Message from the DNC – SNL

Message from the DNC – SNL

Nancy Pelosi (Kate McKinnon), Dianne Feinstein (Cecily Strong), Chuck Schumer (Alex Moffat), Bernie Sanders (Larry David) and more revel in the Democrats’ victories.


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91 Responses

  1. Mister Nelson says:

    That Hilary laugh tho…

  2. grakkerful says:

    Wow. This is right on. It hurts, but still made me laugh.

    • 13blanket says:

      elijah mikle You are so wrong with most of what you said it’s astounding. The illusion of choice you’re talking about is still there and it certainly hasn’t gotten better. I’m saying economically and foreign policy wise, the US is on a path that is not sustainable and we are closer to the end than to the beginning. Im aware that every generation thinks they’re special in the ways you’ve mentioned and that’s pretty true, but in reality, the US is going to run out of money and it’s focus on foreign extension over domestic issues is going to accelerate the divide that currently exists among the people. That’s what history has shown. I’m not saying the US is going to fall in my lifetime, but the country has peaked. And I don’t know what you’re talking about a government being made up of independents, nobody ever said that. The problem with Americans is that they don’t realize what’s important in a politician and they focus on irrelevant things and make Judgements based off these things. An uneducated population is cancerous.

    • Miss Miami says:

      @Blanket13, I’m an independent.

    • 13blanket says:

      Miss Miami That’s nice.

    • vulpixelful says:

      Mari Onette Spoken like a true cult member.

    • Dapper Cat Pictures says:

      Clean up your house and maybe we’ll start considering you Americans again. Pelosi is a fucking mummy!

  3. Renato Costa says:

    Larry David’s impression of Bernie seems prominent than before

  4. Harry says:

    Democrats seriously need to be pimped out.

  5. John OBrien Gardener says:

    β€œ I thought she was dead β€œ.

  6. Harry says:

    Donna Brazile 🀣

  7. Simon James says:

    I loved seeing Jason Sudeikis as Joe Biden again. Too bad he was barely in the skit.

  8. Channel for Positivity l Understanding l Justice says:

    Kate McKinnon is officially
    a *chameleon*

    • TheBlarggle says:

      She’s hardly SNL’s Greatest of All Time. She’s pretty good sometimes but she isn’t as prolific as you think. Most of her “brilliant comedy” is her just mugging. Making goofy faces can certainly be funny and she’s good at it. But, that’s really her range. Funny faces… And her Hillary impression.

      Cecily Strong is infinitely more funny that Kate. I agree.

    • J RLOC says:

      They are equally talented.

    • Dapper Cat Pictures says:

      She’s not ugly enough as Pelosi. She needed “The Walking Dead”s makeup artists.

    • John Doe 878393719 says:

      +Π”Π΅ΠΌΠžΠ½ΠΎΠšΠ ΠΠ” ΠΏΠΡ‚Ρ€Π­ΠΎΡ‚Π˜Ρ‡Π•ΡΠΊΠžΠΉ Das Dritte Reich is calling; it wants its self-loathing Galician scum back.

    • Gee Trieste says:

      She is just very good, not fantastic, but very good.
      Given her current competition, she is relatively better than most of them.
      But, we have had far better chameleon talent on SNL in the past.

  9. John OBrien Gardener says:

    Billionaire Mark Cuban will buy his own β€˜basket of deplorables β€˜.

    • tripp kuhne says:

      Brian, he has a 30 percent approval rating. fuck off

    • Carmine Parente says:

      tripp kuhne Did You Get That 30% Approval Rating From The Same Clowns 🀑 That Told You HRC Had A 94% Chance Of Winning?
      You Fuck Off!


    • Jodie Banks says:

      cezar211091asshole Piss off Libtard imbecile.

    • Carmine Parente says:

      tripp kuhne I Believe The Democrats Are Very Clear With Their Vision And Believe In A Plethora Of Issues…

      Marxism, Globalization, Socialist Communism, Race-Baiting, Illegal Immigration, Open Borders, NO Vetting Of Muslim Nations That Have People In It That Want To Below Us Up, Sanctuary Cities, Gigantic Government, AMERICA LAST, Government Funded Crap πŸ’© Health Care, Destroying Our Constitution & The Holy Grail… Chicks With Dicks 🐣 πŸ₯


    • Tabby Reed says:

      Fuck the economy. I’d rather be flat broke and have a decent man as president than have this scum as president.

  10. Kryptospotted says:

    The blue screen shining through in Larry David’s (Bernie’s) glasses! You can really see it at 2:48.

    • isaac10231 says:

      Kryptospotted I think the editors only get like 48 hours to do all the special effects, I don’t blame them for not rotoscoping.

