Michael Bautista captured part of downtown Dallas shooting during Facebook Live

Michael Bautista captured part of downtown Dallas shooting during Facebook Live

Michael Bautista captured part of the downtown Dallas shooting on video. He saw one officer down, dragged into vehicle and taken away. The video was broadcast during a Facebook Live post. Video used with permission.


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20 Responses

  1. Black Dimond says:

    Too bad it was only five. Fuck you pigs. haha…. I hope you your wives,
    daugthers, sons suffer too. Fuck the police!

  2. livinlifefree mike says:

    it’s only a matter of time before this happens everywhere. ppl tired of the
    police killing citizens over traffic violations.

  3. Tony Montana says:

    Straight up GTA style sniping

  4. Disembowell says:




  5. Yousma Kousar says:

    Well, i hope no more fucked up shit will happen in 2016 anymore…

  6. London 212 says:

    Oppress and keep people down for so long. One day they will rise……

  7. Jayus says:

    was it 1 shooter? or were there several

  8. Victurus Libertas says:

    Multiple active shooting drills took place about a week ago in the DFW
    region. Coincidence ? Also – In regards to Hillary, the FBI Email and not
    being indicted – Google – Bryan Nishimura … Total Bullshit stuff we are
    seeing here in “The Summer Of Chaos”

  9. Егор Баринов says:

    Police for 2016 shot 500 people? Is this true?

  10. jack deez says:

    This is the American people rising up against oppression. Our police force
    only serve the higher ups and treat it’s citizens as second class!

  11. Brent z says:

    This is what happens when you have a left-wing radical for president…
    read “rules for radicals” and look up the far left agenda and you will see
    what has been going on for the last 7 1/2 years. Since Obama has taken
    office there has been a war on police, war on our culture,removal of
    historic monuments and revisionism,gay agenda,gay marriage (forced in most
    states),attack on “whiteness” privilege training and accusations,legalized
    media propaganda,doubled welfare recipients,flooding the US with 3rd world
    immigrants,broken border,doubled debt meant hurt the dollar,raised
    taxes,forced neighborhood integration of communities more than
    87%white(will soon be implemented with vouchers), bashing of founding
    fathers,bashing of culture and hyperboles of amoral parts of our
    culture,destruction of military sociology,empowerment of foreign (mainly
    mexican) nationals….etc

  12. John Smith says:

    Black Supremacists Lives Matter has gone full terrorist

  13. Gamer TR says:

    Fucking Neggers go to afrika

  14. Peanutbutter jellyfish (nofrownonme) says:

    Sweet! Maybe police will think twice now?

  15. Mohammad Alshehri says:

    well , that’s called KARMA

  16. mindmineral says:

    My condolences to the people the police have killed.

  17. v L u k E v 94 says:

    Question is will America learn from this and stop guns all together ? Nope
    they’ll say we need more guns!

  18. Hammer Nail says:

    To the “FAMILIES” of the white officers shot. You might not be able to lay
    your hands on this fucking cunt but you can still hurt his heart. If you
    know what I mean.

  19. Master Yoda says:

    2016 – The year the World went to shit.

  20. Kameika Clark says:

    What’s happening is not just about the two recent shootings, but the last
    few hundred years. This is what happens when people finally SNAP! Because
    of no justice for Emmet Till, no justice for Ridley King, no justice for
    Mcgar Evars, no justice for the 4 little black girls who were killed by the
    bomb inside the Alabama church…I mean damn…I could go on and on. This
    is bigger than Clinton, bigger than Trump, bigger than Obama. The years and
    years of evil that is done to people won’t go unnoticed by God and the
    universe. This is the aftermath of all the lynchings, all the rapes of
    black women slaves, all the beatings. U worried about Clinton being held
    accountable for some damn emails?… Get the fuck on…we still waiting on
    some accountability from years of brutality, torture, and death.
    Emails?…really? Man we out here worried about our life and kids lives.
    It must be so nice to be white and right. Must be nice…