Messi makes his debut as a PSG player

Messi makes his debut as a PSG player

Lionel Messi makes his official debut with PSG entering the match vs Reims in the 66th minute.

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52 Responses

  1. Astrothy says:

    Messi repping that Jordan brand well

  2. Pussy Slayer69 says:

    Neymar looks excited to be taken off

    • Nem esis says:

      @King Malaga Fan pessi is Finished lmaooo That debut was mediocre fake goat

    • TBSG says:

      @Felipe Nogueira How am I a condecending prick? You’re the arrogant twat who goes over and comments bullshit simply because the other guy clowned Messi. Obviously I don’t agree with him but you’re too close minded and your judgement is clouded by your hatred to Cristiano. It’s very simple, not all messi haters are cristiano fans.

    • TBSG says:

      @marcos fernandez huh? what you on about mate

    • Felipe Nogueira says:

      @TBSG you just made my point again by calling me an arrogant twat lol. I said you were condescending because of your “grow up child” remark. And if you read my other comments talking about Cristiano to other people in this same thread you’d realize that I don’t hate him at all. I think both of them are amazing athletes, and I just think that King’s reply was ridiculous, especially for the way he worded it. So you making this comment calling me “arrogant, close minded, having hatred” just full on proved my point of you. I can tell I struck a chord so it must not be the first time you were called condescending 🤣…. and yes, I do condescend back to people who are doing the same to me. Have a good life “child” lol

    • TBSG says:

      ​@Felipe Nogueira You called me condecending then you cry because I called you a twat? Then you cry even more because I called you a child? With how you take swear words so seriously, that’s definitive proof you are a *child*, believe it or not. I’m not acting with superiority, it’s just that so-called “football” fans who use remarks like “penaldo” or “pessi” or whatever, are mostly children or kids like you lol. Considering how you got triggered over the fact I called you a child, it seems like I’m the one who struck on your nerves. The hypocrisy with messi fans nowadays, for some reason almost all messi fans contradict each other in the same comment or sentence lmfao. If you genuinely think you’re “condescending” right now, think otherwise because from what I’ve seen till now, your whole argument is just you getting mad over me calling you a child, which is pathetic. How have you struck a chord within me exactly? I don’t recall me saying “penaldo” or basically stating that all cristiano fans are messi haters and vice versa? You seem like you already forgot your own initial claim 🤨 Anyone who’s a genuine football fan wouldn’t think like that or even use the term penaldo, which makes you seem arrogant and close-minded. Ah yes, you don’t hate him at all but you call him penaldo. Considering he can actually score penalties unlike this other goat, being called penaldo must be a compliment for him (which obviously isn’t your intention).

      If you read what I’ve said in my earlier replies as well, you can easily see that I’ve also said King’s reply is as dumb as it gets but with your statement of all messi haters are cristiano fans and that cristiano is called penaldo, that also is as dumb as it gets. Get it mate? Didn’t know you’d be so pressed to write a whole paragraph after I called you a kid due to your clearly immature remarks with “penaldo” and what not. If you really were open minded, then you wouldn’t assume he’s a cristiano fan immediately just because he clowned on Mbappe, Neymar, and Messi except Cristiano when Cristiano clearly isn’t even playing in the PSG game. Not all Messi haters are cristiano fans, but seems like all cristiano haters are messi fans.

  3. Saro S says:

    Donnamura enjoy your season as a cheerleader.

    Love AC MILAN fans…..

  4. Made in Italy ASMR Official says:

    Pochettino indications:
    “ alright sir. Go in and do your thing, thanks”

  5. Arturo Puebla says:

    Messi and Jordan on the same kit. Iconic

  6. A P says:

    Still doesn’t suit me well to look at Messi starting from bench with PSG shirt and 30 on his back…

    • Sauffhia Rosier says:

      Neymar has number the number 10 already. But yh feels weird

    • Christopher Beltran says:

      @Sauffhia Rosier So what?! Leo messi is Leo messi and if he wants the number 10 he should get the number 10 and also Neymar had said in the past in a interview that he would have no problem giving up the number 10 to messi if messi had asked him to but for some strange reason Messi wanted the number 30 and that does kinda bother me because he should have the number 10 on his back always no matter what team he is on!! 10 belongs to KING MESSI!! 🤴

    • Master Pooshi says:

      @Christopher Beltran he doesn’t own number 10. Only good players get 10.

    • Kid C says:

      @Sergio Campos makes sense you right

    • Christopher Beltran says:

      @Master Pooshi Messi is the best player in the world!!! So offocourse he should be number 10 but most importantly because that’s always been his number and he should be number 10 in any team he’s at!! 😤😤😤

  7. Pablo Escobar says:

    It was strange to see him coming off bench wearing different shirt. Without the Capitan armband. Without fans chanting his name and after all still humble and being just Leo. I’m so happy to see him again as I wish to see him having a successful season.

    Best player on planet earth💛

  8. thegreatcalvinio says:

    Messi and Neymar: familiar

    Playing with PSG: something’s wrong, I can feel it…

    • Zee Zee says:

      Feel so weird tbh! 🤮

    • King Cisco TV says:

      They were so much happier together in barca but there board are really corrupt they got rid of all there legends

    • Nem esis says:

      Lmaoooo the goat With that Debut.. lmfaoooo that Mediocre I was going to fall asleep..pessi …What was he waiting for a penalty lmaooo he’s a goat…More like he’s a ghost lmfaooo He’s the delusional goat

    • Emad Ferdosian says:

      @Nem esis what are you saying? Like honestly? Put some respect on Messi’s name next time you speak on it.

    • Hugo Ortega says:

      @Nem esis but he’s the only goat, there can only be 1 goat literally, every other player is just 2nd 3rd and so on. This is his first game tho most players don’t perform good in their first game plus he has to get used to his new teammates,

  9. Raw Chicken Sandwich says:

    Subbing Neymar for Messi, that’s some FIFA ultimate team shit right there

  10. Ivan Lopez says:

    His little nervous smile while waiting for the sub was great

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