    • RaymondHng says:

      This is not a blue screen issue. People like me and Larry David have near-sighted vision (myopia) and wear eyeglass lenses that are concave and make the sides of our faces narrower and our eyes smaller to the observer. This is contrast to people who have far-sighted vision (hyperopia) or require reading glasses that are convex and make their eyes bigger.

  11. Angela Thornton says:

    Leslie’s ” I will destroy all of this” was the funniest part.

  12. Heel Charisma says:

    No one acknowledging that Larry David (Bernie) was making fun of his monologue from last week?

  13. Jake Marsing says:

    As a proud democrat, this sketch made me cringe with its realism. The party’s two fundamental problems are simple: we don’t have enough youth, and we don’t have enough vision. We need to be a party who believes in something again.

    • Carmine Parente says:

      Despina838 What Is A Hell Of A Lot More Vision Than The GOP?

      I Believe The DemoRATS Are Very Clear On Their Vision. DEMORATS do believe in something…

      Marxism, Globalization, Socialist Communism, Race-Baiting, Illegal Immigration, Open Borders, NO Vetting Of Muslim Nations That Have People In It That Want To Below Us Up, Sanctuary Cities, Gigantic Government, Government Funded Crap πŸ’© Health Care, Destroying Our Constitution & The Holy Grail… Chicks With Dicks 🐣 πŸ₯


    • armadillotoe says:

      I hate Republicans. They are lying scumbags, political whores, and traitorous bastards. They are almost as bad as the Democrats. That is why the country elected President Trump.

    • armadillotoe says:

      The electoral college is working perfectly, and as designed. The country will not be run by a few big cities.

    • fallenpatriot 79 says:

      Here’s your problem from an independent that can’t stand most republicans but think democrats are 10 times worse. You don’t give a shit about anyone unless there in New England or the west coast. Your ideas on social issues are sickening and you loathe the constitution. You only care about minorities, they can do no wrong and 70% of the rest of America can just be shit on. How about treating people like individuals and stop race baiting, gender batting and sexual preference baiting and calling anyone that has a different idea than you Nazis.

    • Avi Yacobi says:

      As a conservative, I laugh hysterically at the very concept of being a proud Democrat. Proud of what exactly? Your extreme selfishness and ongoing genocide on unborn people, believing that someone has to die, only so you can enjoy a moment of unprotected sex?

  14. Sara says:

    I love how they captured how old and truly disconnected from America the DNC has been

    • adub4ever says:

      Lol β€œthe DNC”… is that supposed to be shorthand for the Democratic Party, the β€œestablishment”, or just a catch all for everything progressives dislike? Tom Perez & the DNC actually did a great job last Tuesday across the country. The results show that the DNC are doing a great job recruiting good candidates for 2018 and beyond. This idea that the β€œDNC” is this powerful, secret organization hell bent on rigging the world against progressive purists is one of the funnier memes that has come out of 2016.

    • Unapologetically Sassy says:

      adub4ever if you can’t see the corruption of corporate owned DNC and RNC then you need to just go to Wikileaks. You’re not a true progressive unless you start putting values and people before money and corporations

    • Carla Frazier says:

      Sara Republicans are not much different

    • Carla Frazier says:

      Unapologetically Sassy Wikileaks??? Hahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Susan says:


  15. John Hampton says:

    Man, Saturday Night Live has to quit giving these people ideas.

    • Jan Johnson says:

      Where do you think they get these ideas in the first place? Wake up.

    • Dacrazycard says:

      LMAO. SNL is bailing from the ship like a rat to try to save credibility! You been lied to. They tried to sell us out. Thank God enough of us are paying attention. We saved your ass and you don’t even know.

  16. Kiki Doll says:

    The Donna Brazile one πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  17. Mtkrvi06 says:

    πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ spot on!!

    • Electoral 2020 says:

      Mtkrvi06 This is so accurate

    • elijah mikle says:

      Mtkrvi06 dems are so boring. No wonder they can never hold power for very long

    • Thom Florio says:

      The only thing I felt that wasn’t spot on was Kate McKinnon’s Nancy Pelosi. The real Nancy Pelosi has so many pronounce mannerisms (her closed eye laugh, broken speech pattern, etc.) that were missing. If it wasn’t for the chyron and the mention of her name, I would still be wondering who Kate was imitating.

  18. HeikkiP says:

    The Hillary laugh is spot on

  19. Samuel Everett says:

    It’s nice to see SNL going back to their ol’ punch in the arm teasing again. It seems like everyday they bash on Trump so to see some all around teasing and all around fun is real nice.

  20. BeruΕ‘ka VozΓ‘bovΓ‘ says:

    I’m screaming. Screaming.

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