Met Gala 2019: 15 Stars Who Slayed on Fashion’s Biggest Night | NBC New York

Met Gala 2019: 15 Stars Who Slayed on Fashion’s Biggest Night | NBC New York

Cardi B swept by in a stunning red quilted dress accentuated with a matching sequin headpiece, feathers and a train that took up much of the pink carpet, Jared Leto was accompanied by his own (fake) head and Katy Perry came as a candled chandelier at the crazy, campy Met Gala on Monday night.

Lady Gaga used the carpet as a runway and a changing station — earning giggles and claps from Anna Wintour — and Tiffany Haddish brought fried chicken in a plastic bag as many of the A-list guests worked the camp theme to the max. That included Zendaya, whose Cinderella Tommy Hilfiger dress went aglow with the wave of a magic wand. She dropped one of her see-through slippers on the way up the long staircase at the Metropolitan Museum of Art for the cocktail hour.

Also princessy, of the saucy variety: Nicki Minaj in a short pink Prabal Gurung dress with yards and yards to her train, the last star to walk the carpet.

Perry, whose look was created by Jeremy Scott for Moschino, said she wanted to be “of the light,” though she appeared concerned her heavy looking headpiece would topple as she smiled and walked precariously up the stairs, designer Diane von Furstenberg briefly in her orbit as Lady Liberty.

Here are 15 stars who really brought the Camp this year.

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92 Responses

  1. Alex Minagawa says:

    The editor of this should have taken out the background sound from the red carpet smh

    • Vincent Paul Mynsong says:

      +Jenn Righter I’m with you

    • ELANES VLOGS says:

      That’s true. I also have a youtube channel

    • White Alliance says:

      Why? The madness that the celebs go through is good to hear. So when you see why they have an attitude in a photo you know why. Some photographers say nasty things to get a celeb attention

    • Robbie Gabito says:

      Hearing how red carpet actually is makes me look less of it lol its so chaotic sounding

    • Bethany Truman says:

      It honestly a lot harder than one would think to take out background sound, I work in the film industry and separating audio is a very difficult task, and when you are trying to get a quick turnaround for a video it’s easier to just leave it.

  2. Mandee S says:

    It’s like high end Halloween party

    • Kalub Thompson says:

      Camp is where art meets fashion, wear rules are broken, wear too much is not enough. Big hair, dresses, big personalities. What some would call too many feathers is not enough. This was a night for them to show what they can offer and what money could buy. A display of houte coutore and fun. Lots of them missed the mark to be honest.

    • Snoopy says:

      Of course, the philistines be all through the comment section. Instead of raising money for your overlord, Donald Trump, these people raise money for the Metropolitan Museum. I wouldn’t expect you uncultured, barely literate, folk to understand.

    • nelson112840 says:

      +M Bennett Actually these symbols are everywhere and not too subtle. They are repetitive , tiresome, boring, and just serving to identify their wearers as Useful Idiots.

    • Wai Ai Yu says:


    • JoeyJoJoJr0 says:

      It’s how the Hollywood elite makes themselves feel relevant.

  3. emperorserkan says:

    Zendaya, Janelle and Celine Dion slayed the runway.

  4. Carrloz says:

    some of these people needs camp lessons

  5. Haitian Natural Girl says:

    So basically the met GAla is like a 2nd day of the year like Halloween 4 those stars 2 be who and what they wanna be ??

    • Luz Ero says:

      Uh yea ofcourse since they used to being so fake they want all fans to and themselves to actually believe they legit hahha could only fool some cus real ones know there true colors hahaha including me. This is ridiculous to the max each and everyone of these shitty nasty people. And here are some idiot fans getting all wet of these creeps.

    • JOKERSLADY713 says:

      I think more of an upscale comic con…?

    • Andrea 454 says:

      There’s a theme every year

    • MJM says:

      Met is a celebration of fashion to rise money for the fashion institute. It is technically pro-academic event.

    • Wélly Isnotavaiable says:

      not for Gaga tho, she can be who and what she wanna be daily:)

  6. Cooky shooky in the house says:

    Gaga killed it… She was the show stopper.
    Zendaya was lit.. So was lupita
    And janelle monet… Wow all of them!!

    • raf ch says:

      +Ambar Ortega her outfits weren’t that extravagant compared to the other stars and the final one with just the bra was the one that killed her performance for me… sometimes, less is more!

    • camaleon9 says:

      Sorry, but Ezra did.

    • Snoopy says:

      ​+Dennis George She epitomised camp culture in her theatrics. If you missed that, you’re a moron and should probably stay watching Faux News or whatever you philistines get your talking points from.

    • Snoopy says:

      +raf ch Except less is more goes against the entire theme which was ‘camp’…. Like, how dense are you?

    • raf ch says:

      +Snoopy u can argue with people without insulting, deep dumbass. Billy Porter did a better performance with a camp performance and an exteremely camp one look. Her look was a medium for her to a camp performance but the looks weren’t that campie compared to some other outfits as those of Billy Porter, Dua Lupa, Janelle Monae or Brandon Urie. Her perfomance is still a good performance.

  7. Gem Carter says:

    Let the Hunger Games begin!!

  8. Maja Knows How says:

    At 3:01 the guy says who are those people to Kendall and Kylie haha?

  9. Lauren Eighmy says:

    Zendaya and Serena Williams are seriously just not being appreciated? They looked gorgeous!

  10. Frankie Denes says:

    Definitely like a Hunger games/Disney theme this year

  11. Deborah Lasuba says:

    For me the best amazing look it zendaya her dress is incredible

  12. KLM Hooked Moore says:

    Watching them trying to walk in those garish outfits is amusing. ???

    • Crystal M says:

      KLM Hooked Moore – how many people does it take to walk a celebrity up a set of stairs?
      Is it
      A) 1 for every inch of heel
      2) 3 for every square meter of fabric
      D) 2 damn many!

    • Mrs. Arthur Morgan says:

      They’re not garish. They’re beautiful.

    • KLM Hooked Moore says:

      +Mrs. Arthur Morgan – That’s your opinion. My opinion is that they’re garish.

  13. Xx_Kelsea_xX says:

    Gucci designers: Harry how much lace

    Harry: YES.

  14. Puppy - Hero says:

    This year’s Met gala was MADE for Lady Gaga, it should be called the Met Gaga lol

  15. Stphn legit says:

    Everybody is asking where is Rihanna at? Well Shes banned from attending the Met Gala after stealing that Madam Tussauds Necklace last year.
    Only legends will get this.

  16. Whatever Dude says:

    Celine Dion is a certified legend and still speaks to the press , super humble

  17. rose n. says:

    So nice of Celine Dion to come and speak to the lady for interview

  18. Wendy Bone says:

    Lady Gaga took it up a level with performance art. Zendaya and Janelle were my other faves. And Celine was beautiful and gracious to the interviewer. ?????

  19. Young Black King says:

    I loved Zendayas light up dress! Nah that was lit! Literally ?????????‍♂️

  20. Keshie Mansouri says:

    Christian Siriano is a genius. Janelle’s garment and head to toe styling was spectacular ??. And Zendaya a vision❤️❤️

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