Miami Heat Player Meyers Leonard Uses Anti-Semitic Slur While Streaming Video Game

Miami Heat Player Meyers Leonard Uses Anti-Semitic Slur While Streaming Video Game

The team is aware of the video and the NBA is also looking into it.

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88 Responses

  1. Apex Worthy says:

    Lmao everyone in warzone no cap

  2. Aoi Koike says:

    that fact that he charged it up to say it

    • Heso Melo says:

      @j doubleu that’s not the majority I don’t understand why people always bring that up that’s doesn’t represent the majority. And at the end of the day who cares if he decides to stand or knee that’s his right

    • j doubleu says:

      @Heso Melo exactly its his right. A right that all vets fought for.

    • illmind tybahza says:

      @Gay “they’re doing what vets told them to do and what vets fought for, freedom of speech, so it must be disrespectful to the vets” bro how smooth is your brain? Dont believe everything OAN tells you

    • cashcartieeer says:

      @Rich Sociopathic Socialist wdym

    • spinningchurro says:

      @Rich Sociopathic Socialist : Leftists like you will attack soldiers for killing babies but at the same time champion abortion rights for women.

  3. GamersAlmanac says:

    Soo you’re just gonna bleep all the “obscene” words out?

  4. Heshmia Bennett says:

    Dumb using a Jewish anti semitic slur considering the owner of the Heat is Jewish along with the commissioner

    • Zachary Sheinberg says:

      @Hayah Appraise I’m not yellow or dark. I don’t look yellow at all. Lighter skinned people have been called white for years upon years. Also, my DNA shows I am 100% eastern/Central European Jewish. I’m not sure what you are trying to get to though

    • Hayah Appraise says:

      @Zachary Sheinberg there is no such things as 100%

    • Zachary Sheinberg says:

      @Hayah Appraise I just checked ancestry and it says 100% European Jewish what do you want me to do about it lol 🤷‍♂️

    • Brandi says:

      @Gabriel or maybe he is a Jew that doesn’t get offended by every little thing. Seriously. People trash on Christians too and I don’t cry because my skin is thicker than that. Shoe your weakness and people will say that shit even more because they know it bothers someone. I have nothing against anyone of any race or religion but I do have something against all the delicate little flowers that get offended by every little thing no matter who they are

    • Clonezy says:

      @About36GREEKS It’s religion not race idiot. It’s obviously completely different if persons of same religion or race call each other something, context is important, can’t truly be this dumb right?

  5. Seth Wilkes says:

    0:43 “While he was playing the…. call of duty war game

    • Efx says:

      Every single owner (few exceptions) and every commissioner in American sports is a j

      If there were 1000 people in the United States
      10 of them would be in the top 1%
      20 of the 1000 would be Jewish
      9 of them would in the top 1% and Jewish

      Roman Polanski, Harvey and Jeffrey, what they got in common?

    • Big Daw says:

      He’s old cut him some slack🤣

    • BRrruhdon __ says:

      What a boomer

    • Vilfredo Pareto says:

      @Efx also they had made up 50% of the supreme court, 20% of the house and senate, most of the advisors are one, we had one in contention for president of the usa… , but remember, they make up less than 1% of the population. All the billionaire ponzi schemes are made by them, and Elizabeth Holmes, was made a billionaire overnight before her racket was exposed , but this sort of information is illegal on youtube if you talk about it

    • Efx says:

      @Vilfredo Pareto very well said, our accounts will probably be banned soon as usual.

      The world is enslaved, USA owes 60k+ per citizen to their usury and federal reserve, while they receive $34m a day in funding

      Unironically they are responsible for 99.9% of evil ever committed

  6. Lamp Pole says:

    Y’all haven’t heard shit, you should have seen the mw2 lobbies

    • Cody Barlik says:

      @Nick V bro what? the world keeps turning and the sun rises even if you nuked an entire city. I’m not sure what point you’re getting at. Is he receiving the same punishment that he would’ve if he had committed arson? Of course not. He’s not going to prison dude. He got fired from his job. The same thing that would’ve happened to you or I if we broadcasted ourselves yelling racial slurs and someone brought it to the attention of our place of employment. Stop making excuses for a choice that this dude made. It’s his fault he’s in this mess. You don’t need to rub his little tum tum and tell him everything is going to be ok. He’s a grown adult that ruined his own career

    • Cody Barlik says:

      @Nick V he’s not being punished as if he burned down a city or killed someone. He’s been punished as if he broadcasted himself shouting a racial slur as a representative of a global brand. You don’t have to simp for this guy, he’s not gonna fuck you man

    • Steve McVay says:

      💯💯💯💯💯💯💯 FAX!!!!

    • Omega Lighting says:

      Oh God. Those were the days

  7. Nick V says:

    “Caaall of Duty War Game”

  8. DUFFY DOPE says:

    I feel like most these people have never been in an actual call of duty lobby.

