Michael Bennett Police Takedown Video, ‘I Wasn’t Doing Nothing Man’ | TMZ Sports

Michael Bennett Police Takedown Video, ‘I Wasn’t Doing Nothing Man’ | TMZ Sports

TMZ Sports has obtained video of NFL superstar Michael Bennett being handcuffed by police while lying face down on the concrete in Las Vegas … and you can hear him screaming that he’s innocent.

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Michael Bennett Police Takedown Video, ‘I Wasn’t Doing Nothing Man’ | TMZ Sports

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20 Responses

  1. krelko says:


  2. DZ AMAZIGH says:

    ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
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  3. AVM3798 says:

    If you are innocent then why tf would you run away you f*cking moron!

  4. Keith Inscho says:

    This is akin to ripping the page out of a novel and trying to reveal the storyline. We have no idea what happened before this detainment occurred. Not enough info here to draw any conclusions…..that being said, Bennett sure sounds like he’s innocent by the way he’s talking

  5. iamhughmun says:

    They should have let him go if he says he is innocent then there is no way he could have done anything wrong

  6. God higher than family says:

    I’m not being mean but police departments don’t hire you as a cop if your iq is above 95.

  7. Random Media says:

    Its obvious all the internet gangsters (racists) came on this video thread to spew hatred behind a keyboard/phone all the while hiding their identity 😒🚮👎🚫

  8. D saint says:

    Officer harris mint at it again. mf

  9. Devin Dawkins says:

    I honestly jus wanna wait till the whole video is out before I assume anything

  10. terriakiara says:

    There are so many ignorant comments under this video and i’m sure most of them are from people that have never experienced racial profiling. This man has worked hard to be where he is in life. He has entertained millions of people and for him to be laying face down on the ground because he “looks” like a thug or because he “looks” like a gangster is ridiculous. That man has a family and when a gun is pointed to the back of your head when you did nothing wrong and you’re pleading for your life upon deaf ears you feel like nothing! It’s embarrassing! I see nothing “dramatic” about his letter and I pray he receives some form of justice.

  11. It'sHurks says:

    Michael bannet?? More like micheal wet it (his pant)

  12. Curtis Paul says:

    This is what he’s complaining about? The officer above him is providing cover to the officer below. His gun is out because it has a tactical light and officers use that out here because it’s more convenient to have a light on a gun instead of taking out your flashlight and then having to draw your gun incase stuff goes down. Gun is drawn out because there was shots fired at the crownwell. At this stage in the investigation all they have is a suspect description. Cops aren’t gonna just take you in easily if you match that description. After taking you into custody and doing their investigation and you are not the guy you will be allowed to go freely. I see no sign of excessive force here

  13. Lizard Quinceanera says:

    If all cops had body cameras then we wouldn’t have false claims like these

  14. Johnny Bravo says:

    who’s Michael Bennett

  15. NifeOO4niff says:

    “I wasn’t doin’ nothin’.” Nice total english quote. What this is is an officer restraining someone because he has no idea what the situation could turn in to. Being handcuffed isn’t abuse. Keep yourself out of sticky situations and you won’t have to get handcuffed. If you are wrongly accused by the police, just do as they say and give your story later to a judge or a lawyer. The police aren’t there to hear your story, they’re there to keep people safe at all costs. If you just respect and obey their directions, none of these stupid abuse sob stories would exist.

  16. deh175 says:

    Impossible to know what happened before this video but being that Michael Bennett is a huge NFL Player it makes sense the police officer would back his partner up with his gun ready.

  17. Lionel Lynch says:

    They’ve messed with the wrong one this time😂

  18. Shaba Laba Ding Dong says:

    Idk who he is but why Is he getting arrested?

  19. Jesus is God says:

    Looks like a set up for his 15 minutes of fame and a way the left can continue to push for a federal police force.

  20. Jake Vader says:

    Just because he SAYS he’s innocent, doesn’t mean he is lol. We tend to hear to full story later on.

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