Michael B. Jordan Kept A Killmonger Diary

Michael B. Jordan Kept A Killmonger Diary

‘Fahrenheit 451’ star Michael B. Jordan approaches every role by journaling the character’s backstory, including his portrayal of Erik Killmonger in the blockbuster film ‘Black Panther.’

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69 Responses

  1. Archer Sterling says:

    Wakanda Forever.

  2. INVESTING HUSTLER - Stocks and money making videos says:

    He seems like such a chill guy 👌

  3. anthony abala says:

    Killmonger was right!

    • That oneguy says:

      Joseph joseph your argument here doesn’t even make sense, maxwell and anthony are giving clear accute points which you are dismissing with the “two wrongs don’t make a right argument’ which they have shown is not applicable here . Because it’s happening in the present.

    • Tinilif Abinin says:

      Could I just say? Even if you did restart, and put other races on the bottom, most of you would not be happy with the resulting world. I assure you that there are millions of whites who hate the way things turned out…and that sadness will follow you forever. Killmonger ultimately died a broken man, after doing terrible damage to his own family…he had his reasons, but frankly, his life was wasted. A man with that much potential. He robbed himself in the end.

    • Kevin Zhang says:

      I’m afraid you weren’t paying attention to the movie!

    • FREEDOM MONGER says:

      Anthony TRUTH! The American dollar isn’t backed against anything other than white supremacy. What is “American Exceptionalism”? We’re not number 1 in anything except for possibly the amount of money we spend on arms. That’s America’s power and that’s why our government trys to stop other countries from having a nuclear advantage.

    • Nick says:

      He said he wanted to overthrow every major government and kill them and their children/families. Sounds like genocide to replace inequality and putting a black man on the white throne as the new oppressors. Nakia was the truly right one: Do things the hard way and break down inequalities brick by brick and step in where needed. T’Challa and Killmonger were both wrong.

  4. Kapil Morrison says:

    Michael just seems like a chill guy it’s almost surreal cause most actors are have HUGE EGOs

  5. moxbroker says:

    That is an insane amount of prep for a role. It explains the nuance he can bring to characters though.

    • Honorable Catsmeat says:

      Yet He will not survive Ivan Drago’s son. HE WILL LOSE!

    • ArisCarroll says:

      jep too bad it was kinda all for naught. the whole movie felt like one big blackxploitation movie dressed up in a superhero costume. this was the soul plane of marvel movies

    • greendayfecer says:

      ArisCarroll I guess I can see that? But without exposition about t’chaka, his reign as king, how it affected people like Erik, t’challa, shuri, etc. The big moments wouldn’t have been hard hitting. I mean fans understand eriks viewpoints (even if all of it wasn’t sound) better than T’challa. But t’challa also shows character growth and that just because he is king doesn’t mean he must rule as his father did. And so many other messages.

      I feel both male leads, did great in their roles. They made the characters from a comic book come to life just like RDJ with tony stark/Ironman.

    • kyle magaro says:

      Honorable Catsmeat He deserves the win! It’s his dad’s killers son, if Adonis can channel that then he can break him.

  6. Christian Schoff says:

    He was a badass and completely sympathetic villain.

  7. Graham Clarke says:

    You leave Black Panther feeling bad for Killmonger – now we know about the journals and approach, that character may have been totally different in the hands of another actor.

    • Eaque Johnson says:

      That is exactly right, and precisely what’s so amazing about Michael B Jordan. I can’t even believe he didn’t want to be an actor at first (said so himself a bunch of times), but the amount of work he puts into his characters is just breathtaking. I think Killmonger was perhaps one of the best villains in a superhero movie ever, because his psychology as viewed by Jordan and Ryan Coogler is so charismatic and believable, almost sympathetic actually…
      I am sure this guy will pick up an Oscar at some point.

    • kyle magaro says:

      And probably corny and not nearly as deep.

    • Deathbrewer says:

      Even Black Panther himself felt bad for the guy at the end.

  8. moonwalkingthroughlife says:

    It’s a great book, make sure to read it. I hope this film lives up to the book.

    • TK Wallace says:

      Read the book & just saw the 1966 film adaptation. Found it very unusual for a classic dystopian novel. So “normal”! I’ll be interested to see if this version can resist simplifying the story into a hyper-techie action thriller.

    • sammygirl6910 says:

      moonwalkingthroughlife Everyone should read Bradbury, in my opinion. So many amazing works.

    • D LG says:

      It won’t, they never do, but that’s OK because films of books are merely adaptations by a film maker with their own vision of the material. So it’s not actually possible for them to be the same.

    • Miles Calloway says:

      moonwalkingthroughlife Just like DL G said, If you have the expectation that a movie will be on par with the book, then you’ll be disappointed every time.

      451 is going to be on HBO, so it’s more of a way for people to get familiar with the story who haven’t already read the book.

      I’m assuming the goal is to get people interested in reading, not only the book, but just reading in general as opposed to taking all information at face value.

    • Mr Shambleface says:

      I wonder if they’re somehow going to try to “update” it to the digital age? I don’t really know how they could do that well, though, they might be better off doing an alternative history world where the Internet was never created

  9. moe shaak says:

    Shit Stephen Colbert is intimidated.

  10. 최ᄋᄋ says:

    He is so handsome!!

  11. Bella Marzano says:

    lmao looked like he was getting his blood pressure done when i opened the vid n saw the yellow

    • Miles Calloway says:

      Bella Marzano 😂😂😂

    • N Martin says:

      For at least a minute into this I was expecting them to say he was going to play a game so that they could explain why he has the band around his arm…I have no clue about fashion.

  12. Batman says:

    I’m really happy he’s finally getting his due recognition. I saw him in Chronicle ages ago and absolutely loved him in that movie, he really deserves this newfound limelight and acclaim with films like Creed and now Black Panther. Can’t wait to see what he does next!

  13. BarcaIsMessi10 says:

    That’s a beautiful man, man

  14. 3rdsun Star says:

    The Fantastic Four role is a blight in an otherwise fantastic acting career. Also don’t forget Chronicle

  15. Asif Khan says:

    My boyfriend

  16. ScarlettP says:

    There is way too much sexiness sitting on that couch

  17. ScarlettP says:

    Any movie Michael is in is worth watching

  18. DJUCH says:

    An actor’s actor. You can tell he respects the craft!

  19. Capri Mikey says:

    He has a really sexy voice. lol

  20. Chef_PC says:

    I really want Killmonger’s Journal published.

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