  9. AbC says:

    If he wasn’t a NBA player or any kind of high social people, no one would care

    • four leaf says:

      Can’t criticize the J’s. That’s unacceptable! Woah you really think it’s bad they own all the media,banks and run the private federal reserve? ANTI SEMITE!!!

    • Ryan Sipps says:

      @Johan Lanting I don’t recall ever saying I approved or supported his choice of words. To be honest I had never heard of the word in my life. Also the “meaning” of it has nothing to do with me as not jewish not was I alive when it was used racially, so I could really care less. Should of been a simple…miles you can’t say that shit cuz it’s offensive and people will get upset…ok sorry I used a offensive word. The funny thing is I bet there is more people that are crying about this that aren’t even jewish or have a legit reason to be upset

    • Briq says:

      No shit Sherlock

    • CornWalter1 says:

      Yeah cause no one would have seen it, dummy

  10. Cisco1815 says:

    I feel bad, I was the dude sniping him from firehouse tower

  11. Muzz Za says:

    Eric cartman got away with using that word a lot

    • Efx says:

      Every single owner (few exceptions) and every commissioner in American sports is a j

      If there were 1000 people in the United States
      10 of them would be in the top 1%
      20 of the 1000 would be Jewish
      9 of them would in the top 1% and Jewish

      Harvey and Jeffrey, what they got in common?

    • nick stidham says:

      Sooooo…. he said Jew? All this fake anger and hype against him is such bs. He’s getting jewed for real

    • Efx says:

      @nick stidham bike, change the b with a k and you have the word.

      It simply means Jew but they don’t like people identifying them for obvious reasons

    • nick stidham says:

      @Efx oh wow lol who even talks like that in 2021? Last time I heard that word was hanging out w Bugsy talkin bout Lansky and his Jewish shenanigans

    • Omega Lighting says:

      Words are words. It’s up the the individual to take it in or out of context.

  12. sc says:

    how did cbs mispell Anti-semitic lmao they really just sounded it out

  13. Mikey Gaming says:

    I am SHOCKED!!! CoD players using racial and homophobic slurs?? Say it ain’t so!

    • kustomkicks says:


    • braidy bee says:

      @John Blouch well no but it means that if we count him responsible we have to account everyone else too.

    • All Elite Wrestling on TNT channel Wednesday nights says:

      Bahaha can’T dig out from pissed fans tonight Wednesday on All Elite Wrestling on TNT tv channel after that explosion that was just sparklers on Revolution Payperview Sunday. And will Shaq come back as Kazaam…

    • Clonezy says:

      @Whirling He’s an NBA player, what did you think would happen?

    • Luke Oaks says:

      @hussein saad and we not gonna talk about how they also got mad at him for standing for the anthem BECAUSE HE HAS FAMILY IN THE MILITARY. I’m so tired of news trying to cancel everyone for everything

  14. Bongo Fury says:

    At least he didn’t say “Throw the Jew in the well”.
    Then he would have been nominated for a Golden Globes Award……

  15. Caleb C. says:

    this really doesn’t have anything to do with him standing for the pledge

    • Andrew Bellino says:

      @Zachary Sheinberg what position, recovery at home?

    • Zachary Sheinberg says:

      @Andrew Bellino I’m saying streaming in front of hundreds of thousands as a pro athlete getting paid millions, but even if he wasn’t, this would still be hateful and extremely disrespectful

    • Andrew Bellino says:

      @Zachary Sheinberg I 100% respect where you come from. But you gota have experience with the game and community many just spew rude shit to get under peoples skin and also just spew it when they are frustrated. (Specific words in specific moments of time) I feel it doesn’t 100% reflect on character all the time. What do you think?

    • Zachary Sheinberg says:

      @Andrew Bellino I definitely see what you mean and I respect your opinion

    • Andrew Bellino says:

      @Zachary Sheinberg I appreciate your pov and input thanks

  16. Roche Beef says:

    How come your people let that graphic go on air with “Semitic” spelled as “Semetic,” CBS?

  17. J D says:

    Imagine a 12 year old just sniping him and destroy the whole NBA career of Meyers Leonard.

    • Rezy says:

      @Francisco Rodriguez hard to respond to that.

    • Patricia Garcia says:

      He wiped his own career. Get it straight!!!

    • Cam says:

      @Flash Jones Notice you had take my comment out of context to make a even partially valid comment.

    • Rezy says:

      @Cam saying racial slurs can also be mistakes. The guys not a robot… Are we gonna put him down for doing one negative thing in his whole career, we’re gonna look at this guy now as the “racist NBA player” because he said what came to his mind while playing a video game.

    • Curt says:

      @Rezy how do you accidentally make a racial slur where are you from 😒😑

  18. why says:

    There’s been plenty of NBA players that have made anti-semitic comments but Leonard is white so the media won’t turn a blind eye when he does it.

  19. K Man says:

    If you look at a Jew or say the word Jew, you are now being called an anti Semetic.

  20. Minecraft Mike says:

    Who gives a crap. This is just a normal cod game.

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