prank videos, military, nylah, etc.

    I want the Jesse that was cool, fun, original, and the reason we all subscribed to you so that we could all be part of the DFN because it was cool. And I’m sure many of your fans would agree with me as well.

    You probably won’t ever read this because you have so many new fans now, but as an old PvP, I just want to say

    I miss the original Jesse Wellens

  9. Saidreck Daniels11 says:

    Y’all need to get back toghater

  10. nate.the.great325 says:

    Rename it to “Just Willing” or “Just Winning” it’s got a hint to your name, Jesse Wellens, and it’s got the same initials!

  11. CalvinNew says:

    My white t turned yellow I’m hella sad

  12. joe darby says:


  13. EGiovanniD says:

    J. Wellens Its Simple, Clean And Dope!!!

  14. Graham Bullock says:

    did he change the title of this video? yesterday it was something like sharing my secrets?

  15. Visagaan Srikanthan says:

    you should change it to thatphillyboy

  16. Natasha Kiehne says:

    jesses changed so much since the beginning… hes such a hipster now lol

  17. Diana Roque says:

    JW&Co. For Jesse Wellens and Company as in us fans

  18. SSKILLERWOLF 77 says:

    Just call it dopeasspranks

  19. JOnathan Phl says:

    Call it Jesse wellens

  20. Tyler Flanders says:

    Haven’t seen your channel ever since the Relation shit, Glad to see you with good Vlogs 😛

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