Met Gala 2022: Gilded Glamour – Get Ready with Me | HAILEY RHODE BIEBER

Met Gala 2022: Gilded Glamour – Get Ready with Me | HAILEY RHODE BIEBER

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I had so much fun attending the Met again this year! I wanted to share with you all a little sneak peek into the process of how I got ready for the big night. Hope you all enjoy!

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35 Responses

  1. Brenda Sander says:

    YOU ALWAYS ROCK IT!! looked so gorgeous as always ❤❤😍

    • Arz Zeti says:

      Du bist mein Idol HOTSTEAN.Cam
      immer in meinem herzen, schön, liebe, wahlen, kulturell ❤

      Sie sind eines der besten Konzerte.😍.

    • Evellyn.______🔞👇 says:

      I’d love to be Evellyn.Monster nyoungboy is my idol. Hes the person I aspire to be, hes my light of day.1

    • freePalestine🇵🇸 says:

      Hi verified person

  2. Brenda Sander says:

    QUÉ HERMOSAAA!!!! 🔥✨ Latinoamérica presente!!❤❤🙈

  3. BaDdeST says:

    I am obsessed with your GRWM’s!! They give us a wonderful insight to your life and background to beautiful works!

  4. Mariah Lamb says:

    Hailey’s personality is just so stinkin adorable. She looked absolutely stunning, and looked so comfy too!

  5. Tenzin says:

    Im crying when people screamed hailey hailey. This girl deserves all the love in this world 😢💗

  6. 𝙍𝙚𝙗𝙚𝙘𝙘𝙖 says:

    I can’t get over how classy and elegant and simply Beautiful she looks

  7. Jordan Orme says:

    Slayyyy 👏🏼👏🏼

  8. bru says:

    very good to see in how Hailey feels confident, light and happy around people who do well for her! the joy and elegance of it in this video trapped me! magnificent ✨💛

  9. Chelsea Something says:

    Hailey’s MetGala  gown is a mixture of early Gilded Age upper class fashion with Machiavellian aesthetics from which the faux fur shawl drew inspiration.

    • Tahsin Tabassum says:

      @samantha ssmith it’s a total safe & trendy look. Where’s the gilded glamour theme??? Does she even know what a fashion from gilded age is?

    • Tahsin Tabassum says:

      Where’s the gilded glamour theme??? Do u even know what a fashion from gilded age is?

    • Florence Mbah says:

      She said she tried her best to be on theme, I think st Laurent did her good

    • samantha ssmith says:

      probably just ysl marketing as usual… no intention of actually following the theme…more just showcasing ysl aesthetic no matter the theme the dress is super modern, the coat just look like 1960s long fur coat or get ready night feather robe

  10. lola mumford says:

    Yay so excited to watch, your met outfit was absolutely stunning!

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