Message from the President Cold Open – SNL

Message from the President Cold Open – SNL

President Joe Biden (James Austin Johnson) delivers an important message about the Omicron variant.

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42 Responses

  1. William Blake Hall says:

    He has a point, Spider-Man’s (latest) aunt IS a smoke show.

  2. AllGoodThingsNetwork says:

    Reporter: “You’re now saying that we’re living in a Spider-Man style multiverse??” Joe: “Doesn’t that make *more* sense than whatever the hell our current world is?” 😂One of the best cold opening lines in a good while!

    • Truth Decentralization says:

      You’re predictable enough that I knew you would call me a “tool.”

    • Man at the end of the universe says:

      Bidens, Obamas. Pelosi’s, Putins, Trumps all are good ppl. Our politicians are beautiful…. The problem is China and it is China’s fault.

    • Erin Erickson says:

      @Paul Hooson So obviously you are in a secular universe that can’t perceive any other perception of reality than your own Secular Rationalism. Anything that is in higher language math than ratios and fractions and you can’t perceive it reality. You been turned into a Brown Shirt by institutional secular bigotry. A person who can only see your own perspective.

      That is why Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness is so pertinent. America is stuck in multiple different perceptions of Reality..

    • Erin Erickson says:

      @gerry g Orcs aren’t going to understand any reality but the false one they have been doggie trained to see.

    • free2 says:

      @Truth Decentralization Well at least you know you are tool. That’s half the battle right there.

  3. mindyschocolate says:

    “Just look at the ticket in your hand. If it’s Spider-Man, you have Covid” 😂😂😂😂

  4. Maddie H says:

    As a person who works at a movie theater… he has a point😂😂😂

  5. Lash00 says:

    As a Cubs fan, he has a point.
    The world has gone to shit after the Cubs won, and probably was just too good ever really be true.

  6. Christopher Quinn says:

    Props to SNL for spelling “Spider-Man” correctly.

    • FireboltAz says:

      This video is misleading because Joe hasn’t been able to string this many sentences together without making up words or just drifting off into blank space

  7. Mercedes Ario says:

    The fact that I didn’t go anywhere over the holidays EXCEPT to see Spider-Man…then tested positive two days later. I mean, I..😒😂

    • Floyd D says:

      @Jonny- B anyone that feels the need to write as much as you did in your comment is a crazy person

    • Lynn Lanier Soto-Shambach says:


    • Jonny- B says:

      @Floyd D Some do say I’m crazy. I’ll give you that. Fact is; complicated thoughts and points of view can’t always be broken down to a sentence or two.

    • GTI VR6 says:

      @Jhon Shephard Star Wars, which you seem to think is some complex film about politics, is a Space Opera… A genre which is defined as having a cliched and formulaic plot.
      You can defend these types of movies as brainless entertainment, but it says more about *you* than anything if you try and pass them off as anything more.

      Just because you can’t make it down the bunny slope, doesn’t mean it is a triple black.

    • John Bryer says:

      @Jonny- B I enjoy a good Super hero movie, but I’ve never seen one of Tom Holland’s version of Spider -Man- Boy and don’t plan to either!

  8. Orion Red says:

    They could probably get Joe to come and do these skits himself.

  9. skooly nugenator says:

    I’m truly shocked that they did this. That was fantastic!

  10. TonyKanameKuran says:

    Kudos to James Austin Johnson reprising his role as President Joe Biden. Now *PLEASE* bring back Chloe Fineman as Press Secretary Jen Psaki!!!!

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