Michael Cohen’s entire statement to the House committee

Michael Cohen’s entire statement to the House committee

President Donald Trump’s former personal lawyer Michael Cohen heavily criticized the president a “racist, con man, and a cheat” in his prepared statement to the House Oversight Committee. #Cohen #CNN #News

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83 Responses

  1. Knowledge_is_Power says:

    Just wish this popcorn I’m eating was half has awesome as this hearing. ??

  2. bellabana says:

    It’s telling that the Republicans believed Cohen when he testified before the committee when defending Trump but now he’s telling the actual truth with physical EVIDENCE to back up his claims suddenly they declare he’s a liar. The republicans are complete & utter hypocrites, cowards & are morally bankrupt, when history is written they will forever be on the wrong side!

  3. Chashunka says:

    Here you can wonderfully see what Trump’s vision of a _Great America_ is:
    _A former criminal liar who has decided to finally tell the truth goes to jail – and a pathological criminal liar who has never stopped spreading lies, is President._

  4. jacq danieles says:

    Washington: “I cannot tell a lie”
    Nixon: “I am not a crook”
    Trump: “I cannot tell the difference”

    • Super Thunder Gamer says:

      jacq danieles Washington was true when he said thoughts words, Nixon was a crook and Trump is just an Orange Shaded turd

    • gareth double says:

      +JUST ME im actually very liberal and was only pointing out that all presidents lie. only someone as desperate as yourself would try and make it out as if im supporting trump or that i was even being argumentative. you say i bring up a 20 year old reference and thats desperate yet youre commenting on a comment that references Nixon. Why wont you call them desperate? you wont because you agree with them more and that just shows how intellectually insecure you really are.

    • gareth double says:

      +Hemi Space yep hes a pretty evil guy.

    • Truth- Exposed119 says:

      Obama…u can keep your healthcare

    • Candice akinsanya says:

      jacq danieles
      Good one ☝?

  5. Johann W says:

    Good job America, what was obvious to the rest of the world it took you guys three years to figure the truth out.

    • Sean Adonis says:

      Everyone already knew the truth we just didnt care and we still don’t.

    • Sean Adonis says:

      +John Jones You guys just don’t get it, every trump supporter knows all this stuff and we do not care. And just because he said black people are too stupid to vote for him does not mean he is a racist. I know its an off color remark but he just doesn’t think they are smart enough to put the bs aside and see he could really help them.

    • Rich M says:

      Only reason he won was because the competition was a joke!

    • John Jones says:

      +Sean Adonis Okay my dude. Stay in your trench. Color has nothing to do with ability. Nothing to do with intelligence. Nothing to do with potential. Trump is a traitor. It’ll come to light far too late. I just pray there’s enough of Congress that’s not corrupt to actively and successfully prevent another debacle like the past few years from happening again and preserve our republic. The fact that out of all Cohen said you chose to key in on racism…it speaks volumes.

    • FADE2maWAY says:

      Nawl not us, them. They force fed us a Clinton or a Trump and said those were our only options (I ended up voting Green party, and most didn’t vote at all)

  6. Faiquan Sells says:

    Donald Trump has walked this Earth long enough

  7. Nichelle Simmonds says:

    No one should be shocked by any of this..

    • William Jackson says:

      No one should be shocked about what? Because it seems like the Republican party was screwed by the Democrats by not giving them time to view evidence! Mark Meadows made that clear! So I’m not surprised by…that!

    • KnightDriveTV says:

      Exactly…nothing he has said in this entire statement is new information…

    • Nichelle Simmonds says:

      William Jackson no one should be surprised by the evidence being brought forth. Them not having time to review it has nothing to do with my comment.

    • William Jackson says:

      +Nichelle Simmonds ok understand what you’re saying about evidence as your focus. But at the same time I can defend my statement! The Republican party did not have enough time to review the evidence!

    • Gods own Son says:

      As a black woman,please tell me what the democrats have done for blacks that makes you wish destruction on trump??

  8. Dan G says:

    Party over country is going to backfire on the Republicans bigly! LOL

  9. Phead128 says:

    the business class in US is likely as corrupt as Donald Trump.

  10. Dee Jeff says:

    Trumpets out in full. They are chasing their tails like mad dogs in the hot Texas sun

  11. neoflo22 says:

    Is it time now? How much more do you need to hear for this filth to become IMPEACHED. Despicable as it is, this should leave no further doubt in anyone’s minds, that this man is not suitable to be the leader of the United States of America, that this man is a reprehensible criminal and one that needs to be cast out as far as possible.

