Miami’s Spring Break Problem | The Daily Show

Miami’s Spring Break Problem | The Daily Show

After years of being a top spring break destination for college kids, Miami Beach is resorting to unusual measures to try to get the rowdy crowds under control.

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86 Responses

  1. kuroichan101 says:

    The police approach seems good because cops usually kill the fun completely or scare and intimidate people.

  2. Alvaro Sarria says:


  3. Kung-Fu Kenny Family says:

    99% of people won’t read this but

    Have great Friday to 1%❤

  4. Werner Wombo says:

    Dude the cops are here! Party time!

  5. Werner Wombo says:

    Trevor low-key read the comments about his debut EDM single “DO IT ALL AGAIN NOW.” and made a sequel

    Edit: Most likes I’ve ever had?

  6. Werner Wombo says:

    “Every song is like this.”

  7. Gypsy Mama’s Circle says:

    Every song is like this!! ??

  8. Laurel says:

    Did you see the look on the guys face behind that woman who said, “Naked women..” He definitely doesn’t mind!

    • Brandon Mcmillan says:

      You beat me to it lol. I wish Trevor would had said something

    • Cornelius White says:

      “yeah, where’s the problem, I don’t see it?” LOL

    • Elizabeth Starling says:

      +Frigyes Varga lmao!!

    • Johan Öhgren says:

      When I had winterbath outside with my class (I was 20 something) one smoking hot girl was behind me in another tub.
      Now one guy decides to make a joke and says this girl lost her bra.
      My neck turns so fast I almost snap my own neck.
      That was the second month, I had to endure the ridicule for the next two years.

    • F Howl says:

      3:10 Neither did the lady sitting to his left, who shrugged.

  9. Chandler Bing says:

    Trevor being a dj is the best thing ever?


  10. Ezra Grace says:

    “There’s motorcycles” Jesus Christ how do we put a stop to these two wheeled hooligans

    • Corrupted Cyborg says:

      …Motorcycles aren’t the problem hoverboards are, anything that will get those lithium bombs with wheels away from people is a saving grace.

    • orlock20 says:

      I wouldn’t blame her if the area modifies their motorcycles to be as noisy as possible and then run in packs. She probably hasn’t heard a motorcycle with a muffler on it.

    • sanityisrelative says:

      To be fair, back in the 70’s and 80’s motorcycle drive-bys were a real thing. Look up La Madrina. I kinda get it.

    • NinjaRider777R says:

      +Emma XTC Why would I buy a bike? Easy, even when I stomp on it constantly I still get better gas mileage than even the most sedate Prius driver, and at the same time my bike is faster than 90% of the cars on the road for around $10K. Basically for a quarter of the price of a standard SLOW four door sedan I can beat most offerings from Ferrari, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, and anybody else that makes overly expensive sports cars where you pay more for the name than you do for the tech and power in the car.

    • Bee Whistler says:

      Yeah, I gotta assume it’s the noise. I hate it when a motorcycle passes by because it startles me every time. I gotta figure an old lady has the same issue, I’ll be honest about that, I got some old lady traits. Just preparing for the inevitable.

  11. Lady Kai says:

    Being a resident of Miami, Florida I find this hilarious Trevor! I love the ad at the end, it could possibly work!

    • avi gutierrez says:

      Kai I think you might be right?.

    • Yuki BabaYaga says:

      forget about the mosquitoes, sunburn and the heat just show naked pictures of old people and problem solved but don’t overdo it or you will lose half of the state population.

  12. Jose de Faria says:

    Go look at the guy in the back react to “half naked women in the street” ???

  13. lost cause says:

    That was the most accurate party song description everrrrr.. Love you Trevor?♥️

  14. Kevin R says:

    My mom told me that my dream of being a cowboy astronaut was ridiculous, but now we have DJ-cops in Florida? Man…

  15. vlogo says:

    The guy pouring the drink between cars is just Florida Man and tbh that’s one of his most amusing and fun shenanigans

  16. Priyansi Singh says:

    Trevor’s imitation ‘every song is like this’ is so true.

  17. Benjamin Sanon says:

    Peep the guy behind the old woman after her comments about women ??

  18. KJ6182 says:

    That overly crowded beach is such a turn-off

    • skbwolverine says:

      I did that once as a college kid. I was over it after that. I never travel during peak seasons for anything. Its alot cheaper and alot less hectic.

    • Solyn Cassia says:

      Yeah ngl I live in Miami and the tourists can be more of a pain than the locals. Can’t wait for spring break season to be over.

    • Ana R says:

      They honestly looks like they’re just waiting for something to happen. I would just look at that beach and turn around ?

    • SinZ says:

      Try Ft Lauderdale, same beach less crowded

  19. Joseph Frantz says:

    Miami doesn’t even cross my mind when I think of where I’d go for spring break

  20. 1pyroace1 says:

    She didn’t complain about half naked guys though lol

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