Metal Gear Survive Official Trailer – Gamescom 2016

Metal Gear Survive Official Trailer – Gamescom 2016

The first post-Kojima Metal Gear is a co-op survival game set in an alternate universe.

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19 Responses

  1. DAH MOOSE says:

    I would say this ruins Metal Gear if it weren’t for the fact that this is
    still as weird as Metal Gear

  2. Sidney Swaney says:

    Who let the Steven Universe fandom into the Konami development room

  3. kevilin brites says:

    good bye big boss, and ty humans

  4. simon duque says:

    what tha hell is this

  5. Bota64 _ says:

    Is this a Metal Gear Solid game?

  6. CakeOG says:

    No kojima = Not Metal Gear.

    Go back to making pachinko machines.

  7. Kenneth Mora S. says:

    Konami F´.,ck YOU

  8. Jogos de android e tutoriais says:


  9. Ju Raju says:

    Wtf is this garbage!?

  10. Stagecoachcat says:

    i am appalled at this …

  11. Moshugaani says:

    Definitely *not* a Hideo Kojima game.. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    I’ll keep my eyes on it. Zombies though.. really now? :|

  12. Thewelshplayer1992 says:

    KONAMI if u think im giving you my money for this game youve got another
    thing coming your killing the series what about the things you promised us

    “We want to win the fans back and give them great suprises”

    Metal Gear ended at V so in my mind this doesnt exist

  13. IAmChronoAxel says:

    Death to Metal Gear Survive!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. ScreamingMidgit says:

    So who wants to bet that the final boss of this clusterfuck is going to be
    a zombified MG Zeke or something stupid like that?

  15. Conner Messer says:

    Zombies?¿?¿ what?

  16. Rubén Tercero says:

    A la mierda metal gear…

  17. Seanicus Badassicus says:

    It’s like a new version of Godwin’s Law.

    The longer games run, the higher the probability it’ll fall for the zombie

  18. Kamatari Honjo says:

    It might have been okay if you have to escape mother base and start anew as
    a mercenary and then fight with the Boss again. why the alternative
    dimension zombie apocalypse?

  19. TAZ says:

    Still not interested in Metal Gear Solid