Mexico vs. Uruguay | 2016 Copa America Highlights

Mexico vs. Uruguay | 2016 Copa America Highlights

Relive Sunday’s 2016 Copa America action between Mexico and Uruguay.

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20 Responses

  1. Mr.Found says:

    Rafael still got it ???

  2. CR7 Invaders says:

    mexico is the best

  3. CR7 Invaders says:

    mexico is the best

  4. KishanJvlogs says:

    Wow this has to be the best game so far of week 1

  5. Vito Oporto says:

    CHICHARITO is finished. (on his way out) He was taken out because he did
    nothing but wait to get the ball. He should stop praying and start playing.
    Besides that, Mexico won without him.

  6. Sanchez says:

    refs always have Mexico’s back

  7. Trap 420 Bricks says:

    mexico aint big enough too win a world cup

  8. Trap 420 Bricks says:

    small lil mexis

  9. Bryce.W.Soccer says:

    looked like a great game

  10. CringeLord says:

    this was a crazy game

  11. Sebastian Quintana says:

    It’s not like we couldn’t beat Mexico it’s just that we got too Nervous.
    We always lose the first match anyways

  12. Philosopherous says:

    I’ve seen the second goal several times now from all angles and just can’t
    see what Uruguay were crying over. Can anyone explain this mystery?

  13. 1zombie4v says:

    mamame LA verga puto trump

  14. itsStawny says:

    Maybe the outcome would’ve been different with Suarez but still, props to
    Mexico for being a dominant force. (I’m a US fan) I hope Mexico wins the
    tournament if the US go out in the group stages, I dont think we will cause
    we’ll probably squeeze by in 2nd as usual and end up playing a weak brazil
    or even Peru in the quarters hahhahhaha, but if we do go out I see Mexico
    playing Argentina in the finals

  15. Ado says:

    Mexico, new Champions?


    I think Mexico is a strong contender to win the Copa America !!!!!

  17. Str8 Savage says:


  18. Lunar says:

    Mexico is gonna win.

  19. Eduardo G. says:

    Viva Mexico Cabrones!!

  20. TheUltraGuy says:

    #Mexico is winning #Copa America