#MeToo Backlash | January 17, 2018 Act 1 | Full Frontal on TBS

#MeToo Backlash | January 17, 2018 Act 1 | Full Frontal on TBS

Women speaking out has finally led to men speaking about how unfair it was that the women got to speak in the first place.

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52 Responses

  1. Nina X says:


  2. robotsongs says:

    That blazer’s on point, sister!

  3. A Different Video of a Banana Every Goddamn Day says:

    Yay, it’s Sam!

  4. jzilla1234 says:

    Is a bad date harrassment? Aziz ansari had his career ruined.

  5. Ádám Arany says:

    this is not comedy…this is pushing a point of view…

    • TheEvolver311 says:

      Gotta say nope your wrong, you might not have found it funny but that isn’t the golden seal as to what is and is not comedy. I actually disagree with Sam’s point of view on this particular issue but I still found some of the jokes funny.

    • Lynn Kelley says:

      Turn the channel, then, Adam Arany.

    • BringBacktheHitch says:

      Yes, comedy never pushes a point of view. Lenny Bruce, Richard Pryor, Mort Sahl, and George Carlin are on the clue-phone, Adam.

  6. MagnuMagnus says:

    There are always gonna be people who use movements like these to take shots at people for selfish ends, but that doesn’t make the actual cases of harassment and the like any less real.

  7. BladeWinters says:

    I wish Sam hadn’t done that to Ashley Banfield, it leaves out quite a bit of context to the whole story

    • CSPeeler says:

      @mr7wi Coerce him to do what? At least learn what words mean before you use them.


      I’ve been worried how this debate was going, we are dangerously becoming too close to being tone deaf. It’s a shame Sam didn’t see what Ashley was saying. I heard her message without listening to her entire section, women know who the shitholes are and our intuition/radar for them is good. But we also know and can tell the difference between women who are out for revenge or just being spiteful. Hope you wake up Sam and recognise the difference because the other THING we are good at is shooting ourselves in the foot when it comes to defending other women speaking the truth.

  8. xtopher foster says:

    If you ask for a date and she says no keep your hands to yourself and leave her alone if she says yes Keep Your Hands to Yourself Until It’s Made known that she’s interested

    • artgrl109 says:

      Love this!

    • Duffy Nevah Freeze says:

      xtopher foster Thats just not how dating works. You both flirt until someone makes an advance (nothing gross and oversexual). And if it’s unrequited, then you stop immediately.

    • JazGalaxy says:

      “Until it’s made known” is a complete;y indefinable, nonsensical but of wordplay used to disguise the fact that convent is largely ambiguous. Unless a signed contract is produced, it’s completely impossible to know what is and is not consented to. Therefore it is the RESPONSIBILITY of the parties involved to say what they are NOT comfortable with.

  9. Mckinze Mitchell says:

    “We are not your accessories” yes thank you

    • jmitzenmacher says:

      Men get treated like accessories all the time by women. I would say about 75% of women I have known date men because of their level of attractiveness but practically no other reason. Women are just as bad as men on this issue.

    • Michael Tudyk says:

      I’m gonna make a pin for women that says “we are not your accessories.” Of course I’ll then wear it. I mean which is it, women want support from men too or not? I’m glad I don’t own one of those pins now. Such an embarrassing outburst.

  10. no privacy says:

    It has become a witch hunt.

  11. CidAngst says:

    I thought the movement was about harassment, assault, and men abusing their power in the workplace over women. Not about bad dates. If that’s the case then #METOO

  12. Ayobami Macaulay says:

    Love your show sam but you’re wrong this time

  13. Equals Four says:

    On Aziz: She did tell the whole world an embarrassing story about him, specifically, for no concrete reason. Which is fine, I guess. But it isn’t a #MeToo thing. It’s just retaliation for an uncomfortable encounter.

    • Jonathan Hopfenblatt says:

      Place Holder, instead of copying and pasting the same drivel on multiple posts, how about you actually provide quotes of her saying “no”?

    • Place Holder says:

      If you can’t read the primary source of the incident that is freely available online with a click of a mouse, then you must be as useless as I suspect.

  14. Equals Four says:

    Aziz could’ve named her, publicly. But he hasn’t, because that would be uncalled for. Like the article.

  15. Adotpdot says:

    Didn’t Dave Chappelle warn women about this in his last Netflix special?

  16. abestream5 says:

    First dislike ever on a Sam B video…

  17. Anthony G says:

    She seems too invested in this movement that she can’t filter the BS some allegations have. It’s like she’s taking this whole movement a bit too personally. Men have bad dates with women all the time and vice versa. Samantha should be able to filter out the allegations that try to misuse this movement for their benefit and actually focus on the right ones.
    There’s always going to be people who will take advantage of such a movement and that’s what gives it a bad name. This should also be dealt with if this movement is to have any future or meaning in the months/years to come.

    • Eddie Panedi says:

      I think too many women are going try to use this movement to get their 15 minutes of fame. There are a lot of women who desperately want to be more famous, and have no talent. Abby Nierman (Grace) is a perfect example of the kind of woman you don’t want joining the ‘#metoo’ movement. Abby is just trying to milk her 15 minutes of fame.

    • Autymn Maas says:

      Frankly, I’m surprised it took this long

  18. Catherine Omondi says:

    I agree with Condoleezza Rice. Stop infantilizing women. The anonymous woman could have left the situation if she was uncomfortable. She is not a child. This is the one Samantha Bee segment I totally disagree with.

    • Bianca R says:

      Thank you!!!

    • pdg887 says:

      So the only burden to avoid these situations is on the woman? The only way she can express non assent to his advances is, not just to reject them over and over, but to leave? The only solution to avoiding pushy, pressuring situations is to make women more assertive – the men initiating advances have no responsibility?

    • lady09giggles says:

      Men have responsibility to stop when a woman says no. We also need to recognize that for decades, women are taught to play hard to get and men are taught to keep pushing; women are a challenge. Let’s not act like all of sudden that went away. That’s part of the problem. So we need to empower women to be more vocal in relationships and we need to teach men to be more respectful to women’s feelings. That is going to take time, and in the mean time, keep speaking out.

  19. samwellboy says:

    Wow I’m so happy to see so many people here insisting on the importance of being critical! This false narrative that either you uncritically support ALL women or you’re a misogynist is terrifying and I’m frankly surprised to see so many people taking a more nuanced stance. Please Sam, we need you too on the side of reason!

  20. Kevin Thomas says:

    I support the Me Too movement with all my heart, but Aziz situation just doesn’t seem to qualify as harrasment or assault.

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