Micah Morris x BobDoesSports x Grant Horvat | The Match

Micah Morris x BobDoesSports x Grant Horvat | The Match

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I’m excited for new content and new ideas, I plan to play in a lot more tournaments including multiple day events.

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22 Responses

  1. aj dileo says:

    FP is such a specimen, this big dog just constantly impresses every collaborator. Nobody can believe he is that good at his size.

    • JMFPV says:

      FP is an anomaly. He has become one of my favorite YT golfers, he boosted Bob Does Sports through the roof in my book!

    • aj dileo says:

      His divots are so huge, every shot I think he chuncked but no he makes almost perfect textbook contact every time. To think they randomly found him in a zoom meeting haha

    • Dwight Wilkes says:

      Don’t judge a book by it’s cover as FP is a player. Such a smooth, in control swing for a big guy. Like your game and personality. Hope we can see more of you on the channel.

    • Timothy Michael says:

      Just an absolute enigma. The euro step is icing on the cake. FP is a unit.

  2. rogerscgomes says:

    Bob is just the best. He just exudes comedic charisma. He was hilarious in Teebox Classic vid with George Bryant

  3. Tim Anders says:

    What I wouldn’t give to be a fly on the wall for Grant and Micah’s conversations..

  4. Joey Sampson says:

    This is special. As Bob would say, “have a day Mr. MORRIS”. We now know Grant and Micah are on good terms. Feel the excitement. I miss the Sunday matches between them 2. BUT these 5. At first it had me even more curious what all happened with Good Good, but I DONT CARE ANYMORE. Micah’s videos have been great since he’s left. You can tell him and Grant are happy, and enjoyed today. When Bob shows up with his Gang, bring the popcorn- it’s gonna be special. #bringbacksundaymatches again- great job all you guys, join the movement, huge for the program. Some good golf. 9 out of 10 times I’m putting $100 on Grant and FP. Just not today! Bobby Flatsticks is hunting.

  5. Jake Quirk says:

    Micah looks like he’s enjoying himself so much than I’ve seen in a while

    • Timothy Michael says:

      I think it’s a big factor that they’re back to being an entrepreneur and planning there schedules as they please versus working for a corporation.

  6. Dane Martin says:

    Living the twiggy and Micah dynamic. Couldn’t have been better

    • Text+①(⑥①⑤) ⑦⑧④-③③⑤⑧ says:

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  7. Dale Big Eagle says:

    “Joe, it’s ninety..two degrees” 😂😂 What a video with this crew. Joey and Bobby boys cart cam never disappoints.

  8. Robbie Robertson says:

    Love seeing Grant and Micah playing together

  9. DrDustclouds says:

    Absolutely electric content fellas, happy to see Micah and Grant having a blast after everything that’s gone down!

  10. LaShawnda Young says:

    I can’t even explain how happy it made me to see this collab. Tig and Grant is good for the heart!

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