Messages For The Future

Messages For The Future

“To the makers of music – all worlds, all times”
Sources and links below!

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Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows “Lachesism”:

Colin Furze backyard bunker:

The Library of Babel:

Picture of Earth from Saturn:


Arecibo message:

Earth’s radio bubble:


Last Pictures project on Echostar XVI:

Graveyard orbits:

interstellar probes:

Pioneer Plaques:

Pulsars on plaque:

Hydrogen line:


Voyager Golden Record on wikipedia:

Media on Voyager:

Jimmy Carter message on Voyager:

Positions of interstellar-bound probes:

Articles about the Library of Babel:

More from Sky1 –

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20 Responses

  1. Lucas Fernandez del Casal says:

    awesome, michael. mind bolwn

  2. Henry Ambrose says:

    There should be a library of babel with every symbol including numbers.

  3. Bryan Leiva says:

    mind fucking blown

  4. Andrês Santana says:

    Vsauce is my favourite youtube channel, definitely!

  5. Something... says:

    Do you think they’ll understand that the diagrams in the Pioneer Plaques
    are not to scale? I mean with the humans that size compared to the hydrogen
    atoms, they might think that we were pretty small and the earth is way

  6. fyukfy gaming says:


  7. Mattis Borka says:

    Hey michael, I have a question! How do we look in the future?

  8. Super Morris says:

    One of my favourite you tubers! ?

  9. BubbleBrawler says:

    Probably one of my favourite videos of all time. Thanks for being awesome,

  10. masipoten says:

    This video blew me away, however, you should have mentioned that the
    website “the library of babel” was built after the short story written by
    the argentinian writer Jorge Luis Borges which is called “La biblioteca de
    babel”, it was borges idea, put into reality by Jonathan Basile

  11. Something Wonderful says:

    The texts doesn’t exist if they’re not generated.

  12. fracture333 says:

    the library of babel makes me feel uneasy, its almost unnatural.

  13. DrPastah says:

    I love how the Library of Babel is getting DoSed by all the visitors from
    people watching this vid.

  14. robert mcmahon says:

    anyone else relieved that everyone else also loved these long videos
    because he will probably keep doing them now

  15. Bobby Torres says:

    Amazing video!

  16. Rafael Ferraz says:

    This is an AWESOME video for posting in a period where mercury is

  17. crazy russian Luke says:

    2 vsauce videos in less than 10 days feels like winning the lottery twice

  18. Deltasword says:

    Scumbag Vsauce. Indirectly causes the server that hosts the Library of
    Babel to crash.

  19. Jure says:

    Your videos always leave me with a mind fuck…

  20. Video Sage says:

    Have the high math way of describing things, but probes/time capsules
    should also have a more “straight forward” way to explain things. Just in
    case they actually can comprehend our ways of looking at things.