Michael J. Fox Models the First Self-Lacing Nike MAG

Michael J. Fox Models the First Self-Lacing Nike MAG

Learn more about The Michael J. Fox Foundation: https://www.michaeljfox.org/

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20 Responses

  1. Dave Dogge says:

    It’s a good idea, for perhaps elderly people also or lazy people !!

  2. WiseGuy02 says:

    I hope these will be widely available. more money would be raised from
    selling as many as they can than just to a select few.

  3. Костя Ермолаев says:

    пздц он старый уже

  4. Ярослав Корицкий says:

    я один ждал, что ему ногу зажмет нахрен?

  5. Berik Sartaev says:

    че за хуйня?

  6. How To Make Sushi says:

    dunno about the noises, but still cool as hell!

  7. Bazuzeus says:

    Yep, another fucking stupid vertical video !

  8. Илья Шарипов says:

    и че к чему??? чисто звуки какие-то

  9. Narthaniel Watts says:

    My Uncle’s got Parkinsons. His hand is doing the same thing his is doing.

  10. maxxe2 says:

    Can’t wait to go put on my shoes but they’re out of battery and then guess

  11. Ben Shandrow says:

    I feel like people talk shit about the vertical video cause its the cool
    thing to do…who really gives a shit…did you have to watch a 2 hour
    movie? bunch of whiny crybaby little bitches in the world today..

  12. Chris Grose says:

    Power laces, alright!

  13. Maya Astaund says:

    its like in back to the future! they actually predicted self lacing shoes!

  14. Jamie Hitt says:

    Awesome! Now if only a casino owner was going to be the next U.S.
    President…oh wait…we got that too!

  15. murry001 says:

    lol sounds like someone is drilling in to the shoes, sounds almost

  16. Fuzzycuffsqt says:

    Looks like you’ve arrived in the future, Morty.

  17. Phoenix Rises_2014 says:

    Power Laces!

  18. Wispa Kicks says:

    Amazing! Go Nike!

  19. zerocool1ist says:

    He was like my first pair were better lol! He is shaking so bad its really
    sad like watching a cute puppy have a seizure. The weird thing is on the
    movie he came forward in time to around this week and it was discovered he
    faced a debilitating trauma in his life Man is there anything in that movie
    that didn’t come true! Stay tuned for flying cars?

  20. psycheisssdelic says:

    It’s commendable the advances mankind has made in consumerism. Instead of
    investing the time and energy altruistically, raising the worlds poorest
    out of the shit and mud we create more useless products to satiate our
    meaningless lives. Who cares about curing cancer when you can wear self
    lacing shoes.