Mentalist Lior Suchard’s Freaks Out The Jonas Brothers

Mentalist Lior Suchard’s Freaks Out The Jonas Brothers

James welcomes world-class mentalist Lior Suchard who demonstrates to Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas how the power of influence and the mind can help him predict numbers and music on a truly unbelievable level.

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73 Responses

  1. 2kEddie says:

    I’m so happy that the Jonas Brothers are back together.

  2. Hannah Dawson says:

    Knowing that the Jonas brothers are back is the only thing keeping me going

  3. little butera says:

    Nick really looks like he did not want to be there at the beginning ??

  4. MattyBeast12 says:

    the jonas brothers can’t break up because they’re B R O T H E R S S S S

  5. Rachel ;P says:

    “No it’s fine, I like it” (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖) 3:56

  6. cj shadow says:

    How he can do that?.-. I think the same number at the same time

  7. Nicholas Lau says:

    Why Nick Jonas look like he hate him

    • B Bodziak says:

      Naw, I think he has that look on his face because his pants are way too tight

    • LeMar says:

      because he wasnt with the scamming. The dude’s a con artist all of those things were planned beforehand and the audience was also informed before the show

    • Precious Gibson says:

      Nick isn’t such a touchy feely extroverted guy. He’s very introverted compared to his brothers, and if he’s doesn’t wanna be there, then he doesn’t wanna be there. I get it though.

    • kainxjm says:

      Look at his interview with Corden earlier. He talked about how he met this mentalist before and the mentalist didn’t get inside his head that time, so he really doesn’t want to be found out.

    • XoxoC says:

      because he keeps touching him and he doesnt like to be touched lol


    Erm, there’s only one mentalist and that is Patrick Jane!

  9. Marija Barbarić says:

    The triangle thing was so obvious

  10. Daniela Parra says:

    Nick was so skeptical at first. Also, he looks son comfy in those pants.

  11. Joann says:

    i was literally thinking 7 with joe and then chose THREE before he rang the triangle

    I’m calling the police…

    • Sheera V says:

      +Lolo SK yup he purposely repeat his word three times like cover cover cover. ?

    • gio gabrillo says:

      Me too!!!

    • B Bodziak says:

      +Goldenmoon31 I thought of 4 also, BUT I did it quite a bit before he rang the triangle, and to be fair he did say to think of a number AFTER he rang the triangle. How he knew the 6 individual numbers of those audience members, the song “Rocket Man” and tied “mama” into “Bohemian Rhapsody” is absolutely amazing & blowing my mind.

    • Timara Williams says:

      its how humans think. we are not creative beings. everything is influenced.

    • Earyx says:

      Its the 2 most common numbers people pick. You are trying to trick the mentalist, you dont pick even numbers, “they are too common and natural”. You pick uneven, but it cant be 1, 5 or 9 becausr chosing the middle or the end is too obviuos. You are left with 7 and 3. That the mental process most people go through when picking numbers.

  12. marissa cortez says:

    Nick was not going with it at first ?

  13. Anamaris Miro says:

    Nick has me dead, he looks really annoyed???

  14. jiya swtu says:

    I want james to play “spill guts or fill your guts” with Lior that will be fun man ???

  15. Kιng Jongнyυn says:

    Nick is not having it at all lmao ?

  16. ChuuBerry says:

    Nick looks so disinterested and I can’t stop laughing

  17. MKAY Thanks for Subscribing Have a nice day! says:

    *When your parents forces you to bring your siblings everywhere*

  18. Fernanda Pinto says:

    this man is so intense he had them shook

  19. SharkSquatch says:

    Nick looks like he really doesn”t care about being there. LMAO

  20. entityyy says:

    I literally thought of Bohemiam rhapsody at home wtf

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