Michael Bisping immediate reaction to Jake Paul split decision win vs Tyron Woodley, Tommy Fury

Michael Bisping immediate reaction to Jake Paul split decision win vs Tyron Woodley, Tommy Fury

Boxing Social’s Andi Purewal spoke to Michael Bisping in the immediate aftermath of Jake Paul’s SD win vs Tyron Woodley. #PaulWoodley

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44 Responses

  1. DarkSagan says:

    Bisping explained it perfectly.

    • Christopher Weetly says:

      I literally said the same thing to a friend watching with me and knows nothing about fighting. I had no idea what he was waiting for and how he could let himself finish the fight looking like he could still go another 8 rounds. That kind of told me that he didn’t work as hard as he could have in the fight

    • Lord Teleportdinero says:

      @Christopher Weetly join me and rule galaxies

    • The next generation says:

      @Karl_Drogo55 Ye what tyrone needs to do is gain confidence idk how but he needs to if he ever wants to fight

    • chequemate says:

      So you’re telling me all the twitter and Instagram experts who say tHe FiGHt wAS riGgeD haven’t explained it perfectly?

  2. ricecakejohnson says:

    Thank you MB, took the words right out of the my mouth!!! T Wood couldve won this fight easily if he actually believed in himself and threw some damn punches!

    • Lord Teleportdinero says:

      @Supreme Leader Army join my army and when I become powerful you will be remembered for your good deeds

    • Snandrew says:

      @sljsmit except look at his last fight with Luque, he thought he hurt him so he rushed in to finish, but Luque stayed composed and hit tyron with a nasty counter that put Tyron out on his feet. Tyron even said in the post fight interview that he knew he rocked Jake but he didn’t want to rush in and get knocked out, it’s his mentality that’s the problem.

    • Lup Lewis says:

      @iWillRateYou Scared?hes faught actual killers!he is just gun shy,afraid to gas.its a mental thing.

    • Eunji says:

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  3. ChapstickCereal says:

    one of the best personalities in sports

    • JGT T says:

      @Dankalicious402 yeah but it hurts my brain that people think that ksi and Jake would be an equal fight Jake is a novice pro whereas ksi is a white collar boxer at best

    • Scotsman J says:

      @Alehlete KSI is shit though, Bisping just doesn’t sugar coat anything

    • miku says:

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    • Jesse James says:

      Bisping is incredibly annoying. Whenever he talks I imagine that Hendo bomb dropping on his face while he’s unconscious or his eye getting separated by TRT Vitor.

  4. john Smith says:

    Bisping had a great objective breakdown.

  5. Fong Xiong says:

    the man literally got off the couch, fought with half an eye and knocked out the champ to take the belt, legendary

    • Calum Hunter says:

      Off the couch? He was still working out during the filming of triple x

    • Jesse James says:

      Bisping was a terrible champion and anyone who says otherwise is a casual. Plain and simple. He never defended the belt against a #1 contender and was a pretty big joke of a champion. He defended against Hendo and Silva and he lost that Silva fight.

    • Big Sucka says:

      @Shoot Box Damaged? Not damaged he had one eye

    • Hardcore XL says:

      @Jesse James cant take it away from the man, he had a brilliant career! But sadly he was on the last legs when he won

  6. Curls for Girls says:

    He’s spot on with this, this is my exact opinion on the fight well said, no rigged bs.

  7. SOL says:

    This is why Bisping is a great fighter and analyst

  8. Dean says:

    “Give me a couple of beers, I’ll get up there and knock him out” 😂😂😂

  9. Keir Bills says:

    I love how he said instead of give me a full training camp, he settled on, give me a couple of beers and I’ll get in there and knock them BOTH out 🤣 you are Manchesters finest Mr Bisping! Legend.

    • Dek says:

      @R W i mean it isn’t that far from
      manny🤣 england aint big bfo

    • SLOHT says:

      @amayonaising donkey You can also fly from the UK to Israel in about the same. Guess I’m israeli.

    • Windi chan says:

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    • Scott Johnson says:

      He’s from no way near Manchester ya dafty, typical manc

    • Scott Johnson says:

      He’s from here he’s from there, he’s English ffs stfu

  10. stringsnare says:

    Bisping so nice, tries to leave 2x and still answers more of the SAME questions hahaha

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