    • cooty Coot says:

      You wanted hilary clinton to be president so she could tell us we were going to have better health care lol..more jobs..a brighter future. While she sale your daughters And sons to pediphiles. Do people not read up on these candidates? Yall dont like trump because he wants to stop crime..well if people like crime so much why dont yall go live in mexico go live in guatamala go live in Ecuador..stop saying our president is bad because hes trying to stop criminals from coming over illegally..you want to be a criminal get chur legal status and commit crime the american way just like the rest of us…

    • david26799 says:

      Impeached? I want him to go to jail

    • pürēblåmê d says:

      The question is will they impeach not can they impeach as you can be impeached for anything, but will they is the question to ask

    • torak690 says:

      If he gets impeached he will be pardoned by pence

    • neoflo22 says:

      +cooty Coot I’m so glad you were wrong at the very start and wrote a book for me. Saved the time so I didn’t have to read the rest of your crying behind a keyboard. No, I wasn’t a Hilary supporter. You just proved retardation within the first sentence, congratulations. Try hard. Not even harder. Just try hard. Lmao

  12. Mike Bear says:

    don’t worry Trumpers, he’s a very stable genius LOL

  13. justin gonzalez says:

    Wow Cohen… great job, you just confirmed everything we already knew from the beginning.

  14. Governor villa says:

    Christian Republicans only choose the best ??

    • blue03r6 says:

      +Dorothy Gears they all seem to fall silent around their bedtime in russia lol

    • Haywire D says:

      +Josh Brooks We don’t hate Trump. We just want justice served since Trump is obviously a criminal. All the evidence is there.

    • Josh Brooks says:

      Hello +Haywire D , As a human being with 6 years of full-time higher education, and a 3.872 GPA, it’s difficult for me to understand how I could function without a brain. Further, throughout my time at university, I fought every false academic narrative I heard, both publicly and in the papers I wrote. The leftist professors could not refute me or grade me down because I backed up what I said and wrote with evidence. Perhaps you have re-defined “ignorance”? If so, please enlighten us.

    • Josh Brooks says:

      Hello +Haywire D , So Trump listened to some people say this or that in some location or other, and a convicted liar felon relayed that information? So what? There were no actual crimes revealed today, and no evidence pointing to crimes. Some dishonesty was revealed, and that’s it.

      And show me any man and I’ll show you a liar. 

      This was simply a story of rich men doing what they do, and in the one thing with which he’s been consistent, Cohen did not come close to demonstrating any Russian collusion. Finally, what Cohen did do is break attorney-client privilege, & the leftist congresspeople, many of whom are lawyers encouraged this. No wonder he was disgraced & disbarred. Perhaps some of the Democratic congresspeople should be as well.

    • Francis James Gillies says:

      Evangelicals are morally bankrupt. They care nothing about what Jesus taught. Matthew 25:31-46

  15. Lora Lee says:

    I can’t stomache how these representatives refuse to look at Trumps corruption

    • HIGH ENERGY says:

      Michael Cohen is a proven fraud, liar, therefore, anything he says is invalid, did I mention he will be going to prison? keep those delicious tears coming libtards

  16. Digital Swagg says:

    God help the United States of America!

  17. Yusuke NYブログ says:

    Wait wait I gotta grab ?

  18. Stargate says:

    Doesn’t matter what Trump does, his supporters love the fact that he is a white racist guy.

    • Virginia Paintball says:

      +Alex Vargas same

    • HIGH ENERGY says:

      The last label libtards resort BAUAHAHA ‘muh racism” Trump has created the lowest black unemployment in history libtard

    • Renee Peck says:

      Stargate Give me one example or evidence that he’s a racist, just one.

    • Hugh Jecoque says:

      I don’t remember hearing Kayne say those words. You are speaking as though you know every person’s thoughts and opinions, please post the link to your facts that show every person who supports Trump only does so because he is white and racist, otherwise if you can’t stop speaking on behalf of other people and stick to your own opinions thank you.

    • that crazy guy says:

      +Stargate why does the left show all the signs of a hate group but some how you think the right is the problem

  19. Vslim Goody says:

    He should just stay in Vietnam because he’s coming home to some s**+?

  20. JUST ME says:

    Meanwhile, at FOX/FAUX “NEWS”…..a Car Crash in Little Rock, Arkansas…..

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