MET GALA 2022 FASHION ROAST (this the worst one yet)

MET GALA 2022 FASHION ROAST (this the worst one yet)

The 2022 MET Gala has come and gone well . . . I wish it hadn’t. The theme of “Gilded Glamour” was very rarely followed on the red carpet, and instead, it was an uninteresting free for all of banal dresses, suits, and gowns. Our first video on the 2022 MET Gala will look at some of the most famous attendees of the night within current popular culture, from Kim Kardashian wearing Marilyn Monroe’s Jean Louis gown that she wore in 1962, to Billie Eilish in a Gucci Gilded Age gown, to Kylie Jenner in a hot mess Off-White gown that does no justice to her or the brand. Blake Lively, one of the hosts of the evening stunned, Lizzo channeled Gilded Age tailoring in Thom Browne, Rosalía subtly hit the theme in Givenchy, as did Sarah Jessica Parker in Christopher John Rogers.

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Those Mentioned:
0:00 – Intro
01:45 Alicia Keys – Ralph Lauren
03:09 Anitta – Moschino
04:17 Anna Wintour – Chanel
05:04 Ashton Sanders – Casablanca
06:26 Awkwafina – Gucci
07:27 Bad Bunny – Burberry
09:05 Bella Hadid – Burberry
10:20 Billie Eilish – Gucci
12:21 Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds
15:46 Camila Cabello – Prabal Gurung
17:24 Cardi B – Versace
18:51 Chloe Bailey – Area
20:04 Emma Chamberlain – Louis Vuitton
21:32 Emma Corrin – Miu Miu
22:45 Evan Mock – HEAD OF STATE
24:47 Gigi Hadid – Versace
25:42 Hailey Bieber – Saint Laurent
27:21 Katy Perry – Jean Paul Gaultier
28:22 Kendall Jenner – Prada
29:18 Khloe Kardashian – Moschino
30:14 Kim Kardashian – Jean Louis & Pete Davidson – Dior
33:40 Kourtney Kardashian & Travis Barker – Thom Browne
34:52 Kylie Jenner – Off-White
35:32 Lizzo – Thom Browne
37:02 Megan Thee Stallion – Moschino
38:31 Nicki Minaj – Burberry
39:44 Nicola Coughlin – Richard Quinn
40:29 Olivia Rodrigo – Versace
41:27 Rosalía – Givenchy
42:41 Russell Westbrook – Thom Browne
43:03 Sarah Jessica Parker – Christopher John Rogers
45:16 Shawn Mendes – Tommy Hilfiger

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36 Responses

  1. Klara Issaurat says:

    Also it was such a fun theme that could go so many ways and most people did not even TOUCH the theme… ugh

  2. NJCoogan says:

    Poor Marilyn. We need to stop using everything about her as a way to reference modern celebrities. She was a human person not just an image to use to boost one’s ego or reference one’s own celebrity.

  3. Annelies Deroy says:

    Kim has done the skintone-like dress with shiny decoration before, so what else is new 🙄
    but her actually wearing The Marilyn dress is just gross , even if she wore a dupe afterwards

  4. Meagan Schmuck says:

    im disappointed by the lack of hats! the hats in the gilded age were so fun SUCH a missed opportunity, glad a few of the men actually wore the top hats tho they look great

  5. Anna Cleverley says:

    Billie was my favourite “newbie” as she respected the theme AND the environment. Loved Emma Corrin as well. SJP has my vote for best dressed, once again. Her Vogue interview going through her Met Gala looks really made me appreciate the passion and intelligence she has in creating these looks.

    • Katie.L Hall says:

      Wasn’t Billie chair last year? And I personally didn’t care for her look, but glad she went for it!

    • Viviane Tolomeotti says:

      I saw that interview and the level of respect and appreciation not only for fashion but for every single piece of clothing she wears is astonishing. Now, again, hearing the story behind this look made me think how she truly is in a league of her own when it comes to this event.

  6. Shermaya Williams says:

    Anna Wintour not following her own theme was pretty hilarious

    • Professional Commenter says:

      @Kendall Same, she’s horrible and boring in my opinion. She wears the same hairstyle, old glasses and Chanel outfit every year. it’s so old and tired.

    • Katie.L Hall says:

      @Skabbråttan was about to say, doesn’t she never follow it? 😆

    • girl squad says:

      True. How can we expect other attendees to conform to the theme if she does not follow it herself?

    • krysta thirteenth says:

      @edgar which is crazy to me because she is the etitor of Vogue you should want to lead by an example 😂

    • edgar says:

      She is trying to portray some sort of elitism showing she doesn’t have to be on theme like the rest to her own party.. almost like not attending your own party or leaving early.

  7. Miss Black Cat says:

    The biggest insult at this event was Kim kardashian was allowed to wear Marilyn Monroe’s dress

  8. Miss Black Cat says:

    The biggest insult at this event was Kim kardashian being allowed to wear Marilyn Monroe’s dress

  9. Toni Du says:

    I will never get over the fact that Anna Wintour consistently misses the mark. And considering the fact that she’s the one who has to approve of all of the looks before the met, no wonder that there’s always so many people who show up looking bad.

  10. Aisa Fahimi says:

    So many people in the comments saying that kim’s dress was perfect for last year’s met: the point is that this dress shouldn’t be worn by anyone ever again, because it is literally a piece of US history and CUSTOM MADE to fit Marylin. It’s not just a typical vintage archival gown that you borrow for 5 mins of flexing at the met.

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