met gala (again)

met gala (again)

thank you to cartier and vogue for having me back ❤️
my interviews with vogue: @Vogue
thank you to miu miu, cartier, and lancome for my look, and thank you to all who made it possible… my stylist jared, make up artist kelsey, hair stylist sami, and nail artist thuy ❤️


chamberlain coffee,
tiktok: @chamberlaincoffee

filmed by michael & emma chamberlain
edited by emma chamberlain

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26 Responses

  1. Silvia Garcia says:

    Emma eating sushi with her hands in a luxurious hotel room, after being surrounded by celebrities, taking off her extensions, claiming that she hasn’t been drinking to avoid anxiety. That whole scene is my new safe place.

  2. Carmen Ablaze says:

    Emma being surprised that supermarket food is actually good even though she literally payed 17$ for strawberries 💀

  3. nabeeha. says:

    whoever decided emma should be the interviewer at the met gala was a genius

  4. Ahmad Alayan says:

    someone said her editing makes you feel like she is the only person left on earth and i can’t stop seeing that

  5. haxel says:

    Emma’s dad helping her with interview questions literally melted my heart. I love their duo❤

  6. nat says:

    emma back in hotel after interviewing a bunch of celebrities and eating sushi from the grocery store is the most genuine thing ever

  7. nina pinter says:

    i just gotta say that she was BORN for thisss. The ability to match a guests personality so quickly is a true skill and she has mastered it. the met gala is lucky to have her.

  8. Madison Rodriguez says:

    i genuinely got emotional watching this, just watching you grow from this young girl making content for fun to now getting to go to the met gala and do interviews for vogue. im so proud of you emma!!!

  9. nabeeha. says:

    jack and emma’s interaction needs to be essential now

  10. LaToya Forever says:

    Just discovered you and happy I did. Love your personality 🤣

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