Merge Mansion Ads Are Movies Now

Merge Mansion Ads Are Movies Now

Merge Mansion ads are now cinematic masterpieces

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45 Responses

  1. OwO says:

    Danny, you always know how to waste your time on nonsense. Keep it up!

  2. Animagician says:

    ok but why did she have to lick her finger before sticking it in the statue’s ear

  3. boxedpain says:

    Honestly I’m just happy for Kathy Bates, she looks like she’s having so much fun in these ads

  4. Gracie says:

    I find this game genuinely enjoyable. A lot of the time it’s just mindless but when you complete quests and unlock dialogue it’s generally pretty good. Plus they’ve had a fair amount of specials events which have been good. The customer service for the game has also been pretty great, in the last event something was broken so they just kept gifting you supplies instead.

  5. Quinn C-L says:

    what baffles me the most about this is that the app doesn’t have ads in it, which means that it’s sustained only from in-app purchases, and so they can afford to maintain their servers, pay devs, and on top of that shell out likely tens of thousands of dollars for these ads, based only off of the 5% of users that they actually get money from via in app purchases

    • kaela says:

      wow that’s really interesting

    • starlight says:

      I’m convinced this is some sort of massive social experiment or something lol

    • Di Magnolia says:

      That’s actually really incredible. I’ve never played the game so I assumed it had a ton of ads to be able to pay for an A-list actor and director but wow??

    • Livia Marques says:

      But when you get super into these games, it’s pretty easy to end up spending a lot of money on them, especially because it goes little by little. I’m not a great connoisseur of mobile game statistics but I do remember a few years ago when Kim Kardashian had a game out and it legitimately made a ton of money. The only mobile game I’ve played consistently is candy crush and as far as I remember that has also never had pop-up ads

    • StormBurnX says:

      The secret is that they have dozens of games like this and every other one I’ve tried has absurd amounts of ads

  6. EndieLOE says:

    The Merge Mansion team just realized that they’re better at making films than they are at games. I expect Lilly’s Garden full length live action film by next month.

    • Nohugs_ugh says:

      As a former Lily’s Garden player, I kinda wish for that. The plot until where I left off was super fun & sweet

    • J San says:

      I’m pretty sure there are already live action videos of women sitting on washing machines on one of the other hubs for video content.

    • Frances A. says:

      I would watch that movie no lie. The animation ads are already Like the wildest soap opera I’ve never seen

  7. Sly Owl says:

    “I’m not sponsored by Merge Mansion” is definitely what someone who is sponsored by Merge Mansion would say.

  8. Zack C says:

    The director of the live action ads, Jim Jenkins, is an extremely well-respected director. He’s won a ton of awards and is responsible for more than a few of the best Super Bowl ads.

    Legitimately impressed that the Merge Mansion devs/producers decided to go with legitimately top-level production companies for their advertising given that they’d probably be just as successful with cheaper ones.

    • Jello says:

      I’m more confused on how they’re affording this shit.

    • Kolopok says:

      @Jello the devs are obviously members of the mob, and they’re just laundering money through this app

    • Lina Zee says:

      @Jello the buzz from the prior ads caused people to download the app, which then caused them to be able to afford kathy and higher production value. it’s why they’re putting out the weird animated ones again, to stir up more interest so they can afford more live action ads

    • Black Pepper says:

      Danny keeps giving free ads with these videos 😂

    • Lina Zee says:

      @Black Pepper I’m living for it, and genuinely hope he stars in one of their ads. It needs to happen.

  9. McNasty says:

    also how did they get Kathy Bates to play the grandma? literally an A-list actress.

    • Alyssia Tworkowsky says:

      I was wondering if maybe she’s like a fan of the game? I play that shit and it frustrates me every time but I always go back to it it’s a solid game I usually don’t like those types. Anyway it would be cool if Kathy bates was just like sitting at home playing merge mansion in her free time.

    • Lindsay Farley says:

      First time I saw it I was like wow “they really got somebody who kinda looks like Kathy bates” and turns out it is her haha

    • Nerdalot du Lac says:

      Maybe she’s a fan.

    • A cold refreshing glass of Chocolate Water says:

      @Sashay Away they actually did that through cameo so it could’ve been any game

    • Tristan Kendrick says:


  10. IWantMyBed says:

    Just btw as someone who has played merge mansion for years now, the whole mystery thing is pretty much a lie. Even if you wanted to get to the ‘secret’ areas, you would need to get to level 43, which is literally impossible at this point in the game. I have absolutely ran out of things to do in the game, and need over 50,000 more XP to get to the next unlock-able area.

    Overall it’s a pretty good game, with nice events and a variety of options to merge. But if you’re just looking to find out what the hell ‘grandma is hiding’ then you’re out of luck.

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