Metallica: Lux Æterna (Official Music Video)

Metallica: Lux Æterna (Official Music Video)

Metallica’s official music video for “Lux Æterna,” from the album “72 Seasons” available April 14th, 2023.

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Directed by Tim Saccenti
Filmed in Los Angeles, CA, on November 3, 2022

Video Premiere Date: November 28, 2022

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33 Responses

  1. Thom Sexton says:

    The fact that they just dropped this out of nowhere makes it that much sweeter

    • jeff boyer says:

      Hoping they show as little as possible. It will be perfect.

    • Ron String says:

      @LISTEN UP! Son do I need to remind you they are trying to evolve as a band and take things to the next level. If you don’t like this album coming out or this new song, just don’t listen and listen to your Britney Spears and New kids on the cock which I know is in your playlist!!!!

    • Ron String says:

      @johnp82 damn right. Whole album gonna be like this.

    • Evil Skeletor says:

      @j r take care

    • Richard Neary says:

      @Dmitry Owens I’ll be enjoying 24 days paid annual leave and 9 paid public holidays next year. Oh, and if I’m sick from work I still get paid. Are they standards in America? Anyway, thanks for Metallica dude. They’re one of your better bands. (My point is the standards set in the US for most things are quite happily ignored by a lot of countries)

  2. Kirs says:

    Однажды попав в сердце Metallica остаётся там навсегда❤🔊🔊🔊

  3. João De Paula says:

    Simplesmente perfeita, Metallica salvou os próximos 10 anos! Lars mandou muito também!

  4. Alexander Pifari says:


    • Eric Simonson says:

      They’re my age, they can’t be 60 . . . . .oh, yeah. We get a discount at Denny’s now, which is great. Yeah, they still slam, and it looks like they will keep at it for at least another 20 years.

  5. Vincent Bringueret says:

    It’s been a long time since a new metallica song hit me the first time I listen to it. This one did

  6. Transporter Room Three says:

    The song sounds like very young Metallica, but tightened with the wisdom of mature Metallica. Very excellent!

    • Gregory L. LeVitre says:

      It sounds like people trying to sound like Metallica, and failing.

    • Mat's Waffles says:

      no it doesnt.

    • Erik Pavlović says:

      @Ghi102 young metallica 6,7mins? what about motorbreath, escape, hit the lights, trapped under ice? so young metallica didnt have any short songs? give me a break

    • shaundis buddyguy says:

      It’s called ” Auto-Tune” and I wish they didn’t use it.

    • Jordan Bottom says:

      @Travis Matson the vocal lines and main riff sound more like that era than any other though. This sounds like a lot of their early influences. That’s all people are saying, they’re not saying it’s exactly the same. This could easily be on garage Inc as well.

  7. Max says:

    I love the fact that Lars got the old drums back, I love them.

  8. Maxim Filippov says:

    Спасибо, что радуете нас новыми песнями, особенно в это нелегкое время!!!! Ждем вас на монстрах рока в свободной России, как в 1991 году!!!

  9. K4SKADE says:

    I love how this sounds like just straight up old school thrash metal. Such a great song 🤘🤘🤘

    • Metal Rockstarizer says:

      Sounds a little bit of Dokken’s “Tooth and Nail”

    • mydarkside13 says:


    • Awakened Tarot says:

      @Fanafranky Dude, it sounds like a cut off of Judas Priest’s Painkiller, but with Hetfield on vocals lol. It’s kind of hilarious.

    • Nixon Gasmo says:

      It’s not old school thrash and no where near their old songs on those first five albums, those songs were all masterpieces and sounded great this song is a good song though can’t wait for their new album and their next tour they are the greatest band of all time

    • Fanafranky says:

      Maybe even more old school than that… I’m hearing more NWOBHM than thrash on that one

  10. Félix Anima says:

    White TAMA kit✅
    Flying V✅
    Old school-ish thrash vibe✅
    Double bass✅
    Killer riff✅

    Dammm… this sh*t is fire 🔥🤘🏻🔥
    Thank you METALLICA!

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